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Archive Migration Crisis: June 6, 2015 - Aug. 31, 2017

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Aug. 31, 2017


It will now become much easier for ‘refugees’ from Africa to seek asylum in Europe, according to a new agreement between four western European countries and Chad and Niger. “Particularly vulnerable refugees” will now be able to apply for asylum in Europe directly in place in the African countries. Four Western European countries have agreed on a new asylum policy, allowing African ‘refugees’ to seek asylum in European countries, directly on the African continent, reports AP. It is the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Spain, who jointly presented the news, together with EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, after the representatives of the countries gathered in Paris to discuss integration, migration and defense within the EU. Representatives from other African countries also participated. Several African leaders have asked for increased support from the EU, since their countries are used in many ways as transit areas for refugees and migrants heading for the European continent. (More)

July 31, 2017


The EU is on a collision cource with the Visigrads. While the matter of the forced distribution of refugees is rooted in Angela Merkel's insane policies, the issues of the reform of the judiciary in Poland is clearly about national sovereignty. Moreover, Poland is right that the independence of the judiciary does not mean that it is separated from the rest of democratic society. The Courts are a function of the People as the Anglosaxon system of trial by jury (peers) makes clear. The EU has made the Court a loose cannon and Judges a liberal, autonomous elite class separate from reality. 

⏩ The European Commission has given the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland one month to change their minds on participating in the EU’s migrant relocation scheme. Brussels started legal proceedings earlier this month against the countries and have threatened to take away Poland’s voting rights if they don’t cave in to EU demands. EU migration commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, said: “There is still time to change everything and come back to normality.” Interestingly, the Commission isn’t pursuing a case against Austria, who have also refused to take in any migrants. Perhaps it has something to do with Austria being a net contributor to EU coffers, while Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland all receive more money than they pay in. (Source

⏩ The European Commission has launched an infringement procedure against Poland’s government after the nation ignored repeated warnings by Brussels to not proceed with long-promised judicial reform measures. Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) (...) stressed that ‘social policy and organisation of the judiciary fall within the competence of the member states’ and that the issues would be ‘set out in detail in a Polish position on the European Commission’s reservations.’ The legal action against Poland comes after the EC’s vice president Frans Timmermans, who has in the past branded Viktor Orban an anti-Semite for criticising George Soros, said Wednesday that Article 7, a legal process that would suspend Poland’s voting rights, could be triggered if Poland continued down the path they were taking. (More)

May 11, 2017


Hungary and Slovakia have filed a joint case against the EU’s refugee quota scheme. The case, filed with the European Court of Justice today, aims to challenge the EU’s decision to distribute migrants among member states, forcing them to take in an EU-defined quota of people. Hungary’s Justice Minister, Laszlo Trocsanyi, said: “The decision to assign quotas sends the wrong signal to potential migrants: ‘Go ahead and come to Europe, we will handle the distribution.'” “Secondly, it’s not effective. These people want to go to very specific countries, not countries like Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary. Those who were sent to Latvia were back in Germany in just two days,” he added. Trocsanyi told German newspaper, Die Welt, that the EU’s deportation policy is a shambles which has caused more problems for Europe as deporting migrants back to their home countries is “mostly not possible.” Hungary’s solution is for a new, Europe-wide solution which would see the EU’s deportation agency, Frontex, given more power and resources “in order to organise flights and bring back migrants to their home countries if they don’t qualify for protection.” Resistance to EU dominance continues to spread across Europe. (Source)

May 2, 2017


The unprecedented migrant crisis in the Mediterranean has sparked the invention of several NGOs, who have launched their own rescue ships. Yet critics in Italy have denounced their invention as a racket that must be stopped. Sicilian prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro claimed to have “evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs and people traffickers in Libya”. Mr Zuccaro's remarks come just days after Italy's parliament approved a measure to speed up asylum proceedings for migrants processed in Italy. Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando, refuted the debate and said: “It is not appropriate to make up a story saying (aid organisations) working in the Mediterranean are colluding with people smugglers because that is a lie. “I hope the Catania prosecutor's office will let its investigations speak for it because I think it's the best way to clarify things quickly.” But not long afterwards, the Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano contradicted Orlando, and said that he “agreed 100 per cent” with the allegations Zuccaro made. Mr Alfano continued: “I am 100 percent in agreement with prosecutor Zuccaro, as he asked a real question. “Those who become indignant at the drop of a hat are hypocrites.” (More)

For more information on this subject check with the Gefira Foundation @GefiraFundation. Scroll down for the video, showing Gefira monitoring movements of ships owned by aid organizations. 

April 22, 2017


Something very strange is happening in the Mediterranean this spring (...) All is not as it seems. Right under the noses of the Italian authorities and the EU border agency, Frontex, a charitable 'ferry service' has been launched, with shiny new boats and sympathetic staff allegedly colluding with the people smugglers controlling the migrant trade. A ferry service from Libya to Italy — direct — provided by private NGO 'rescue boats' which have about as much to do with rescue as I have with diplomacy. The Italian Parliament is aware of this apparent collusion. At a hearing in March its President Laura Ravetto raised a question about the 'excessive collaboration' between NGOs and migrant smugglers. She said the allegation of apparent collusion had been raised in two internal reports by Frontex. One of the reports said immigrants leaving North Africa had been given information in advance the route to follow to be picked up by a NGO boats. The other report said there was a recorded case of criminal gangs taking migrants directly to an NGO boat. (More)
Here's a great tool to keep a check on the migration flows to Europe. Read also the report on Dec. 5, 2016 (scroll down).

March 19, 2017


A year to the day after it was signed off amid much fanfare the EU-Turkey deal on migrants is in peril, with pressure growing from inside and out. While the statistics show a resounding success, the EU is now effectively held “over a barrel” according to critics, with President Racep Erdogan clashing with member states and Brussels chiefs on domestic as well as international issues. Critics have long feared the deal gives Turkey far too much political power over the EU, acting as an effective Sword of Damocles over eurocrats’ heads. (...) Ukip MEP Jane Collins said the agreement had been a political disaster for Brussels and has left it totally powerless to challenge President Erdogan on his repeated human rights breaches. She told “Turkey has the EU over a barrel over this issue of migration because the EU is a magnet for illegal migration from Africa and the Middle East. (...)

She added: “There needs to be a strong message sent out that we will be turning back boats from whence they came, that we will not be permitting huge numbers of migrants travelling from Turkey into EU countries in order to travel through to other richer countries.” The Socialist and Democrats (S&D) group in the EU parliament, led by the Italian MEP Gianni Pitella, is calling on Brussels to “freeze” the accession talks with Ankara saying it is not suitable for EU membership. But such a move would almost certainly kill off the migrant pact and Manfred Weber, chairman of the centre-right EPP grouping, said it should be kept in place. (More)

Feb. 9, 2017


Chatham House graph

New research points to significant and widespread levels of public anxiety over immigration from mainly Muslim states. President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority states from entering the US for 90 days, and temporarily freeze all refugee arrivals (including Syrians indefinitely), has been interpreted widely as an attempt to curtail the inward migration of Muslims, which Trump and his supporters argue pose a threat to national security. Trump’s policy has generated a backlash among some of Europe’s leaders. Angela Merkel’s spokesman said the chancellor had ‘explained’ the UN Refugee Convention to the president in a phone call discussing the order, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan argued that the invitation to the president for a state visit to Britain in 2017 should be withdrawn until the ban is rescinded. Meanwhile, leaders of Europe’s populist right-wing parties, including Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage and Matteo Salvini, have heaped praise on Trump.

Amid these competing views, where do the public in European countries stand on the specific issue of Muslim immigration? There is evidence to suggest that both Trump and these radical right-wing parties reflect an underlying reservoir of public support. Drawing on a unique, new Chatham House survey of more than 10,000 people from 10 European states, we can throw new light on what people think about migration from mainly Muslim countries. Our results are striking and sobering. They suggest that public opposition to any further migration from predominantly Muslim states is by no means confined to Trump’s electorate in the US but is fairly widespread.

In our survey, carried out before President Trump’s executive order was announced, respondents were given the following statement: ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’. They were then asked to what extent did they agree or disagree with this statement. Overall, across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed. Majorities in all but two of the ten states agreed, ranging from 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 53% in Germany and 51% in Italy to 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain. In no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32%. (More)

Dec. 5, 2016


Dec 3, 2016 For two months, using, Gefira monitored movements of ships owned by NGO. More information.

You knew this was happening. Now there's proof. More information on Gefira: NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya.
For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs, and, using data from We have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness of a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation. NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities. Human traffickers contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. 
NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 mile away from the rescue spot. The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat. (More)

Sep. 21, 2016


In yesterday's speech at the UNGA -- described by the media as a final victory round -- Obama introduced the term "global integration," which sounds better than John Kerry's world without borders. Obama made plain that he means to flood the US with "refugees," for the most part adherents to a hostile ideology. Obama garnered pledges from dozens of countries to resettle some 360,000 refugees, doubling the number of slots that were available last year. How has illegal become legal? Because the autocratic globalists say so. It is no coincidence that Syria's neighbors don't take refugees. As one has said, our country is just too valuable. So the coordinator of this Hijra (see the vid above) is funneling the Islamic migration stream towards the West. The US, France and the UK have been the most vocal about the civil war in Syria, but let's not forget who are the main instigators and beneficiaries of the wars in Syria and north Africa: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and a number of other Gulf states with oil interests in the region. The same Sunni Arab countries united in the OIC that is hugely influential in circles of globalists. Read Gas Plays an Explosive Role in the War in Syria for a total picture. We tend to look at these wars and issues as separate, but in the end it all hangs together. Each party has its own interests with the citizens of Western countries in the role of sacrificial animals.

