Sunday, August 23, 2015

Banksy's Dismaland Hate Fest Against Humanity

Banksy’s new show, Dismaland, which opened on Thursday on the Weston-super-Mare seafront is described as a "family theme park unsuitable for small children", and with the Grim Reaper whooping it up on the dodgems and Cinderella horribly mangled in a pumpkin carriage crash, it is easy to see why.

Most people get there is something particular nasty and destructive about the Banksy attack on theme parks. But the philosophical root is deeply buried in our culture. Superfically activists with a bee in their cap against "plastic and artificiality" seem to have a point. But on examination the contrary is true. Fantasy, styling and exaggeration of cuteness and beauty are not about fake, but about stressing values. It is artistic testimony that man can be anything he wishes to be if he has the integrity to stay true to his values. Heroes are such figures, that defend virtues against all odds. (Why We Need Heroes) Therefore the nasty attacks by Nihilists such as Banksy are no surprise at all. They hate free will, reason, liberty and everything that comes with it. They want to see man as a slave to other man and will not rest until they cut the arms and the legs of every man that holds anything of value. Nihilists rather see everyone equally stripped to the bone, than to accept the "unfairness" of moral choices. A quote from a great piece by Brendan O'Neill says it brilliantly:

Hey, imbecile. Yeah, you, You with the boring 9-to-5 job and the compulsory 2.4 children. You who enjoys days out to seccccaside resorts and evil places like Seaworld that make dolphins and orcas perform tricks for fish. You who is so dimwitted that you must be constantly reminded that there is a MIGRANT CRISIS and that the tabloids are evil and that domestic violence is, like, really, really bad. Yeah, you. Banksy has a message for you: You’re a cunt. 
This is what Dismaland, Banksy’s ‘bemusement park’, represents: a massive c-word hurled at the moronic masses. Not content with painting huge rats on city walls to try to prise open the throng’s stupid eyes to the fact that they’re all part of a rat race — ‘It’s not a race!’, one of the vermin said to the vermin-workers that robotically filed past it every day — now Banksy has made a deathly Disneyland to mock our crass consumer tastes and the ease with which we can be distracted from important issues (like the MIGRANT CRISIS) by a few crumbs of crap leisure. As one of the numerous ecstatic media reviewers said — favourably — Dismaland is a reminder that ‘our fellow humans are a sham’. (...)