Thursday, December 10, 2015


Clare Lopez, VP of the Center for Security Policy and former CIA agent explains how all over the Western world Muslim Brotherhood front groups use targeted infiltration and demoralization. No conspiracy theory, but as Lopez explains, a matter of fact. 

The Muslim Brotherhood's plan of Civilization Jihad and its infiltration of US government is deep. The MB is in power in Sudan, Gaza and Turkey. Egypt escaped by a hair's breadth. 

UPDATE: Clare Lopez preparation program towards the end of the lecture comprises information on Islam and things you can do in your immediate society. More ideas:
  • Go to your local Krav Maga school (wiki)
  • Inform yourself what to do in the case of a terrorist attack (info)
  • Purchase at least one fire arm if law permits and do target practice
  • Read up on survival skills and prepping culture (hub)
  • Read present blog on Prepping and Terrorism

Aug. 30, 2015

Obama Policy in the Middle East Backfiring Sensationally

According to former CIA agent Clare Lopez America switched sides in the global war on terror. PlayerPart 2

According to the former CIA agent Clare Lopez the Obama regime changed sides in the war on terror at about the time the CIA annex in Benghazi was overrun on 11 September 2011. (Source) Obama has had contacts with radicals all his life. Bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power under cover of democracy (Arab Spring) was the agenda all along, long before Obama was even elected President of the United States. Part of the plan was certainly the withdrawal of the US from the world stage as a super power and the dismantling of the armed forces as the protector of Liberty. 

As Lopez is pointing out, the advance of 'democracy' in nations where a large proportion of the population believes in Sharia Law meant the advancement of the powers of political Islam. This is what the postmodern critics of the Bush war in Iraq meant, when they were calling for a non Western-centric form of democracy: it's Islamic tyranny by popular proclamation. 

This equivocation explains the Leftist moral agnosticism in the face of the atrocities committed by ISIS. And it explains the now obsolete plans to carve up Syria (and Iraq) in sectarian pieces, with room for Kurds as well as the Caliphate. If morality is (group) subjective and all cultures are equal, why not, if you believe this represents "political settlement"?

Typically, now that the policy is backfiring and is about to explode in their faces, the Obama regime is quick to blame a department that they themselves have been in charge of for seven years!
Officials at United States Central Command are being investigated by the Pentagon’s inspector general for allegedly downplaying the expansion of ISIS by altering intelligence reports. (Source)