Sep. 10, 2016


After the defeat of Merkel in her own home state (source), the EU council of Government Chiefs is now in full damage control mode. Yesterday Tusk acknowledged that opening the borders to hostile migrants was wrong. He is presenting it as a 'mistake', as a fluke of fate, as the aftermath of a natural disaster that the EU merely should have handled differently. But as an actual fact, open borders is a conscious choice, it is the crede of a globalistic ideology that started centuries ago as 'Internationalism'. The EU is the result of this particular form is Utopianism. Now the collective of EU heads of  Government are pretending that the selling out of their people's rights and security has nothing to do with them. Oops, sorry! They deserve to be put on trial before people's tribunals in their own respective countries.
Tusk, the President of the European Council, has slammed open borders, linking migration to the terror threat, and insisted the European Union (EU) must “never again… allow our borders to be overrun with irregular migrants as in 2015”. Mr. Tusk echoed right-wing leaders by insisting “uncontrolled irregular migration, terrorism and fear of globalisation are three main challenges for Europe” and “securing our external borders” should be the EU’s top priority. The comments about the 2015 migration crisis will be seen as a thinly veiled attack on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is widely blamed for “inviting” the chaos after suspending the Dublin agreement border rules. (More)

Aug. 23, 2016


Another day, another insight into the wonderful world of eurocratic philosophy. Whereas the "President of Europe" informed us on July 26 (scroll down) that open borders is the EU's highest value, today he'll have us know that borders are the "worst invention ever". Since we just came to the insight that true rights -- like freedom and grassroots democracy -- are not even possible without borders, the only conclusion is that we're dealing here with a tyrant of the first order. If we want Western Enlightenment to survive, we had better start fighting back. Because this wancker sure as hell isn't going to retreat on his own.

Aug. 22, 2016


An angry Dutch citizen has vowed to destroy the European Union (EU) by launching a tribunal against Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel and all other Eurocrats involved in the 28-country “illegal operation”. Muriel Muyres told he was ready for the collapse of the EU and the establishment of a fairer system afterwards - free from officials in Brussels “breaking their own rules”. He has launched, a website he will use to “document, track and prosecute individuals” involved in the EU. After the bloc collapses he will use a “grand jury unlimited in numbers formed by the free people of Europe” to hold trials and dish out punishment. The 36-year-old political researcher, who refuses to pay taxes or claim benefits, will prosecute for “false tax money transfers, illegal agreements and treaties” and “sacrificing lives and security to keep authority above freedom”, among other crimes. He said it was only a matter of time before the union collapses - although in his eyes it never really held any power. Mr Muyres said: "It is not only going to collapse, it never really lived." (...)

Aug. 2, 2016


The evil eurocrats are now plotting to bring entire clans and tribes from the Middle East and force feed them into European countries. Those young men of fighting age we have seen over the last months making their way through the continent, were just anchors. Even German MPs are up in arms. The changes mean that if a couple of asylum seekers got 'married' or had a child together in a refugee camp in Libya, only one would have to reach Europe for all of the family to be entitled to settle on the continent. Obviously these rules are can't be checked or enforced.

(...) The EU is drawing up new laws which will unleash a fresh wave of migration and completely undermine attempts to bring the refugee crisis under control, according to furious Germany politicians. Under proposals put forward by the European Commission drastic changes will be made to the rules which govern who refugees that successfully make it to Europe can bring over to live with them. Rebellious members of Angela Merkel’s ruling party in Germany have already expressed dismay over the plans, branding them “unacceptable” and saying they will spark huge new numbers of migrants just when the refugee crisis is beginning to subside. At the moment migrants are allowed to be reunited only with their immediate family, which means wives and children under the age of 18 who they already had before leaving their home country. But under the Commission plan the definition of family will be massively extended to include relationships formed during the journey to Europe. The changes would mean that, if a couple of asylum seekers got married or had a child together in a refugee camp in Libya, only one would have to reach Europe for all of the family to be entitled to settle on the continent. Brussels bureaucrats insist the alterations are designed to “reflect the reality of migration today”, whereby many asylum seekers spend months on end in migrant camps before successfully making it to an EU country. (More

July 26, 2016


The European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker granted an interview to France 2’s Four Truths program yesterday that clearly shows how dangerous and even criminal this man and his elite club of globalists are. The most fundamental task of a Government -- security, rooted in the first human right to life -- is subjected to such a thing as the "inviolable principle" of open borders, which he somehow conflates with "freedom"! He thinks the human sacrifices to Islamic terror on the altar of destroying national security and sovereignty are well worth it. The hierarchy of rights matter! Philosophy matters! He said that however bad the migrant crisis and terrorism in Europe gets, the EU will never call into question the free movement of people within the bloc. "This is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the founding Treaty of Rome. It is an inviolable principle",  he said.

  • "A lot of initiatives" will be required to strengthen security in the EU;
  • "Better response from member states regarding the exchange of information between police and intelligence services"; And 
  • "better communication" between member states would solve the problem.
This means that Juncker and the EU are willfully importing terrorists and have our blood on their hands. 

July 13, 2016


The German chancellor and the French Security Chief Patrick Calvar are increasiongly worried the natives are radicalizing under the pressure of terrorism and sexual attacks on women. According to Calvar there is evidence that "Right Wing groups" are massing arms. Oh, dear, who knew? One or two more attacks, and France may go up in smoke, he fears.
France is 'on the verge of a civil war' which could be sparked by a mass sexual assault on women by migrants, intelligence chief warns
  • France is on the verge of 'civil war', the country's head of intelligence says Patrick Calvar said 
  • Mass sexual assault of women by migrants may start it 
  • Believes situation so tense another terror attack could also spark backlash
  • More than 1,000 women sexually abused in Germany on New Year's Eve

May 28, 2016


By signing a "draconian" new law that eliminates lawmakers' legal immunity, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cannot rely on his country's planned access to the EU by 2020, according to The Guardian. The chances of Turkey joining the EU by 2020 "went up in smoke" earlier this week after the country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inked a "draconian new law" scrapping legislators' immunity to legal charges, The Guardian's Simon Tisdall said. In his article, titled "Erdogan's draconian new law demolishes Turkey's EU ambitions," Tisdall condemned the adoption of this law, which he claimed has destroyed any remaining illusions that Turkey is currently "a fully functioning, western-style democracy." By signing the document, Erdogan, who called the EU a "Christian club," actually indicated that Turkey has missed its opportunity to enter the EU in the foreseeable future, according to the author. Separately, Tisdall referred to "the already shaking" migrant deal between Ankara and the EU, which he warned may affect Turkey's EU ambitions. "If it collapses — and Turkey is threatening to scrap it — the EU will have even less incentive to advance accession negotiations. Leading EU countries such as France and Germany strongly oppose Turkish membership and have, in any case, indicated they could ultimately use their veto, if necessary, to prevent it," he pointed out. (More)

In another report Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan (R) has departed the US after the jenazah, an Islamic funeral prayer, for the late boxing champion Muhammad Ali in Louisville, Kentucky. A series of incidents finally forced Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to interrupt his visit to the United States, where he planned to attend the funeral ceremony for boxing icon Muhammad Ali. (More)

May 28, 2016


Frans Timmermans, first VP of the European Commission cites "progress" in visa free travel deal with Turkey. 

Hanlon's razor, the aphorism to never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by incompetence, might have been made with our present postmodern leadership in mind. You could swear that everything they do and say points in one direction and one direction only: hatred of the Western culture and a wish for its destruction. The conclusion requires no conspiracy theorist: nihilism is simply the ultimate consequence of the idealism of equality, combined with altruist ethics. Still, when we look at a non entity like Fransie Timmermans one is tempted to strike the entire analysis and simply reach for Hanlon's razor. How else can you account for eurocrats seeking an answer to the self inflicted stream of Muslim migrants, in a visa free travel deal with the Turks? (More)

May 24, 2016


Turkey says it won't accept back any refugees denied status in EU countries if the EU refuses to adhere to the original agreement. Erdogan is stepping up the pressure on the eurocrats. Turkey wants the visa deal implemented per July 1 and is waiting funding for the upkeep of refugee camps in Turkey.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Ankara needs to fulfill all of the key conditions set by Brussels for its citizens to enjoy visa freedom in the EU. She voiced “deep concern” over the Turkish parliament's decision to strip some lawmakers of immunity. "I've made this clear in the conversation today that I also think we need an independent judicial system, we need independent media and we need a strong parliament," Merkel said after having held talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul on Monday.

