Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Terror attacks are accelerating at light speed. The authorities and the media are baffled what could possibly be the common denominator and abdicate their duty implying we are the victims of chance, colonialism or a natural disaster. The attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe. But still denial reigns

UPDATE: It's not the first apparent terrorist attack that is being covered up by the authorities. The policy seems to ascribe any incident to whatever cause, however improbable. The public is not buying it. But Leftist trolls are attacking anyone who voices skepticism. Never have freak accidents been so common! The driver in the Amsterdam attack remains a man of nondescript identity with a low blood sugar level ascribed to diabetes rather than Ramadan lent. He's been sent on his way with a traffic charge. The cameras were not operational at the time of the rampage. (Updated police report). (More (Dutch))

June 11, 2017


Seven people -- mostly tourists, three Israelis -- have been injured after a car smashed into pedestrians outside the central train station in Amsterdam. Witnesses have described the scene as "terrifying". Amsterdam police say the car struck pedestrians outside the city's main railway station and officers have arrested the driver. Six people were taken to hospital, two had surgery, two others are comatose. Two others were treated at the scene. Amsterdam police have said there is "no indication whatsoever" the car incident is an extremist attack. (More) Except that the driver is described as a 45 year old man from Amsterdam with "a medical background" suffering from a low blood sugar level. There was no trace of alcohol. He says to have no memory of the event. Low blood sugar is consistent with lent in the month of Ramadan. (Police report)

The Amsterdam Police Dept. says. "nothing to see here". We retract our accusation they have been trying to cover up a terrorist attack. They really believe this bull crap themselves. This is how one Israeli source is covering it. Others are saying it was a deliberate attack. They should know.
Three Israelis were among those injured in a car accident near Amsterdam's central bus station Saturday. A total of eight people were injured, while the police said there was no indication the incident was terror related. The driver was arrested by police. (Source)
Aruts Sheva is reporting that the injured are 15 year-old Natan Druck and 20 year-old Shmuel Langleben. According to one report, the two - who are Breslov Chassidim - were on their way to visit the fugitive leader of the "Shuvu Banim" sect, Rabbi Eliezer Berland. (More) Far from a freak accident, could it be that these Israelis were a specific target?

More details later today. Watch these pages how the official story is crumbling.

June 5, 2017


British PM Theresa May indicated in her speech yesterday that things have got to change and that "enough is enough". But her suggestions do not bode well. There is a pattern that speaks of incompetence. Almost all terrorists were on the radar screens of the authorities in one way or another before they went on their murder sprees. Before we start restricting the freedom of the Internet the authorities must have a closer look how they can improve the existing measures. The European Court has much to answer for. Time and again the UK was prohibited from expelling radicals or incarcerating suspects. The UN is currently pressing countries not to de-naturalize known terrorists. Jihadists crossed open borders freely to take up arms in Syria and are coming back without the authorities putting anything in their way. We are way off putting the pressure on Silicon Valley as PM May proposes. By the way, the tech giants are very active censoring radicals: those who radically oppose Islamic terrorism! Daily Mail is summing up what the authorities missed in the case of the London Bridge attacks alone.

  • Counter-terrorism officers secretly recorded an ISIS inspired terror cell in Barking last month discussing how to use YouTube to plot a van and knife attack in London. The investigators were monitoring the alleged extremist cell in the east London borough weeks before Saturday night’s attack. On Sunday police arrested 12 people, among them seven women – all of them in Barking and other parts of east London, where at least one of Saturday’s killers was believed to have lived. Those arrested were aged from 19 to 60. (...) 
  • An unnamed friend of one of the terrorists claimed he had reported the man to the police anti-terrorist hotline after he became radicalised by watching extremist videos on YouTube. (...) 
  • A neighbour of one of the suspected attackers claimed she had reported him to Barking police two years ago, after he began “brainwashing” her children at a local park. (...) 
  • The Daily Telegraph has discovered that one alleged suspect said the intended method was to “use a car as a weapon” and boasted that he had radicalised more than a dozen “students” in Barking “wanting to martyr themselves”. (...) 
  • One of the plotters talked about “getting an automatic [vehicle] so the boys can drive it”. 
  • The men under surveillance are also said to have talked about attacking a bridge – in their case Westminster Bridge – and going to the gym to make their arms more powerful and therefore more lethal when using knives. Neighbours said the London Bridge attack suspect was a keen gym user. (...) 
  • Material connected to the alleged plotters who were being tracked last month included pages from the Islamist magazine Ramiyah, which suggest that easy “prey” include “a drunken kafir [non-believer]”. In a statement released 24 hours after the killings on its official Amaq media channel, ISIS said the three suspects had been part of a “sleeper cell”. 
  • A neighbour of one of the men shot dead by police on Saturday said he had asked him about where he could hire an automatic van (...) (More)
  • Oh...and one of terrorists starred in a television documentary entitled "The Jihadi Next Door". Other than that terrorism is a natural phenomenon and something "we will just have to get used to". 

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