Thursday, April 14, 2016


After a Dutch Muslim sergeant in the Royal Dutch Air Force deserted to the Islamic State, now reports are emerging of 65 active German soldiers being investigated on claims of being ISIS fan boys, with as many as 29 former German soldiers gone to ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

UPDATE: Dozens of German soldiers have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State fighters, a report has sensationally claimed. The country’s defence ministry is calling for more screening of new recruits amid fears of ISIS jihadis penetrating the German Army in order to get military training. The report dealt a further blow to German Chancellor Angela Merkel after it revealed that 65 active German soldiers are being investigated on claims they are jihadi sympathisers. Background checks on those looking to join the Bundeswehr are said to be put in place next month. The report revealed that 29 former German soldiers may have gone to ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq to fight with depraved militants. Since 2007, around 22 soldiers have been identified as Islamists with 17 of them being struck off. Parliament's commissioner for the military, Hans-Peter Bartel said the chilling report should be taken seriously and claimed that training in the German army is an attractive proposition. (...) A recent study from the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) revealed that between 720 and 760 Germans are believed to have traveled to join the barbaric death cult.

An anonymous Muslim sergeant in the Royal Dutch Air Force deserted to the Islamic State. Legally that constitutes treason punishable by 30 years to life. Officially the country is not in a state of war. Terrorism is seen as crime, not as the warfare it actually is. 

Sep. 9, 2015

Muslims in the Military, a Ticking Timebomb

Screen shot of an earlier traitor, the 26 year old army sergeant Omar Yilmaz who deserted to join various Islamist rebel groups in Syria. (Source)

A serving member of the Dutch air force has joined Islamic State in Syria. The 26-year-old Air Force sergeant has been suspended from service and his access to "information, systems and military sites" has been revoked, the ministry said in a statement. "The case is currently being investigated by the Public Prosecutor," it said. "The Dept. of Defense will investigate any risks or damage associated with the sergeant's position and take any necessary and appropriate measures." Dutch authorities said on Thursday that this is the first time a serving member of the country's armed forces is known to have joined IS. Though in the past three former soldiers left the country to join IS. The extremist group's spread across the Middle East and North Africa has been bolstered by the military expertise of former servicemen. Of the 190 known Dutch citizens fighting in Syria, 35 to date have been killed. Most are known to have joined Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra and IS. (Source)

The anonymous sergeant was in possession of sensitive information and may endanger the lives of his colleagues. Treason in the Netherlands is punishable by 30 years to life in prison. The official charge is desertion to the enemy. Aiding and abetting the enemy in war time constitutes military treason.

The problem is that this war on terrorism isn't seen as warfare proper, but as crime. The Bush administration begged to differ and locked up Jihadists in Camp X-ray in Quantanamo Bay, Cuba without trial. A number of European countries chose the civilian approach, on the basis of their dislike of George Bush alone.

The Air Force Base in the south of the Netherlands is a global transit hub for personnel and material, and includes reconnaissance and air defense center. On the base is also a crash survival training facility. It's not known what the deserter's role on the base was: could be anything from clerical duties to intelligence analysis. It's known he's in possession of sensitive information. 

The sergeant is the first Dutch soldier in active service that deserted to IS. But three former military personnel are known to have also joined the Jihad. Only last week the former army soldier Salih Yilmaz has officially made the terror list. 

At the Air Force Base no one is willing to talk about the case. There are at least 10 Muslims working on the AFB in various capacities. The basic problem is Liberal doctrine laid down in Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution, which basically states that ideology or religion is a 'private matter'. Implying that ideas are taken as irrelevant to moral choices and values. 

This wishful thinking is a denial of human nature. Personal choices and actions are the end result of our values, whether consciously chosen or accepted implicitly through education or other social influences and controls. 

The Defense Dept. is investigating the matter. The PM is in 'incident mode' and doesn't want to speculate at this point on the wider ramifications. "We can't draw any conclusions on the basis of a single case, however serious it may be. We will investigate and if additional measures are necessary, I'll let you know", he told the press.

The security of the people that are defending our liberty is at stake. But that's all we're going to get from the Government for now.