May 18, 2016


The EU has been working in secret on two separate deals to solve the ongoing migrant crisis. One for the Middle East, and another for Africa. Let's reminds ourselves at this point that these crises are of our own making. That's not suicidal self hatred, but simple fact. The migrant crisis in the Middle East is the result of the Arab Spring, which was intentionally triggered and egged on by the globalists. The failed state of Libya is the result of Hillary Clinton's intervention when she removed Gadaffi. This triggered a cascade of Islamic revolts among the southern tribes that to that date were held in check by the Libyan potentate. Let's first have a look at Africa:
Revealed: Secret EU plan to pay African regimes to stop migrants reaching Europe that 'under no circumstances' should the public know about
  • EU to give £35m to eight African countries including Sudanese dictatorship 
  • Plan hatched at a meeting of 28 EU ambassadors led by Germany in March 
  • EU chief's aide warned that Europe's reputation was at stake if plan got out 
  • Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir accused of genocide in Darfur 

Then on the plan for the Middle East which involves Greece where the EU wants to turn the Aegian paradise into the hell of Hades:

The EU has been working in secret on an alternative plan for the refugee deal with Turkey. The plan that was leaked to the German newspaper Bild means the Aegean islands will become semi permanent refugee camps like the ones in Jordan and Libanon. Under the plan Greece is supposed to deal with asylum requests; applicants who do not qualify are sent back. The ferry services between the islands and the Greek mainland will be suspended. In the plan Greece would be the recipient of the money now promised to Turkey. The Dutch Christian Democrat MEP Jeroen Lenaers has confirmed the plans in a radio show. He explained that the plan hopes to discourage migrants from taking the Balkan route to Europe. The EU is very worried about the deal with Turkey since the regime has no qualms blackmailing the EU at every turn. The European Parliament is debating the plan today. (Source)

May 17, 2016


Terrorists are more likely to attack European countries as a result of a controversial deal to allow Turkish citizens to travel across the continent without visas, EU leaders have admitted. Foreign terrorists and organised criminals are “expected” to seek Turkish passports to reach continental Europe “as soon as” the visa waiver program comes into force, a European Commission report said. The disclosure came as Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, warned that the decision to give Turkey visa-free travel is “perverse” and compared it to “storing gasoline next to the fire”. Sir Richard also said that the EU will face a "populist uprising" if it fails to control migration. (...) However, the European Commission report acknowledges the “increased mobility into the Schengen area of criminals and terrorists who are citizens of Turkey, or who are foreigners based in Turkey.” (...)  The European Commission has recently also proposed visa-free travel deals with Kosovo, Ukraine and Georgia, which are blighted by organised crime.

May 11, 2016


The Euro Parliament has agreed with the chairman Martin Schulz that the visa deal with Turkey will not be tabled for a vote until all of the 72 demands as stipulated in the visa deal have been met by Turkey. Judith Sargentini, a Dutch Green MEP however believes that the largest parties will ultimately cave under pressure. Erdogan spokesman, Burhan Kuzu tweeted that Turkey would continue to funnel refugees to Europe, should Turkey not like the outcome. The EU is willingly and knowingly blackmailed by a rogue regime.
MEPs have stopped work on plans to give Turks visa-free access to the EU’s Schengen zone, putting a wider migrant deal in doubt. Group leaders in the European Parliament's “conference of presidents” quietly suspended work on the file last Wednesday. Some of the lead MEPs on the dossier, the group coordinators in the civil liberties committee (LIBE), found out about the suspension on Monday (9 May).(...)  "The ball is back with the European commission," said the MEP, who also did not want to be identified. (...) Whatever the motives, that proposal is now sitting idly on Schulz’s desk. (...) Commission officials on Tuesday denied there would be a plan B, as reported in the German media, of turning Greek islands into large refugee camps in case the EU-Turkey deal falls through. (Source)

May 6, 2016


The visa deal between Turkey and the EU is on the rocks. The row between Erdogan and his ousted PM "Mr. Sex Appeal" Davutoglu appears to have been about the latter's handling of the negotiations with the EU. Part of the conditions is that the Turks adjust their definition of terrorism. The Islamic definition of terrorism is, the killing of Muslims without 'right' per Islamic law (source). Erdogan stated today live on state television:
"While Turkey is under attack by terrorists and the powers that support them directly or indirectly, the EU is telling us to change our anti terrorism laws! We go our way and you go yours!.

The Turkey minister of EU Accession, Volkan Bozkir said today Turkey has done everything it can to adjust its anti terrorism laws while under heavy attack by various terror organizations. "Turkey has already given in to a number of EU demands and can't afford to make any further compromises. This development is fairly typical for superior Turkish negotiating skills: just when the parties think the deal is done, they table a sheer impossible demand that might very well derail the entire process. Nobody wants the deal to go down at this point, so the chances are good you get what you want.

May 4, 2016


Today it has become clear how the eurocrats propose to sign off on lifting the Turkish visa requirements. Of the 72 demands listed in the roadmap only 46 have made it to the documentation, and not even those have been completed (marked in pink as "needs work"). But who cares, when you can add millions of non Christians to the Empire? (PDF) Of those millions of Turkish citizens many could simply disappear in the European Union because there is no system to detect those who outlasted their stay, even if their passports are biometric. (More) A Dutch freelance journalist on the spot in Turkey meantime is reporting that Syrian passports are sooo 2015! The hunt is now on for Turkish passports.

May 3, 2016


The EU wants countries that refuse to share their suicidal migration policies levied with heavy fines. This is typical for euro-fascism! Those who don't share their moral program are simply foisted with it, whether they want to or not. The end justifies the means!

May 1, 2016


Despite Turkey having to comply with an extensive list of requirements it can't possibly implement within the short space of time, the lawless EU has decided this week it's just going to pretend that Turkey does.
Despite deep public misgivings in some countries, the European Union will this week drive forward a plan to grant Turks visa-free travel to Europe as a reward for having reduced a flood of refugees and migrants into Europe to a trickle. The European Commission is set to declare on Wednesday that Turkey has broadly met the criteria for early visa liberalization in a blaze of last-minute legislation and ask EU governments and the European Parliament to approve the decision by the end of June, several EU sources said. "We have not lowered our standards. Turkey has raised its game," a senior EU official familiar with the negotiations said. (Source)
France and Germany want to build an “emergency brake” into future visa-free travel agreements with non-EU countries such as Turkey, POLITICO has learned. The measure would come into effect once too many Turks – or too many Georgians, whose government is also discussing visa-free travel with the EU – make use of arrangements that their respective governments are currently negotiating.Paris and Berlin put forward a joint proposal “on a mechanism to suspend visa-free travel,” dated April 27 and obtained by POLITICO. The “current migration and refugee trends make it necessary to have an efficient mechanism in place to suspend visa liberalization,” the document says. The proposal is intended to put additional pressure on negotiating partners and counter domestic criticism of visa liberalization, which is growing louder in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and elsewhere. The European Parliament will also have to approve the visa deal with Turkey once the European Commission makes a proposal, expected next week.

April 10, 2016


The chaos in Greece continues. The EU's partner in solving the mess, the Turkish President Erdogan means to exploit the situation to the full extend of his capabilities. The EU leaders from their end are entirely prepared to give him every opportunity to do so.
Turkey’s president has threatened to pull the plug on the European Union (EU) migrant deal should the EU fall short on any of his demands – including visa free travel for 70 million Turks by June. In exchange for the return of “irregular migrants”, Brussels also agreed in late March to provide up to €6 billion in aid, fast track Turkey’s accession into the EU, and bring thousands of extra Syrians over from camps in Turkey. 

April 4, 2016


Today the EU-Turkey agreement went into force. How desperate can a politician be to even contemplate such a monster? Refugees in Greece have become detainees overnight. They have to be processed, meaning they must be asked individually if they seek asylum. The Greek service does not even have 300 people at its disposal to do the processing. In the meantime the first refugees from Turkey are arriving in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. The Dutch Government does not even provide details to the press, stating "privacy" considerations.
Refugees and migrants protesting Europe's closed borders have closed a second section of Greece's highway heading to the official border crossing with Macedonia, blocking all road traffic in both directions. Meanwhile, hundreds of refugees and migrants were continuing to block trucks from using another section of the highway further south near the town of Polykastro, where another impromptu refugee camp has sprung up at a highway gas station. Greek authorities say the 202 migrants and refugees who had not applied for asylum in Greece and were returned to Turkey Monday from Greek islands included people from several countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Congo. (Live Blog)

April 1, 2016


Even before the implementation of the deal on Monday the problems are overwhelming. The Left and pro migration action groups are calling for the implementation to be stopped as they don't accept Turkey as a "safe space". . In Greece meanwhile...
Serious concerns have been raised about the viability and legality of the EU-Turkey refugee deal just three days before its implementation, after rights campaigners alleged that Ankara had been deporting hundreds of refugees back to Syria on a daily basis in recent weeks, and the Greek asylum service said it needed more staff to make the deal work. Greek asylum official, Maria Stavropoulou, called for a 20-fold increase in personnel – while Amnesty International alleged that unaccompanied children were among scores of Syrians illegally expelled from Turkey since January (...) the UN refugee agency again called for a halt to the deal unless Turkey could guarantee refugees’ basic rights. The news came as hundreds of people detained on a Greek island fled their camp en masse, and other refugees began to sail from mainland Greece to Italy for the first time since eastern European governments began to block their onward route through the Balkans last month (...) on Friday, as the Greek parliament voted to begin deportations on Monday Stavropoulou said her department did not have enough people to process the claims of the many people who, prior to the deal, would simply have passed through Greece on their way to Germany and other wealthier European countries. (Source)

Mar 20, 2016


Greek authorities: process may need to be implemented gradually as key details still need to be worked out. 

