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Major Stephen Coughlin (ret.) was a researcher on Islamic law (Sharia) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff until a complaint from a Muslim advisor prompted the termination of his contract. Today he is Senior Fellow at the Center of Security Policy.

Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law.

UPDATE: As Coughlin is explaining in the video, our leaders are basically enforcing UN Resolution 16/18 (the OIC's 10 year program), lying to our face and using law fare against us. As Hillary Clinton made clear, if legislation stops short, they will simply use the pressure of political correctness until we comply. As we can see in this tweet, they are also knowingly endangering the lives of our citizens.

Dec. 20, 2015


Over more than a decade following 9/11, Maj. Stephen Coughlin was one of the US government's most astute and objective analysts, and an expert in the connections between Islamic law, terrorism and the Jihadist movement around the globe. Through knowledge of published Islamic law, Maj. Coughlin has an demonstrated ability to forecast events both in the Middle East and domestically and to accurately assess the future threat posture of Jihadist entities before they happen. He has briefed at the Pentagon, for national and state law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress. Today, he is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy  (website). His book, Catastrophic Failure, was released in late 2012. With this series of presentations, the general public has access to a professional standard of intelligence training in order to better understand the jihadist threat.

Coughlin's insights are throwing new light on a number of current issues, such as:
  • How Governments are using political correctness against us.
  • Western Governments' suppression of free speech and why they are going after their own citizens (e.g. Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria (source) and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands for the second time (source). 
  • Why being 'offended' has become legitimate ground to suppress the freedom of speech (which is helped in a serious way by the postmodern notion held by Social Justice Warrriors that "words are weapons").
  • Why Islamic and secular Governments define terrorism very differently (think in this respect of these so-called anti ISIS coalitions that never seem to get anywhere, for instance Saudi Arabia's latest initiative).

Notes on OIC definitions:
racism = Islamophobia
religion = Islam
Human Rights = Sharia
terrorism = killing Muslims without 'right' rooted in Islamic law
slander = offense, violation of the interests of Islam
peer pressure and shaming = political correctness

Objective of the 10 year plan:
To get national leaders to subvert the First Amendment (freedom of speech) by their own hand (voluntary) by subordinating it to Islamic law of slander (violating the interests of Islam). This can be done without a legal basis (extra legal) by exerting peer pressure and shaming (political correctness (per Hillary Clinton)

UN Resolution 16/18:
Our Governments are conspiring to pass by consensus (secretly) via the UN an alien concept that infringes on our inalienable rights through the extra legal means of peer pressure and shaming (political correctness). Because of its covert nature this is only implicitly apparent. But the people are not stupid. They can see what's happening on the ground. It's no wonder we're close to insurrection. 

Parts in this series: 
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Part 5. The Role of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Enforcing Islamic Law
Part 6. The Boston Attack and "Individual Jihad"

Maj. Stephen Coughlin's Blog (Source)


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