Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jon Stewart Does A Fruit-Fruit-Tits-Tits On Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Turns out the postmodern stupidity of the false equivalence by non essentials is of all ages. Watch this scene, an episode from Black Sails, an altogether very recommendable American dramatic adventure television series set on New Providence Island.

Fruit, Fruit, Tits, Tits - Black Sails - IMDb - Wiki

UPDATE: Simply uncanny! You don't expect this to happen! Just as we posted an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the event of her new book -- Heretic -- on the all pressing necessity of a Islamic reformation, here is liberal cynic Jon Stewart doing a Fruit, Fruit, Tits, Tits on her, insisting instead to focus attention on the false moral equivalence of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Ayaan, who has heard this stupidity a gazillion times before, keeps her eye firmly on the ball. Watch!