So much for EU's new deal to return migrants as 15 MORE boats arrive within hours of the deadline carrying 875 refugees
  • 'One in, one out' scheme was agreed by 28 leaders and means some migrants face deportation on arrival in Greece.
  • Under the plan, refugees arriving in the country from today should be interviewed before some are deported/
  • Some 300 migrants on 12 separate boats are thought to have arrived in six hours after deal was meant to be in place.
  • But Greek authorities warned the process needs to happen gradually as they claim they do not have enough staff.
Fifteen boats carrying 875 migrants arrived in Greece overnight despite a new EU deal coming into force to stem the exodus. Greek authorities revealed hundreds scrambled to enter the country as the 'one in, one out' scheme started at midnight. The deal should mean migrants arriving in Greece are interviewed before a decision is made into whether they will be allowed to stay. But officials today warned the process is not ready and said it may need to be implemented gradually as key details - including how migrants will be processed and returned - need to be worked out.  (Source)

March 10, 2016


The negotiation with Turkey about the refugee question is by no means a done deal. The Visigrads are vehemently sticking to their national sovereignty. Then there is the small matter of Cyprus. Turkey it playing for space to get yet more out of the surrender monkeys at the EU. And then there's the matter of 'international law' to bite them in the behind. It's a good job these autocrats set their own rules when it serves their purpose."The EU’s migrant €6bn deal with Turkey’s despot isn’t just shabby – it’s terrifying,"writes Michael Burleigh in MailOnline.
Erdogan and his prime minister are demanding $6 billion from the EU — no less than £500 million of which could come from Britain — to check the relentless flow of largely Muslim migrants making their way across the Aegean Sea to Greece and further west. The implicit message is clear: if the money is not forthcoming, the floodgates will be opened, and the social and religious fabric of Europe could be changed for ever. Not only that, a vital part of the deal is that from June onwards 77 million Turks will be given the right to travel all over the so-called Schengen open borders area of the EU without a visa. The effrontery is breathtaking. Yet Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and her Brussels stooges appear to have caved in to a regime whose human rights abuses and contempt for democracy should make it a pariah state, not the recipient of billions in European aid. (Source

March 7, 2016


As the EU and the social fabric in European countries are collapsing under her erroneous decisions, Frau Merkel is doubling down on stupid. The arrogance of progressives is such, that there is not even a plan B. The belief in the superiority of Kantian ethics is unshakable. But where is the justice in subjugating the security and the rights of the people to a horde of strangers whose mentality is hostile to our values? This is the problem with idealists: they are always prepared to sacrifice everybody else to their ideals.

Angela Merkel sat down with German journalist Anne Will on Sunday evening and fought. She fought for her refugee policy because she is convinced that she is doing what is logical, and what is right. She fought for the German political center, for the cohesion of the European Union, and for sense to outweigh hysteria. And, of course, she fought for her office and her political legacy. Merkel, who normally comes off so reserved, seemed almost passionate - and that shows just how serious she is about defending her position in the face of criticism from her own party, from the right wing and from parts of the media.

Feb. 29, 2016


As the EU and the social fabric in European countries are collapsing under her erroneous decisions, Frau Merkel is doubling down on stupid. The arrogance of progressives is such, that there is not even a plan B. The belief in the superiority of Kantian ethics is unshakable. But where is the justice in subjugating the security and the rights of the people to a horde of strangers whose mentality is hostile to our values? This is the problem with idealists: they are always prepared to sacrifice everybody else to their ideals.
Picture is the best illustration of Europe's failing...

From Merkel's posthaste visit yesterday to Turkey it's transpiring that Merkel now blames the European Commission for the open borders debacle instead of Turkey. And that Turkey's exploitation of the migrant crisis for political gain bears no blame, nor the West's agitation of the Arab Spring against Assad: no, it's the Russian air attacks that are responsible for the refugee crisis! Merkel and the EU have now lost the plot entirely. The best answer the EU can muster against Erdogan's war on his own people, is Margot Wallstrom expressing "concern"! Turkey got Merkel to involve NATO in the debacle to "monitor the refugee flows" with AWACS and assist with controlling the Syrian-Turkish border. NATO will discuss the proposals during a summit on Feb. 10-11. Wikileaks chief Assange meanwhile is contributing to the propaganda war with a meme of his own, which is not without merit and certainly something to ponder:
The mass exodus of people from Syria could be part of a strategic plan to weaken the local government by depopulating the country, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said. Assange told Greek ThePressProject news site on Monday:
“We have an interesting speculation about the refugee movement. We looked through our cables and so the speculation was this: occasionally opponents of a country would engage in strategic depopulation, which is to decrease the fighting capacity of a government.” 
He added that in the case of Syria, those who fled the country were predominantly citizens belonging to the middle class – engineers, managers, bureaucrats – “precisely, the classes that are needed to keep the government functioning.” (Source)
Reality contradicts the latter assumption. Europeans are still waiting for the dentists and other professionals to emerge from the endless flow of refugees into their countries.

Feb. 22, 2016


8,000 migrants are left stranded in Greece after Macedonia refuses to let Afghans across its border.
  • Athens vows action against Macedonia after Skopje turns away Afghans.
  • 5,000 migrants stuck on the border and 3,000 stranded in Greek capital.
  • Skopje, in turn, blamed Serbia for doing the same on its southern border.
  • German Minister attacked Austria for only accepting 80 migrants a day.
  • States urged to agree common approach to stop Schengen zone collapsing. (Source)

In Greece meanwhile, 4,363 refugees are trapped in Piraeus and cannot leave for the borders. Three ferry boats arrived in the port of Piraeus this morning bringing a total of 4,363 registered refugees from Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Leros. Another ferry arriving tonight is expected to bring another 1,500. That is a total of 5,863 people who cannot leave for the borders. The refugees at the port are currently provisionally hosted in a building of Port of Piraeus and are provided with food and clothes by non-governmental organizations. Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas expressed his anger over FYROM’s (Macedonia) decision especially just two days after the decision of EU Summit to not close the borders. However, fact is that the EU leaders did not agreed upon this, it was just a verbal reassurance by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that “there would be no borders shut down and no change in the borders-Schengen status quo until March 6th,” when the extraordinary EU Summit on Migration with the participation of Turkey will take place. (Source)

Feb. 17, 2016


One of Poland’s most popular weekly magazines has splashed a graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants on its front cover. The image may be one of the most politically incorrect illustrations of the migrant crisis to date. While Poland is generally much more relaxed about expressing itself than the self censoring tendencies of western and northern Europe, the cover of the latest wSieci (The Network) conservative magazine has already prompted reaction just 24 hours after release, being beamed around the continent by social media. Featuring a personification of Europa being pawed at by dark hands — what the German media would perhaps euphemistically term “southern” or “Mediterranean” — the headline decries the “Islamic Rape of Europe”. Making perfectly clear the intention of the edition, the edition features articles titled ‘Does Europe Want to Commit Suicide?’ and ‘The Hell of Europe’. The news-stand blurb declares: “In the new issue of the weekly Network, a report about what the media and Brussels elite are hiding from the citizens of the European Union”. Opening the cover article, Aleksandra Rybinska writes: “The people of old Europe after the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne painfully realised the problems arising from the massive influx of immigrants. The first signs that things were going wrong, however, were there a lot earlier. They were still ignored or were minimised in significance in the name of tolerance and political correctness”. (...) As a feature begging the question ‘Does Europe Want to Commit Suicide’ concludes, “There is concern that European leaders have too late drawn the obvious conclusions, and some of them feel self-loathing”. “Europe is an oasis of prosperity and peace” compared to Africa and the Middle East, it contends, but the arrival of “millions” of cultural Muslims will “shock and undermine Europe”. The blame for this, the article lays firmly at the feet of Mrs. Merkel. (Includes audio)

Feb. 13, 2016


This is nothing short of earth shattering. John Kerry on Saturday admitted that the migrant crisis is nearly an existential threat to Europe. This insight comes a bit late in the day, but in terms of the current postmodern leadership it has the power of a supernova! Kerry's going to get a lot of heat for this. The moral standard of the current leadership is, avoiding like the plague the acknowledgement that opponents are right! They prefer to let their culture be destroyed, and the human rights of their peoples violated, as long as they do not have to admit that the "Right" are correct in warming of the impending danger to the Western civilization as we knew it. Let's now wait for the fall out (if any). It must be stressed that the source is a Greek national newspaper. The story may well be buried in the rest of the media. US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday at the Munich Security Conference:
The mass influx of refugees and other migrants into Europe spells a "near existential threat" to the continent (...) "We are facing the gravest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II" (...) "The United States understands the near existential nature of this threat to the politics and fabric of life in Europe" (...) "We are not saying, 'This is your problem, not ours'. This is our problem." "And that is why we are joining now and enforcing a NATO mission to close off a key access route" (...) "And we will join you in other ways to stem this tide because of the potential of its damage to the fabric of a united Europe."
Always the diplomat, Kerry (...) "praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel for showing "great courage in helping so many who need so much" and European communities who are taking in those fleeing the violence and "rejecting intolerance and racism" within their societies. Yes, the migrants are "fleeing intolerance and racism". This is after all John Kerry's world.

Feb. 10, 2016


The situation across the continent is out of control. While the EU is trying to cope with the refugee flows by making deals with Turkey (source) and is now even trying to implicate NATO, local and national authorities are simply no where in sight, unless it is to arrest and oppress protesting citizens. This can't last indefinitely: a Government that consistently refuses to protect its citizens loses its legitimacy.

