Friday, May 13, 2016


The monopoly of the media has finally come to a close. And they know it. In this live blog we relate the occasional insights into the pernicious role of the media and journalism in postmodern politics and society.

May 12, 2016 Trump: Amazon CEO using Washington Post for political power.

UPDATE: Donald Trump lashed out at Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos Thursday, claiming that the founder of was using the newspaper as a tool to influence corporate tax policy. (...) Trump was responding to Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward's disclosure that the newspaper has assigned 20 reporters to investigate the real estate mogul's life. (...) "He thinks I'll go after him for antitrust," Trump said Thursday. "Because he's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing. "He's using The Washington Post, which is peanuts, he's using that for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust." Neither Bezos nor Amazon had any immediate comment in response to Trump's claims. (Source)

May 9, 2016


Jaws dropped in Washington’s tight-knit foreign policy community when Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser and one of President Barack Obama’s closest aides, was quoted in the New York Times Magazine deriding the D.C. press corps and boasting of how he created an “echo chamber” to market the administration’s foreign policy. (...) the article, written by David Samuels, hit like a bomb. (...) It portrayed Rhodes as a real-life Holden Caulfield, a prep-school brat with literary pretensions whose greatest work of fiction was crafting the White House’s “narrative” to defend the Iran nuclear deal from its critics. (Source)
The grossness emerges on several levels and on multiple occasions. (...) It is one thing for a journalist to let his subject reveal himself, in his own words and terms, and let readers make up their minds. But there is plenty of room between that and an uncritical, almost credulous approach to a story. You don’t even have to fight over whether the communications strategy surrounding the negotiations over the Iran nuclear deal deserves pride of place over the, you know, actual diplomacy. Just look, for instance, at Rhodes’s critique of the press covering foreign policy. “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.” This from someone who has been writing speeches for Obama since he was in his late 20s, and surely understands that age and insight can have a nonlinear relationship. Yet, the only word that Samuels is able to summon to describe Rhodes’s own lack of the usual credentials for his lofty position? “Startling.” (Source)
These were the critics. Read it all for yourself in New York Times Magazine! Beyond the revelations in a recent controversial New York Times story concerning the White House’s marketing of the Iran nuclear deal, there is a larger trend of Obama administration officials believing they can control the news media, Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter Aaron Klein stated in a radio interview on Wednesday. Klein was speaking during his weekly segment on John Batchelor’s popular national radio show. Click below to listen to Klein’s full segment on Batchelor’s program.

July 11, 2015

The monopoly of the media has finally come to a close. And they know it. With yesterday's attack led by Politico on Ben Carson we saw the ugly equivalent of a lynch mob trying to destroy a brilliant black neurosurgeon. Carson maybe soft spoken, but he's no sissy, as the vultures found out.


Nov 6, 2015 Friday night in Florida, Dr. Ben Carson takes questions from the press. 

Decades of getting away with character assassination and the capability to break the prospects of opposing candidates has finally ended this US Presidential cycle with the outsiders, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The fact that these candidates come from outside the circle of professional politicians means a lot: they have not fallen victim to the demoralization that has the entire ruling class in its grip in most of the Western world. What is demoralization? It's basically a form of psy-ops, psychological warfare. It does not involve the firing of a single bullet. You simple have to convince the enemy that he is unwilling to fight back. How does that come about? By showing him that the other side has the moral high ground. The Left bombarding the established Right and the political center for decades with Leftist moral righteousness has left them numb, unable and unwilling to defend the morality of Liberty. This epoch has now come to an end with assertive outsiders and Tea Party Conservatives who are well versed with the intellectual fundamentals of their own philosophy. To the public, who have had it with the ruling class and their lapdog media, Trump and Carson are a wonder to behold. 

Sep. 14, 2015


Leftist journalists and activists will use anything against the evil West. Even our own ethics of compassion for the suffering. Our proper reaction should be to resist this propaganda. It has everything to do with their agenda; not with any relief for the victims or a resolution to a terrible situation. 

(...) you might be feeling a little, well, ripped off right now.

UPDATE: Funny, how the Left always attacks the messenger by lack of rational argument. Today it's Charlie Hebdo -- the champion of free speech and whose publishers were massacred in mass by terrorists in January -- in the line of fire. (Live Blog) The Left were persuaded to join the campaign #JeSuisCharlie, but their hearts were never in it: freedom of speech has been jettisoned in favor of the prohibition of Islamic critique, so they must have been simply begging to be slaughtered in their offices. Reason why today Chris Graham pens the following polemic. He doesn't even get his skull around the idea that the Hebdo cartoon doesn't mock the poor Kurdish boy, but rather lampoons the disgusting exploitation of this sad event by the open borders media. Charlie Hebdo btw is a farry Leftish outfit that defends the rather enlightened principle to criticize idea (any)! This is what "the publication actually represents".

Are you one of those people who leapt in to back French magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier this year? Did you hashtag ‘Je Suis Charlie’? Blindly? Without really knowing what the publication actually represents? If you did, you might be feeling a little, well, ripped off right now. In their latest edition, the ‘great defenders of free speech’ have featured a front page cartoon mocking Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach recently, sparking international outrage at he treatment of refugees. (Source)

Sep. 11, 2015


Activism in Morocco. 

