Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is Our Universe a Fake?

Ever since men started on the quest to explore the world, a war has been waging for the objective or the subjective approach. The latest subjective version is "it's all a computer simulation".

Jul 31, 2015 David Brin - Could Our Universe Be a Fake?

David Brin, sci-fi writer and space scientist is rejecting the notion that the universe is a subjective mental construct. Our senses may not be perfect, but they don't have to be, in order to discover reality. Our perceptions are filtered by experience and reason. Are aspirin, the combustion engine and the refrigerator just mental constructs? The attack on reason, the war on reality continues...

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From 2005 to 2015 global oil output has increased from 83 million to 93 million bpd (1.29%). The oil and gas companies with the most impressive increases often all state-owned. Other economically less rational resources are taking over, but only at the expense of the tax payer.