Feb. 9, 2016


Trump is so right about our stupid political traders. They are confusing negotiation with capitulation. That goes to reason: they negotiate from a position of Western guilt. This means that their opening bid is to surrender every point until the other party says stop, which they will never do as we have seen with Iran. In the negotiation with Turkey about the migrant crisis, Turkey will not even stop at making even last ditch demands. The Turks are world class negotiators. And all of this goes ultimately at the expense of Western interests, the tax payers and the rights of citizens. It all goes contrary to what Governments are supposed to do!

Feb. 8, 2016


Confidential documents obtained by the Greek news outlet reveal shocking rows between Council Chief Donald Tusk, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Turkish President Erdogan during November 16 meeting. Minutes show the extent to which Turkey is using the migrant crisis as leverage to extort concessions.

Confidential minutes of the November 16 meeting of the Euro Commission with Turkish President Erdogan revealed by the Greek economics news outlet (source) show in shocking detail what exactly occurred during this meeting. (Source)


The reason Erdogan is so obsessed with the creation of a safe zone for refugees in Northern Syria, is that it obstructs the Kurds from unifying the various parts of a fletchling Kurdistan (map). Erdogan is now so desperately bent on the destruction of the Kurdish aspirations of a homeland, he's resorting to bullying the US:
Riled by a meeting between a US official and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), which controls the Syrian town of Kobane, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told Washington to choose between Turkey and, as he put it, the “terrorists.” 
A delegation featuring Brett McGurk, the United States' envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), met the YPG over the last weekend in January. The YPG took full control of Kobane late last June, in what was a powerful symbol of Kurdish resistance. Erdogan told reporters on his plane while returning from a trip to Latin America and Senegal:
He [Brett McGurk] visits Kobane at the time of the Geneva talks and is awarded a plaque by a so-called YPG general? How can we trust [you]? "Is it me who is your partner, or the terrorists in Kobane?
 He added that both the PYD and the YPG are "terrorist organizations." Ankara considers them to be part of the PKK, banned in Turkey as a terrorist group. (Source)
— Harald Doornbos (@HaraldDoornbos) February 4, 2016 

Feb. 3, 2016


Feb. 3, 2016 Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos was unable to land on the island of Kos due to protests.

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos Chinook helicopter has unable to land on the island of Kos where dozens of people are protesting at different parts of the island against the refugee crisis. But, he finally managed to land on a different location away from the protesters and despite the reactions of the residents. Kammenos decided to visit the island's refugee "hot spot" on the site of Nikos Kantarzis’ property. Kostoday local news reported that Kammenos was scheduled to land at the Ippokratis airport before deciding to fly to Kos with an army Chinook helicopter. He flew over the district and then flew to the isle of Leros to avoid the angered citizens of the island. “The minister, from what I know, did not land on the island,” said Kos Mayor George Kiritsis, speaking to Island residents were at key junctions whereas police vans and army trucks had closed off the road leading to the property. Villagers of Linopoti gathered after receiving information that the minister would pass through. There were episodes around the island with the police as people rallied to show their anger. Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters. Earlier, the riot squad had arrived with a C130 flight so as to “lay the groundwork” for the minister’s visit. (Source includes photos)

Jan. 31, 2016


Jan 30, 2016 Law enforcement descended Saturday on Victoria Square, Athens.

In above footage Greek police in an operation to clear a migrant 'jungle' camp from central Athens Victoria Square, a lively residential quarter. Illegals setting up camp on such a location is of course no coincidence. It's war on borders is by definition also a war against civilians, their rights and public opinion. Here are the latest developments in the migrant crisis. The framing of the violation of the Human Rights of women as a "public order" problem as the Euro Commission has done is a betrayal of women and Western values. (Source) This commission is not some faceless bureaucracy, but the board of European Heads of Government! This is much, much worse than the entirely made up concept of "collective harrassment" as reported in the media. We know who they are.

Jan. 29, 2016


The Dutch Presidency of the EU for the next six months is working on a solution of the problem of illegal immigration. The details have been emerging the last couple of days. According to pundits the plan is a re-hash of the Merkel proposal, that is bound to crash on the rocks of mandated quotas, which is unacceptable to states like Slovenia and Hungary. That means that the most suicidal North Western states will voluntarily stick their heads in the noose. The plan also involves paying off Turkey and a fast track to EU membership while Turkey is waging a war against its own people. According to EU Commission President Juncker the plan is illegal, since "pushing back refugees" is against the spirit of the 1951 Convention on Refugees. The idea is to expel thousands of the illegals currently in Europe to Tuekey, while facilitating legal migration from Turkey under the bribes for refugees plan. So much for EU values. This entire situation is a moral, political and a legal shambles!

Oct 30, 2015 Tom Marr reads a riveting account from a nurse in Bavaria Germany you won't hear from the Mainstream media.

Jan. 16, 2016


We may not have noticed, but the eurocratic balance of power is shifting. has an interesting piece (in sofar these stories on the Brussels power machine are ever an intellectual challenge): the voters are abandoning the center, alliances are turning regional and Merkel is standing increasingly alone.
Usually, Christian Democrat leaders grouped in the EPP gather in Brussels a few hours before EU summits to make decisions they will foist on other European governments. At the last summit, however, they didn’t pre-cook the summit’s conclusions because the center right — and Germany itself — is losing influence. Here are five reasons why. (...) 
That doesn't mean that the next onslaught isn't already in the works. The tax collector, Schaeuble has called for a yet another levy on gas to finance his boss' insane migration policy. But there's a context to this stuff. The price of a barrel of crude today is just 30 dollars, which just about covers cost. The budgets of oil exporting countries are already showing the cracks.

On top of that Iran is just about to resume oil production. The market is flooded, with all the consequences that entails, not least for the Sunni-Shia war that is ready to explode at any moment. Schaeuble smells an economic opportunity to make citizens pay for the recent cluster fucks of the world's new autocrats. If anyone still needed proof of the fact that citizens are bearing the responsibility for the policies of their leaders, this is it.

Jan. 12, 2016

Man has an inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But here's the catch: rights can only be maintained and protected within a jurisdiction. This requires nations and borders. Their self determination means that the people have the right to decide who they want in. The current migration crisis can potentially destabilize entire regions by its sheer size.


A Belgian police officer who has been operating for the last six months in Passau at the German/Austrian border has told the German newspaper Bild that the law simply does not apply to asylum seekers. In a way this is probably correct, because they have no status. Certainly not when they have no papers or verifiable identity, and that goes for most. They can do whatever they like with impunity. Whenever they commit a crime, police officers are instructed to "let them go". These are people who are coming from either lawless war zones, or from dictatorships. They have no personal morality to speak of. How could they? Now, they are also not corrected by the law. The asylum treaty signed in 1951 was designed for dissidents from developed communist countries. That is an entirely different situation than the present.  (Source)

Jan. 9, 2016


Jan. 4, 2016


An appalling case of Sexual Jihad on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany -- as far as we know the first such a case of mass sexual assault in the country. It's reminiscent of the organized rape on Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring. It now transpires the police in Germany is on the hunt for at least 1,000 suspects in the case. If that's true this is a massive case of organized Sexual Jihad.

More on this story on the dedicated blog (source).


Denmark is reinstating border controls per immediately. Since September some 91,000 migrants crossed the border. Only 31,00 applied for asylum. The balance moved on to Sweden and Norway. Also today a RT request/free download for tweeters.

Jan. 3, 2016


With the culture war heating up to ever greater temperatures a new, insidious logic is building up in the Leftist narrative. It can't be left unaddressed, because it is simply too dangerous to be left to run its course. 

Uber liberal financial backer of all causes aiming to destroy Western civilization, George Soros has penned this absurd piece of narrative in the Guardian. It perfectly sets out the liberal course for the coming crucial year in the history of this existential struggle for the Western mind:
The jihadi terrorists’ ultimate goal is to convince Muslim youth worldwide that there is no alternative to terrorism. And terrorist attacks are the way to achieve that goal, because the fear of death will awaken and magnify the latent anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe and America, inducing the non-Muslim population to treat all Muslims as potential attackers.

In other words: the goal of terrorism is terrorism, because terrorism will show Muslims that to Westerners, inherently, all Muslims are terrorists: hating Muslims is inherent in Western DNA. This is not just dangerous fallacy, but it conveniently leads to the logic that defense against terrorism leads to more terrorism and this is all the fault of those who point to Islam as the source.  (Source)

Jan. 2, 2016


Dec. 28, 2015


Ahead of the next EU summit in the middle of December a closed door session was scheduled with Swedish PM Stefan Lövfen, his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras, French President François Hollande, Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leaders of the Benelux countries and the Austrian chancellor and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Subject of the meeting will be the refugee crisis.
  • Europe is to provide billions in aid to Turkey in exchange for Ankara doing all it can to prevent Syrian refugees from traveling onward to Europe. 
  • EU to accept a contingent of Syrian refugees, the size of which would likely be several hundred thousand. 
  • Regular reviews of the situation.
  • Determine quota, how many refugees should be distributed to which European countries. 
  • UN Refugee Agency UNHCR to identify refugees in most in need. 
  • Should the plan work in Turkey, it could be expanded to Jordan and Lebanon.
  • The plan will only be implemented once Turkey exerts great effort to combat illegal migration and migrant smuggling networks and once the number of illegal entries into the EU is drastically reduced.
Europe is desperately trying to avoid re-establishing border controls which are considered a defeat, rolling "ever greater union" "back to 1980". Several EU member states have temporarily re-established border checks in response to the refugee crisis, including Slovenia, Germany, Austria and, most recently, Sweden in mid-November. Should a "mini-Schengen" become reality, initial members would include Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. The Netherlands, which takes over the rotating EU presidency in January, is particularly eager to push forward a smaller version of the border-free travel regime.

