Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Following the downing of a Russian fighter jet, the Russians proceeded to bomb the oil infrastructure that is currently under IS control. Russia has alleged Turkey is engaging in illegal oil trade with the Islamic State. The Russian top military have provided proof. 

UPDATE:  Tweets by @mod_russia relaying declaration by Russian defense officials on Dec. 2. The coalition must have been well aware of this and covered it up. There has been little or so coverage of these statements in the media. 

ANTONOV: International terrorism is the world’s biggest threat today. It is not an imaginary threat. It is very real. Notorious Islamic State ISIS is the absolute leader of international terrorism. There are ways to combat the monster of international terrorism. Russian Air Force evidently demonstrated that over two months. Our objective is to shut down sources of financing of terrorism for the victory over ISIS. Terrorism without money is a beast without its fangs. Terrorists make about $2 billion a year on illegal oil trade & spend it for equipping militants all over the world. Turkey is the main destination for the oil stolen from its legitimate owners, which are Syria and Iraq. According to new data, the Turkish top political leadership is involved in illegal oil business—President Erdogan and his family. There is a team in the region, composed of extremists and the Turkish elites conspiring to steal oil from their neighbors. Oil is transported to Turkey in industrial quantities along the “rolling pipelines” made up of thousands of tanker trucks.

RUDSKOY: Real victory against #ISIS will be impossible without shutting down its funding sources

RUDSKOY: Strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces reduced the illegal oil turnover in Syria by almost 50%.

MIZINTSEV: Financial flows from resold oil products aim not only to enrich Turkey leadership but also to buy weapons for terrorists. This week, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra were reinforced with 2,000 militants, 120 tons of munitions, 250 automobiles from Turkey. We have shown you the illegal oil trade resulting in financing of terrorism.

ANTONOV: We are sure that truth will finally break through with help of journalists. Turkish leaders, including Mr. Erdogan, would not step down or admit anything even if their faces were smeared with stolen oil. Turkish leadership demonstrated extreme cynicism invading another country, plundering it. Hosts standing in their way must be removed. Erdogan's resignation isn't our goal, it’s up to Turkish people to decide. Our purpose—to shut down terrorist income sources. A part of information was published about heinous crimes committed by Turkish elite, who are financing international terrorism. We encourage journalists for a disclosure of financial support and delivering oil products from terrorists to customers. Let’s join our efforts. We’ll be liquidating terrorism income sources in Syria and Media will do it out of Syrian borders.