Monday, September 14, 2015


Australia's Liberal Conservative PM Tony Abbott last night lost a party leadership challenge to a rival, the Progressive Liberal, Malcolm Turnbull. The new PM at once promised "cultural changes under his Government".  As a member of the Ruling Class Turnbull has strong Bilderberg credentials. 

Feb 8, 2015 Lord Monckton telling an audience in Perth, Australia to look after PM Tony Abbott. H/t @JackieAUS

Earlier in February Lord Monckton told an Aussie audience that their PM Tony Abbott @TonyAbbottMHR would be the last man standing between the Radical Left and their plan to have every country in agreement to bring about a new global Treaty on "climate change" (previously referred to as "global warming"). Last night Tony Abbott faced a party leadership/PM challenge that he lost to his liberal rival. Turnbull is a pragmatist banker, career politician and member of the ruling class, who is on board with all the Cultural Marxist hobbies you can think of: gay marriage, climatism, open borders, amoralism, cap-and-trade, truth by consensus, multiculturalism and Islam apologetics. (Meet the New Guy) Although @TurnbullMalcolm stated in his first presser that the government's position on climate change will stay the same for the moment, Lord Monckton's prediction that Abbott would be removed from office, is now a fact. The Left is having a party, a sure sign of bad news. Abbott is described as "divisive", which is one degree worse than "controversial". ZeroHedge has the Bilderberg angle: 
And here’s BBC with what you need to know about Turnbull: Who is Malcolm Turnbull?
  • Served as Minister for Communications under Mr Abbott, before resigning to launch a leadership challenge 
  • Many in his party dislike his support for climate change action and gay marriage 
  • Led the Liberal Party in opposition from 2008-2009 - but lost a leadership challenge to Mr Abbott by one vote  
  • Previously worked as a successful lawyer and businessman - defending former British spy Peter Wright in the "Spycatcher" case in the 1980s
The punchline: Turnbull was Chairman of Goldman Sachs Australia from 1997-2001
The other punchline, from Bloomberg ca. 2014, is that Turnbull's son was executive director of SSG at Goldman: 
Alex Turnbull, a former executive director of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s special situations group, is planning a Singapore-based hedge fund, said people with knowledge of the matter.