In a letter sent to members of the European Parliament last week, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls requested that the EU's external borders be strengthened, adding that doing so is "essential for the protection of the Schengen zone, that important achievement that is in fact under threat today." Even Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn is willing to take a new look at Schengen. A passionate supporter of open borders, he sent a letter last week to European interior ministers proposing various reforms to the Schengen zone. It's the kind of scenario Merkel is hoping to avert if at all possible. So far, though, her planned "coalition of the willing" has been little more than wishful thinking.

Dec. 27, 2015


Dec. 17. 2015


Reports like the following make plain that the concept 'refugee' is being abused in the current migrant crisis. The concept originates in a 1953 treaty that aimed at getting dissidents from Communism out of the closed satellite countries of the Soviet Union. A far cry from today's privileged asylum seekers.
An increasing number of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo are returning to their countries, saying that they had expected better care and a shorter asylum process in Austria. (...) Figures from the Interior Ministry show that between January and November this year over 1,100 Kosovans left Austria voluntarily. Kosovo is considered to be a safe country of origin and migrants have little chance of obtaining asylum in Austria. Migrants from Iraq and Afghanistan have a good chance of being registered as asylum seekers but so far 530 people from Iraq have returned home, and 120 from Afghanistan. "This trend has become more noticeable since mid-September," Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundböck said. The Caritas charity confirmed that between September 1st and December 14th 257 Iraqis, 35 Afghans and 53 Iranians flew home - most of whom had been resident in Vienna. In 2014 only two Iraqis, nine Afghans and one Iranian chose to return to their own countries. (Source)

Dec. 15, 2015


The letter, posted on Facebook, features the flag of ISIS.

Bloodthirsty IS Jihadists posted notes through the doors of dozens of random neighbours in several cities across Sweden, including the capital Stockholm, threatening to murder "non-believers" in a terrifying campaign of violence. Sweden is now on lockdown after the chilling letters pledged to behead innocent civilians and then "bomb your rotting corpses afterwards". Intelligence officials confirmed they are investigating the horrifying threats - which were signed by "ISIS" - as a state of fear gripped the nation. The notes, written in Swedish, order people to convert to Islam or pay a religious tax, known as the jizya, warning that the police "will not save you from being murdered".  (Source)

Dec. 13, 2015


Glenn Beck talking to Megyn Kelly on his trip to Iraq and Sweden. 

On "The Kelly File" Glenn Beck told Megyn Kelly about his recent trip to Iraq, Slovakia and Sweden, where he was helping the Mercury One Nazarene Fund bring Iraqi Christians out of the Middle East. He said it is incredibly volatile right now for Christians in the region, so they aim to relocate them to new countries where they can rebuild their lives. Beck added that they're having extraordinary success at vetting refugees - even catching several Muslims who were pretending to be Christians. He asserted that the Obama administration is not having similar success vetting the Syrian refugees that are coming to the U.S. "It's not that hard to figure this out," Beck said. "You just have to have a willingness to say, 'It is about Islam.' There is a disease in Islam. And it must be addressed and it must be spoken." "If you're not willing to say it, you're not going to win a war." Watch part one of Megyn's interview with Beck above and part two (Source)

Dec. 2, 2015


European Union and Turkish leaders may announce a behind-the-scenes agreement later this week to resettle 400,000 to 500,000 Syrian refugees directly from Turkey to the EU, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Wednesday. Orban has locked horns with EU partners for years over economic policy, political freedoms and most recently the handling of the migrant crisis, in which the Hungarian leader took a hard line and erected a steel fence along the country's southern border to keep out migrants. Hungary has firmly resisted the idea of resettlement quotas to distribute more evenly the migrants, most of whom wanted to go to Germany or Sweden. (Source)

Nov. 25, 2015


Nov 18, 2015 Counterterrorism Expert: 'Don't Wait for Uncle Sam to Protect You'.

An FBI counterterrorism expert has delivered a stunning warning about terrorism right here in America. Although frightening, many believe it makes perfect sense. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an expert on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism and who runs The Gorka Briefing website, appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday to warn Americans that ISIS is already among us and that we shouldn’t sit back and expect the government to protect us. (...) (Source)

Nov. 12, 2015


Fruitful? Ohh, wait!
Today, the European Council president warned that Europe faces a "race against time" to save the Schengen free-travel zone, as a plan to halt the influx of migrants from Africa unravelled and Sweden became the latest EU state to implement border controls. “Saving Schengen is a race against time and we are determined to win that race. Without effective control on our external borders, the Schengen rules will not survive,” said Donald Tusk. "Time is running out," he added later. After a fierce response from African leaders at a summit in the Maltese capital, EU proposals to deport African migrants were radically watered down, with a final text saying that failed asylum seekers should ideally be “voluntarily” sent home – raising serious questions about how many can be expected to leave. A fundraising drive designed to buy African consent fell badly short. Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, wanted states to volunteer €1.8 billion in aid, to be matched from central EU funds. But leaders offered a total of just €78 million, less than a twentieth of the target. A marble statue erected to mark the meeting suddenly appeared hubristic.


The Telegraph gave the details of this "dramatic action plan" for Africa last Sunday. (Source) The story in the following tweet, explains how serious this situation on the long term is. Note: Sweden today temporarily closed its borders. Asylum seekers in the Netherlands automatically get a 5 year status, just so as to give authorities time to sort through the chaos!

Nov. 10, 2015


Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) leader HC Strache has formally laid criminal charges against the socialist and conservative coalition government for the criminal act of “state commissioned people smuggling.” The charge pointed out that the police were arresting “ordinary” people smugglers for the crime of taking large numbers of illegal immigrants over national borders without papers or clearance in violation of all immigration rules and procedures—and that this was exactly what the Austrian government was now doing in facilitating the mass transfer of illegal immigrants from the Austrian border to Germany. The Austrian government has provided taxpayer-funded shelters, buses, and trains in order to move hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from the Slovenian-Austrian border up to Germany, effectively taking over the role of people smugglers, but this time with official state backing, the charges added. This was made worse, he added, because according to his information, at least 300,000 people had already crossed the Austrian border. “But,” he said, “no one really knows how many there are for sure, because none of them have been registered.” Chancellor Werner Faymann (from the Socialist Party of Austria, SPÖ), Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner (from the Austrian Peoples’ Party, ÖVP), Defense Minister Gerald Klug (SPÖ), and the heads of the Austrian Federal Train service (ÖBB) have all been named as respondents in the FPÖ suit. (Source)

Nov. 9, 2015


The Norwegian government has launched a new Facebook campaign (source) called “Stricter Asylum regulations in Norway” aimed at providing “factual” information for migrants regarding changing asylum laws. Human rights organisations have accused the page of fostering racism. “This Facebook page is primarily aimed at potential asylum seekers from countries that do not have a basis for residence in Norway and are therefore likely to receive a negative response to their application for asylum,” states the page, which is managed by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Nov. 8, 2015


The geniuses in the EU have devised a new plan to solve the migration crisis. The bribing of Turkey will now be applied on a continental scale in Africa. What could go wrong? Wednesday November 11 (yet) another EUCO will be held, this time at Malta. Watch this space! As the Dutch have learnt yesterday, their security has now become subordinated to the rights of Islamic State terrorists, war criminals and other scum. According to the European Treaty for Human Rights they can't be expelled from the country, because Syria isn't 'safe'. In the meantime...

Nov. 3, 2015


22 Oct., 2015 Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's speech before the Christian Democrat European People's Party EPP in Madrid Spain.

UPDATE: There's a difference between Christians who feel the duty to help their brothers in need and those to whom the destruction of nations is a moral duty. Make no mistake! To many the national state is evil itself. An example of such an activist internationalist is the financier 'humanitarian' George Soros. This man's organizations are responsible for more trouble than we can remember: at least the last two revolutions in Ukraine were his work, as were this year's violent race riots in the US and up to an extent, the Arab Spring uprisings of which the wars in Syria and Libya are partly responsible for today's refugee crisis.
The preeminent funder of border-busting campaigns in the U.S. and overseas now openly admits his efforts in Europe are aimed at destroying national borders on that continent. The unusually frank statement from frequent coup kingpin George Soros comes after Hungary's prime minister accused him of helping to orchestrate the ongoing invasion of the landlocked nation and the rest of Europe by illegal aliens. Soros is arguably the biggest mass migration-promoting coyote on the planet. He is also an admitted Nazi collaborator, described by David Horowitz as a "deracinated Jew," who argues that Muslims are treated so badly in the West that they are the new Jews. Soros doesn't care that these migrants and Syrian war refugees are largely Muslim men and that intelligence agencies fear that many of the new arrivals have connections to Islamic terrorism. Besieged Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán said the ongoing invasion of his country is "driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those [human rights] activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state.” “This Western mindset and this activist network is perhaps best represented by George Soros." (Source)
Read it all! This man is a horror story, all by himself.
Others, like the Italian Minister Paolo Gentiloni denies altogether that current migration crisis has anything to do with the wars in Syria and Libya. He has criticized optimistic politicians who speak of quick fixes to Europe’s migration crisis, arguing that the roots of the crisis are so deep, it will take at least a generation to clean up the mess. “Those who speak today of easy solutions may have short-term media success, but I think that people are grown up and mature enough to understand that this is a phenomenon that will last a generation,” the 60-year-old politician said in a recent interview. This may be a way of preparing the minds of the people in the reception countries to accept the 'inevitable'.

