Monday, February 16, 2015


The Islamic State has released a series of videos showing beheadings of American and British hostages. With a series narrated by British journalist, John Cantlie the tactic changed. After the beheading of two Japanese hostages the downed Jordanian pilot was burnt alive. The IS ideology drives it to ever greater savagery (source).

UPDATE: THE ISIS IDEOLOGY DRIVES IT TO EVER GREATER SAVAGERY, reads a recent headline. After the Jordinian pilot was burnt alive we wrote that behind this outrage is an ideology that is driving the Islamic State to ever more terror and brutality. Here's another escalation. (Source)


A shooting took place at a free speech event in Copenhagen. One civilian was confirmed killed and 3 police officers wounded. Around 40 shots were fired. Cartoonist Lars Vilks was evacuated by security services and may have been the target. Hours later a synagogue was under attack. (Source

Lars Vilks famous Motoon. 

The facts:
  • 40-yr-old Danish man killed in shooting at cultural centre 
  • Three policemen reported injured
  • French ambassador to Denmark inside but unharmed 
  • Meeting about freedom of speech was being held at the time
  • Gathering organised by Swedish artist Lars Vilks
  • Lars Vilks caricatured Prophet Muhammad in 2007

UPDATE: In the light of the double attack in Copenhagen, a carbon copy of the program followed in Paris, links to past stories are circulating making the puzzle fall into place. Indeed, terrorist attacks don't happen in a vacuum and are the result of years of policies leading to a culmination that is costing people's lives which might have been saved if political leaders did what they're hired to do: the protection of the realm. Here are a few highlights: