Monday, January 12, 2015

Multiculturalism and Diversity At The Paris March

Diversity for the sake of diversity is a nihilistic, irrational hatred of values and standards. On Sunday democratically elected leaders of the free world were standing shoulder to shoulder with tirants, some of which are of the worst oppressors of the press and the free word.

'Diverse' leaders marching for the freedom of expression and against terrorism. Guest list.

By any rational analysis, racism and individualism entail opposite philosophies. The former evaluates people by the collective attribute of race; the latter, according to each person’s own characteristics. Why, then, would multiculturalism equate the two? Because they both evaluate - i.e., they differentiate some people from others based on some standard. The fact that racism rests on an irrational standard, while individualism rests on a rational one, is meaningless to the multiculturalist. To him, the very use of standards is anathema.