Thursday, February 26, 2015

(Video) Religion Versus Freedom

In today’s culture there is a tendency to associate capitalism with religion. That association stems from generations of conservatives suggesting that what makes America free, great, and exceptional is faith. So it’s hardly a surprise that many Americans who revere science oppose capitalism.

Onkar Ghate challenges the view that we face a choice between science and capitalism. 

In this talk, delivered as part of ARI’s Road to a Free Society tour, ARI senior fellow Onkar Ghate challenges the view that we face a choice between science and capitalism. Instead, he argues that capitalism is the system of reason and science — and that statism is the system of faith and obedience to authority. 

Recorded on December 3, at ARI’s headquarters in Irvine, California.

(Video) IS Smashing 3,000 Year Old Assyrian Artifacts

In the last few days reports keep coming in of hundreds of Assyrian Christians abducted from their villages. (Source) In the margins of that terrible news cultural cleansing is taking place at unprecedented pace, part of the official definition of genocide. 

Feb 26, 2015 ISIS militants take the hatchet to priceless 3,000 year old Assyrian artifacts in Nineveh Museum, Mosul. H/t @Kromst

The Islamic State released a video on Thursday showing militants using sledgehammers to smash ancient artifacts in Mosul. There is no place in the reborn world for three thousand year old 'idolatry'. These aren't 'idols' as such, but that Biblical commandment is just an excuse anyway. The psycho-epistemology that moves these primitive mystics is plain. These Utopians want to rid their post revolutionary world of all impure thoughts. They mean to destroy ideas, which is why they destroyed the people first. Taking the hatchet to the symbols of their past is just the final nail in the coffin. 

Juxtaposing 'American Sniper' and Jihadi Sniper

The ISIS Propaganda Unit have posted a video that is supposed to be the terror organization's answer to the Oscar winning, blockbuster movie American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood. All they do is prove who they are: knuckle dragging Neanderthals with guns.

Feb 25, 2015 The footage, showing a series of assassinations in Syria, is said to be a bid to rival the Oscar nominated film American Sniper.

You could have fooled Michael Moore, or the other primitive life form called ISIS, but American Sniper isn't about shooting as many people in the head as possible. The opening scene shows Kyle with a target in the cross hairs. He abstains from shooting him. Next he is presented with a mother and child, which poses an almost impossible moral dilemma for any soldier who has just become a father for the first time. The mother hands the boy an IED (or some other explosive device) for a suicide mission against the convoy Kyle is to protect. Kyle shoots both nevertheless, saving the lives of his comrades.

Democrats Toeing The Party Line on Islamic Terror

Mental babies with razors are running an existential war against our civilization (source), some on purpose, some out of stupidity. This is the moment where we all burst out in to hysterical laughter by the absurdity of it all. It could actually be funny in a bizarre sort of way if it wasn't so exceedingly dangerous. 

Sen. Tom Cotton and Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelley File” had harsh words for Obama. (Source)

UPDATE: Democrats bending their minds in order to stick to the party line. They're really good old politically correct collectivists.

Feb 25, 2015 MRCTV's Dan Joseph asks DNC members why President Barack Obama won't use the term 'Islamic Terrorism'. (Source)