When refugees are simultaneously storming the borders of free Western countries like the EU, Australia and the United States, there must be some form of coordination. There's no denying there are people in our midst who believe that the moral thing is for our nations to die. And since in their minds all cultures are equal, except the West's which is uniquely evil, it is easy to understand what is their objective.

Oct. 20, 2015


On Oct. 15 and 16 an EUCO took place in Brussels on the subject of the man made migration crisis. A text of a Joint Action Plan with Turkey was announced with much pomp. Minutes later the ruling AK Party in Turkey denied the agreement. Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps doing concessions on behalf of the EU, while the Turks keep making demands to stem the tide of refugees. It's sheer extortion. Is Merkel the Empress of Europe? Where are Europe's leaders? The only ones left with some leverage appears to be the Cyprus Greeks.

Oct 17, 2015


In the category news that was buried:

The European Union’s borders agency has suggested one of the world’s biggest airlines is fuelling the illegal migration crisis by opening new routes in Africa. Frontex said a dramatic increase in migrants from Africa illegally crossing the borders of the Western Balkans in order to reach the EU “could be partly explained” by the commercial strategy of Turkish Airlines. The flag carrier, which serves more destinations than any airline in the world, has a fleet of 296 and revenues of £5 billion last year, has opened a raft of new routes to Africa – a move interpreted as a drive by President Erdogan to increase Turkish influence. While the world’s attention has been on illegal smuggling gangs, the allegation suggests that major corporations – acting entirely legally – also play a major and poorly-understood role in the mass migration affecting the continent. Turkey is a major route for would-be migrants, travelling by land from Syria and Afghanistan onwards by land or sea to Greece, the Balkans and central Europe. (..) (Source)
At the root of this policy is a conscious strategy. The Muslim Brotherhood has its headquarters in Istanbul since Qatar discovered that its role in the recent wars and insurrections under the guise of the Arab Spring, became a little too conspicuous. There's a relationship between Erdogan in Turkey, who fancies himself the Caliph of the Islamic world and the Muslim Brotherhood whose aim of the global Caliphate. (Source) Qatar was the financial force behind the rebellion in African countries, like Egypt, Tunesia, Libya, Mali and Nigeria. The mess in Syria is also its doing to a large extent. (Source) The migration crisis is al Hijrah organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, also known as cultural Jihad. (Source) H/t @MartijnHeeroma

Mar 8, 2015 With Turkish Airlines flight paths venturing into more parts of Africa than ever before we are celebrating flight in all its forms.

Oct. 16, 2015


Oct 15, 2015 The Glazov Gang-Muslim Refugee in Europe Warns About Muslim Refugees in Europe. Mudar Zahran (Jordanian Palestinian Leader)

Who is to blame for the war in Syria is debatable. The Arab Spring was never a legitimate uprising, because it was clear from the start that it meant either Assad's secular dictatorship or the terror state of the Islamo Nazis, which is even worse! But that is besides the point here. Mudar Zahran knows what he's talking about. Dutch migrant kids confirm his assertions. It's not as if this is an unknown unknown. Western leaders are just choosing to ignore the reality. Germany has so far registered 70 known IS terrorists disguised as refugees. And still they don't secure the borders!

Oct 14, 2015


A few interesting observations on the migration crisis today. An excellent article in The Australian analyses the current crisis and says it rather well. An excerpt:

"In developed Western societies the social fabric is being stretched to the limit by the audacious post-war diversity project. The ease of modern travel and the UN’s outdated refugee charter have supercharged this social experiment. The utopian dreamers who see virtue in diversity seem oblivious to the damage they have done. If only we were nicer to our guests, they insist, then everything would be fine. (...) Strict social sanctions have been imposed on anybody breaking the code of niceness. "
@NoPasa catches the essence of the matter. It's a crying shame the EU is facilitating this social crime against Syria at the expense Europeans!

Europe is living from crisis to crisis. It has become the new source of authority. Never let a crisis go to waste! The dhimmi mayor of The Hague is reminding us of a Dutch proverb: necessity transcends the law. Crises is the cocaine of the elites.

Sep. 28, 2015


Sep 28, 2015 The Invasion of Europe: The EU is breaking the law to import rape and jihad. (Source)

We are waiting for the Government to explain how this piece of legislation came to pass.

Update Oct 13 2015: Dutch Parliament has rejected a motion to change the current law, confirming that rights have now become group subjective. If you are a underage Muslim girl, your human rights are not protected by Dutch law. So what is the use of the Common civil code? None.

Sep. 16, 2015


This is Greece not Middle East
Posted by Pitu Pitu on Saturday, September 5, 2015

@patcondell Was sent this by woman on Lesbos. “My heart is breaking”. An invasion. Mostly not Syrian. Riots every day. All men. Tweet

This is the rape of a small, Aegean island. The locals have become prisoners in their own homes. Children can't go to school anymore. And our politicians, whose prime task is the protection of the population, is throwing their own people to the wolves. Will Europe become another Middle East?

Sep. 15, 2015


When the same patterns of illegal migration can be discerned from southern Europe, to Australia and the Mexican-US border, at least some central direction has to be taking place. One such effort has now been uncovered: W2EU. It's political aim become plain at once on their site on They don't advocate legal immigration. No, they believe in the "human right to free movement" (humans having boots, not roots), morally condemning a nation's right to self-determination and the rejection of democratic principles, which they call "inhuman".
From the very start at the outer borders of Europe, many forces are going in an inhuman direction: people are refused entry, are imprisoned and deported. Nevertheless they are coming - challenging the migration regime. And there are movements supporting them in their struggle for a better life. 
"I can see clearly now what Europe looks like, that it sends its armies to fight us at the sea and puts us in awful prisons. Together we have to start a second journey to another safe place that might exist in the future." (Eritrean woman, arriving on the island of Lesvos)
W2EU Handbook (viewer). 
The organization is probably funded by the evil statist, totalitalitarian financier "who sprang the Bank of England", George Soros, founder of the Open Society Foundation. He has his hand in just about every pit of trouble, be it the Arab Spring, the color revolutions in the former East bloc, or the delete the border movement. Superficially his causes are on the side of the angels, but at second glance it becomes apparent Soros is involved in every movement that is hostile to Liberty.

Sep. 13, 2015


'We can't take any more!' Germany stops ALL trains from Austria as they reintroduce border controls and temporarily suspend Schengen Agreement.

  • Germany has become the destination for many desperate Syrian refugees 
  • Munich, which has been the main entry point, is now at breaking point 
  • Germany has announced a reintroduction of 'temporary' border controls 
  • The move marks a dramatic shift back from Europe's Schengen agreement 
  • Europe is struggling to deal with the huge influx of people fleeing violence

Sep. 11, 2015


Here's a reminder of a warning issued in February on the site of the British Daily Mail. How is it when Putin of Russia says something, we take take notice. But when the Ayatollahs or ISIS give due warning, no one is taking it seriously. It may have something to do with our double moral standard. Or our denial of objective morality that reconstructs evil intentions into a social disease. Saudi Arabia is helping the colonization along by promising Germany 200 mosques. We are insane! Here's the UK Daily Mail:

ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a 'psychological weapon' in chilling echo of Gaddafi's prophecy that the Mediterranean 'will become a sea of chaos' 

  • Italian press today published claims that ISIS has threatened to release the huge wave of migrants to cause chaos in Europe if they are attacked 
  • And letters from jihadists show plans to hide terrorists among refugees 
  • In 2011, Muammar Gaddafi ominously predicted war would come to Libya 
  • He was deposed in a violent coup and killed in October of the same year 
  • Islamic State executed 21 Egyptian Christians on Libyan beach this week 
  • Crisis in Libya has led to surge in number of migrants heading for Europe 
Fear of ISIS Jihadists among refugees. 75% are young men.  