Sep. 6, 2015


Refugee throwing his wife and child on the railroad. (Source) A Belgian news outlet used the footage to prove "the cruelty of the Hungarian police". 

Update: Lefty UK press latches on to the hoax
In the meantime the true story of the Kurdi family is emerging, which is terribly sad to say the least. (Facebook) The family from Kobane deserved refugee status, but things went horribly wrong. The initial idea was to legally move to Canada. Abdullah could do so now, but for the moment he has decided to stay on in Kobane and fight. This is probably a wise decision. Some very uncharitable people have created the meme that he wanted to exploit the healthcare system for "a new set of teeth". (Source) These are probably decadent Westerners provided with tax payer sponsored Government teeth from the age of 6. As it happens, Abdullah's teeth were pulled under torture. He is still a young man and who wants to employ a toothless alien? Propagandists on both sides of the argument are pretty disgusting sometimes.

The propaganda for which the drowned Kurdi family is being exploited is nothing new. Pallywood is notorious. But lies perpetrated by the chroniclers of what are supposed to be the neutral facts of history, are nothing new. The entire Kosovo war was based on propaganda and the same is true for the war in Bosnia to a large extent.

Serbian emergency shelters for Bosnian refugees sold to the public as a concentration camp to win public support for international interference in the civil war. 

Sep. 2, 2015


Dead babies washed up on a lonely shore, yes - grown men roasted on open fires, that's a huge nono.

  • According to a report in the Daily Mail the dead baby of one of a Kurdish family. (Source)

This is what a tweep from Syria had to say about the dead baby on the beach. Makes sense. The pursuit of happiness is a right that is deeply rooted in human nature. It has to do with hope and the primacy of life and survival. But that isn't the point. The point is the emotional blackmail, the exploitation of compassion, the manipulation of emotions to which public opinion is subjected by progressive journalists.


Congrats! You all fell for "journalistic activism". I haven't heard a single journolister speaking up for poor babies, tortured to death by ISIS. This tweet sheds light on the agenda. The epicenter of the photo is a gay rights activist posing as a journalist based in Istanbul. There's a similar tweet circulating by HuffPo. (Tweet) An ISIS associated account was also an early tweeter of the meme. (Tweet)

And this is what The Independent has to say for itself, teaching us the finer points of progressive ethics (because we haven't been able to figure that out for ourselves):
The Independent has taken the decision to publish these images because, among the often glib words about the "ongoing migrant crisis", it is all too easy to forget the reality of the desperate situation facing many refugees. (Source)
Demishevich's tweet was quickly picked up by  @HaticeAVCI_, followed by the IHH. Some of you may remember the Turkish Relief NGO, IHH as the organizer of the flotilla for Gaza. They are closely related to the Muslim Brotherhood. (Tweet) (Wiki)


Frankly, I'm offended. Extremely offended. These memes are designed to pull at our heartstrings, exploiting feelings of compassion for humanity and the horrible fate of an individual child. The world is a tough place. Terrible things happen to good people, done to them by evil men, as ISIS teaches us every day. Reason should be our guiding faculty, not feelings and emotions. We can't allow ourselves to become their shills. This means we must develop the personal tools to deal with our emotions. Otherwise we become like the Belgian Minister Francken who is throwing his own compatriots under the bus just so that he can tend to his own festering feelings of guilt.

Francken is typical of the political Narcissist who gladly sacrifices his brothers to a moral cause that he himself selected as worthy. That's cheap sentimentalism and about him feeling good about himself. Sentimentalism is not about the fate of this poor child in the picture. It's about ME and MY feelings that the picture is triggering.

Our first reaction should be resistance. Not to give in to our initial impulses. The text in the tweet is calculated to exploit us. @HaticeAVCI_ is telling us that the child is a Syrian refugee. But we don't know that for a fact, do we? We have to take his word for it. But what does he know? In other words, the child isn't directing the message, @HaticeAVCI_ is. Apart of his bio, we don't know him from Adam. Update: @HaticeAVCI_ cites Dogan News Agency as his source.

This picture -- unlike the propaganda made in Palywood -- is probably for real. @HaticeAVCI_ is self identifying as a journalist, which is today a byword for political activism of the Leftist persuasion. In other words, this is opinion, not fact. He combines his activism with volunteer work for a Turkish disaster relief organization with a chapter in Belgium, which I will not bother to investigate here.

The Belgian Minister Francken and compassionate people like him ought to ask the Saudis, the Jordanians, the Qataris and the Emirs of the Gulf states to take in these refugees. It is their policies that caused them in the first place! Read Gas Plays an Explosive Role in the War in Syria.

For the most part, Syrian refugees are Muslims who won't feel at home in the Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian world of the Western civilization. Why haven't the Gulf Arabs offered them safety? The answer is, that they do not see them as Westerners do, individuals with the right to the pursuit of happiness. To them they are a mob, the vanguard of an army of colonizers to enact the ultimate goal of Mohammed. Those that don't get this, ought to learn the first things about Islam! 

Most suffering isn't visible. It is festering underneath the surface. For that reason we ought not to watch what's put in front of us by people with an agenda. We ourselves must dig deep beyond the superficial tear jerker. And when at last we find it, maybe we can come up with a solution. These are the times that try men's souls: we can't afford to be manipulated by evil men and their puppets.