Sep. 7, 2015


As an "extreme Right winger" Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban is one of the EU's main bogeymen. He's put his foot in the illegals crisis by mocking and actually raising a rational question about the lunatic system thought up by the mad eurocrat Juncker: How is it actually going to work in the open borders Schengen zone? In the latest proposal, the countries that already opted out of the plan can buy off their asylum obligations in a plan reminiscent of one of the worst periods in Roman Church rule. We all know how that piece of moral extortion ended.
[Orban] has mocked the European Union’s efforts to distribute migrants with a quota system and is casting Hungary as the “black sheep” standing up against EU leaders in contrast with the other countries in the “flock.” Orban told a meeting of Hungarian diplomats on Monday that the EU migrant quota, which would distribute migrants among the bloc’s 28 countries, makes no sense in a system where the free movement of people would make it impossible to enforce. Orban said “How is this going to work? Has anyone thought this through?” (...)  Meanwhile, EU Commission officials are debating a proposal that would allow some EU countries to pay money in order to opt out of a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees, in a plan that could ease a stand-off between eastern and western members over how to relieve Europe’s migrant crisis. Austria said on Sunday it planned to end emergency measures that have allowed thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary into Austria and Germany since Saturday and move step by step “towards normality”. (Source)

Sep. 7, 2015


As an "extreme Right winger" Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban is one of the EU's main bogeymen. He's put his foot in the illegals crisis by mocking and actually raising a rational question about the lunatic system thought up by the mad eurocrat Juncker: How is it actually going to work in the open borders Schengen zone? In the latest proposal, the countries that already opted out of the plan can buy off their asylum obligations in a plan reminiscent of one of the worst periods in Roman Church rule. We all know how that piece of moral extortion ended.
[Orban] has mocked the European Union’s efforts to distribute migrants with a quota system and is casting Hungary as the “black sheep” standing up against EU leaders in contrast with the other countries in the “flock.” Orban told a meeting of Hungarian diplomats on Monday that the EU migrant quota, which would distribute migrants among the bloc’s 28 countries, makes no sense in a system where the free movement of people would make it impossible to enforce. Orban said “How is this going to work? Has anyone thought this through?” (...)  Meanwhile, EU Commission officials are debating a proposal that would allow some EU countries to pay money in order to opt out of a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees, in a plan that could ease a stand-off between eastern and western members over how to relieve Europe’s migrant crisis. Austria said on Sunday it planned to end emergency measures that have allowed thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary into Austria and Germany since Saturday and move step by step “towards normality”. (Source)

Sep. 6, 2015


A number of questions is never asked, let alone answered.
  • Why don't Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates take in any refugees? The war in Syria is largely their doing and in their interest. Answer
  • How come Syrians after 4-5 years of war, are still able to pay huge amounts of money to traffickers? Is this migration being sponsored by oil dollars from the Gulf States? 
  • The war in Syria has been raging for 4-5 years: how come this migration crisis erupted only now? 
  • Turkey is acting as if it is just a passive conduit. Given that Turkey is a police state where currently journalists are being arrested left, right and center, how come Turkey is powerless to do anything about the human traffickers? The traffickers that shipped the Kurdi family now in the world's spotlight have been taken into custody. 
  • How is it possible that war refugees are reaching the southern border with Mexico and the US? Before Australia changed its policy, the country was overrun by Muslim immigrants from predominantly Pakistan, which isn't a war zone, just yet.

Sep. 3, 2015

EU Secret Plan To Relocate 160,000 Refugees

EU leaders have drawn up a plan to relocate 160,000 refugees around the Continent.

The Bitish Daily Mail is reporting that EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker wants 160,000 refugees relocated across the continent.
Juncker is set to propose a big increase in the number of refugees EU countries are required to give refuge to. In July, Mr Juncker called on European leaders to agree to share 40,000 refugees who had successfully made it to Italy and Greece. EU leaders eventually agreed to relocate 32,000 asylum seekers across the continent – but only those from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea. The number of refugees per country was calculated based on population, economic wealth and unemployment rates. Mr Juncker now wants the asylum scheme to be expanded to help relocate 160,000 refugees from three countries - Greece, Italy and Hungary. The new proposals include a 'permanent relocation scheme' so arriving migrants are automatically shared out between EU states. However, the UK, Ireland and Denmark opted out of the scheme when it was first set up. (Source)

  • EU draws up emergency plan to relocate 160,000 stranded refugees across the continent (but Britain will take ZERO).
  • Refugees in Italy, Greece and Hungary to be relocated across the EU.
  • Leaked plan sees Germany taking 30,000, France 26,000 and Spain 16,000.
  • However the UK secured an opt out when the original scheme was set up.
  • If Britain was in the scheme it would be expected to take 17,000 refugees.
  • Revelation will increase pressure on David Cameron to open the UK border.

Aug. 24, 2015

Muslim Illegals Shouting "Allah Abkar" In Hungary

Aug 23, 2015 This video is from the European Union, not Iraq. Illegal immigrants shouting "Allah Akbar" in Hungary.

Dutch pundit and author Joost Niemoller has posted above video from Hungary on his blog. (Source) Long live the Internet, because the western European media are suppression these unabashed displays of Islamic assertiveness in countries in which they seek refuge. Faced with opposition from the riot police the Pakistanis (?) probably broke away from the playbook breaking out in the Takbir. They're not supposed to reveal themselves at this stage of the colonization.

Aug. 23, 2015

Child Abuse By Illegals As Propaganda

Reminiscent of Paliwood. What father brings his child into such a situation? Not desperation, but depravity.

Aug. 11, 2015


Germany's police union on Tuesday called for the reintroduction of internal European border controls and demanded more personnel to deal with a record flood of refugees. "From a policing point of view, a return to border controls would be the best of all measures," said Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German Police Union, in a newspaper interview. In EU talks on the wider refugee crisis, "Germany should not take the threat of bringing back (border) controls off the table too readily," Wendt told the Passauer Neue Presse. Europe has abolished passport controls within the so-called Schengen zone, which incorporates 22 EU members as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. However, police have stepped up spot-checks of travellers on inter-European trains, highways and flights. Germany, the most populous EU nation, has struggled to process and accommodate a record wave of asylum-seekers fleeing war and poverty that is expected to top 500,000 this year. (Source)

Choice Between Open Borders Or the Welfare State

Aug 6, 2015 A group of Britain First activists visited Calais to ask illegals why they go to Britain. 

UPDATE: In the video Britain First is posing a rhetorical question. The Left is now trying to make the case on ideological  grounds that it IS possible to have your cake and eat it too. That the contradiction of migration + the solidarity of the welfare state DOES exist. But freeloaders are attracted to the welfare state like moths to a flame. Those who are truly in pursuit of happiness do not benefit from Social Democrat handouts and the restrictions on freedom that come with it.


The Origins of the Open Borders Movement

Dear Mr. President, Do Your Job. Secure Our Borders !!! 

The origin of the delete the borders movement is hard to pinpoint. It is central in International Socialism under a world Government. The religious root is more obscure. Kant's and Hegel's Judeo Christian teleological narratives come to mind. The fallacy: you can't enforce rights without jurisdiction.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the major media are being forced to cover the illegal immigration movement, such as the proliferation of 'sanctuary cities' across the U.S. that attract criminal aliens, give them legal protection, and let them back out on the streets to commit more crimes. But the really taboo topic is how these sanctuary cities grew out of a movement started by the Catholic Church and other churches. Over 200 cities, counties and states provide safe-haven to illegal aliens as sanctuary cities, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reports. What has not yet been reported is that the Catholic Church, which gave President Obama his start in “community organizing” in Chicago, has been promoting the sanctuary movement for more than two decades. What’s more, in April, a delegation of U.S. Catholic bishops staged a church service along the U.S.-Mexico border and distributed Communion through the border fence. At the same time, Pope Francis said a “racist and xenophobic” attitude was keeping immigrants out of the United States. No wonder the pope’s approval ratings have been falling in the United States. (Source

June 6, 2015


As the threat from ISIS extremists grows, the European Union’s Chief Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has caused consternation by asserting that political Islam is a firm part of Europe's future. Evil is OK, as long as it's democratically justified! 

Jul 2, 2015 The Head of Security for the EU has just announced that radical Islam is a legitimate political force in Europe.

The European Union’s top prosecutor says she has been told that smugglers’ boats bringing migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe also are carrying miltants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Michele Coninsx, head of the EU’s judicial cooperation agency Eurojust, told reporters Monday she received the information as part of Eurojust’s efforts to help EU nations jointly respond to illegal immigration, terrorism and cybercrime. Coninsx said Eurojust’s coordination efforts are ongoing and she couldn’t divulge what EU nations have told the agency. (Source) Lets's hope Coninsx isn't overruled by @FeredericaMog because by her standards this doesn't make any difference.


Responding to last month’s brutal Islamist terror attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France, Mogherini dismissed the idea of a clash of civilizations and shot back at critics of mass immigration. "Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe's history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future," wrote Mogherini, before adding, "I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture. Religion plays a role in politics – not always for good, not always for bad. Religion can be part of the process. What makes the difference is whether the process is democratic or not." 

In promoting 'political Islam' as part of the future of Europe, Mogherini is violating the very notion that western democracy is supposed to be based on the fundamental principle of separation of church and state (or mosque and state in this case). Since the zenith of 'political Islam' is Sharia law, the legal system derived from the teachings of Islam, she is also promoting the imposition of a system that represents one of the most repressive forces on the planet, subjugating women and allowing for extra-judicial murder such as stoning and beheading, both of which are practiced in Saudi Arabia, a country which exemplifies 'political Islam'.

"She was not referring to the Muslims who divide Europe into "us" and "them" by saying, "We will conquer your Rome," writes Robert Spencer. "She was referring to those who say that such people should be resisted. For even though she says, "Da’esh is Islam's worst enemy in today’s world," she has no plan to distinguish its many, many thousands of adherents among Muslims in Europe from those who reject it. And so she and her ilk are heading Europe toward a future of chaos and bloodshed." 

Mogherini’s comments will do little to dispel concerns that world leaders are hesitant to fully acknowledge the threat posed by ISIS, and the fact the group's campaign of terror is very much Islamic, for fear of appearing politically incorrect. Indeed, the current debate about how to stop ISIS is not centered around combating the ideology (lifted straight from the Koran) that motivates ISIS' thousands of fighters and its millions of supporters, but an obsession with not calling the group 'Islamic'. 

Last month, British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that ISIS instead be referred to as 'Da’esh' because "Islamic State" was offensive to Muslims.