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Nov. 17, 2015


Erdogan's AK Party has regained Parliamentary majority by unleashing a war on its own people. The EU is looking the other way. The aspiring super state needs the expansion in the longer term. The eurocrat postmodernists are incapable of identifying anything beyond its label, and Erdogan knows it. Setting an army on your own people, that would never do! But taking a gang of thugs and call them 'police', that's fine! Go on, click the link in the tweet above to watch the footage. It shows the special police forces celebrating after an operation in which two Kurds died.

Sep. 11, 2015


Sep 11, 2015 Video from the besieged Kurdish town of Cizre in southeastern Turkey: Dead bodies left to decay, wounded left to die.

Let's state it again because the Rulers are unclear on this: a people oppressed by the State have the right to resist. Terrorism is violence to a political end against civilians. A State using military force against the own people is state terrorism. This principle is a so called 'core value' of the European Union. Where are they? This is Erdogan's way of getting back absolute power over the country. We have been predicting this. (More)

Video source: Facebook / People's Democratic Party
Turkish police stopped pro-Kurdish politicians on Thursday marching to a town where they say 21 civilians have been killed and a humanitarian crisis has unfolded since authorities imposed a curfew to combat Kurdish rebels. Turkish authorities said nearly all of those killed in the week-old curfew were Kurdish militants. Cizre, near Turkey's borders with Syria and Iraq, has become a flashpoint in two months of deepening violence in the mainly Kurdish southeast. Hundreds have died since Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants and the state resumed hostilities after the collapse of ceasefire in July. MPs from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which draws most of its support from Kurds, say civilians in the town, which has more than 100,000 inhabitants now under a round-the-clock curfew because of the fighting, are in a dire situation, with the dead going unburied and food and water running short. (...) (Source)

Sep. 1, 2015


It's a bad time for the free media in Erdogan's Turkey. It's so bad, that even the State Department can't ignore it anymore. A round-up of events:
Turkish state-run news agency gives distorted view of raids on Koza İpek media group. Turkey's state-run news organization the Anadolu Agency (AA), which is known for its reporting policies being favorable to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), has in its news report on police raids on the Koza İpek media group conducted on Tuesday morning shown distorted coverage of the event, reporting that the operation did not include the media outlets affiliated with the company Koza İpek Holding. (Source

And then there's this:

Erdogan is going full totalitarian. The Interior Ministry is to reward people for reporting on terrorists with upto TL 4 million. The problem is Turkey's view on what terrorism is. We saw earlier that to Erdogan, there's no difference between the PKK and ISIS. This is a distinctly Muslim concept of terrorism, where there is no difference between combatants and civilians. But terrorism IS violence against civilians. The PKK is different: the Kurds are an ethnic minority, oppressed by the Turkish state. In such a case, resistance is morally justified.
People who inform on terrorists, help to have them detained or reveal their identity anonymously will be rewarded with up to TL 200,000, an award that can be increased up to TL 4 million with the approval of the Interior Ministry. However, experts who spoke with Today's Zaman say they are concerned that the system might be manipulated. (Source)

And this:

Aug. 26, 2015


Turkey's independent English language news outlet Today's Zaman has come under fire of the regime for publishing unwelcome society news. Yes, you got that right! Zaman has become the target of a smear campaign for reporting about the marriage proposal of the leader of an obscure ISIS linked terror organization -- the Central Council of Laz (website) --  to the daughter of the President, Sümeyye Erdogan. The Laz are a south Caucasian people, inhabitants of a region in north eastern Turkey and present-day Georgia. The story would not be interesting if it was no indication of the close relationship of the Erdogans with Islamic extremism. Sümeyye Erdoğan's lawyer has asked courts to block access to related stories in nine newspapers and news portals. Today's Zaman was not among them. Later on Tuesday, the court demanded the telecommunications authority to impose a ban to links to the story.

Turkish government officials, lawmakers, mayors and pro-government journalists have lined up to demonize this newspaper and its editors over its reporting as part of a concerted campaign to defame the paper. Many trolls have been harassing the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief Bülent Keneş and other editors for publishing a report about the daughter of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Today's Zaman published the news story after an opposition lawmaker submitted a parliamentary inquiry. Preserving journalistic standards, Today's Zaman only reported the invitation of an extremist emir to marry Sümeyye Erdoğan, the president's daughter. The story did not include any commentary or viewpoint. The story was also published in dozens of other Turkish news outlets, but only Today's Zaman has become the subject of a smear campaign. (Source

Aug. 21, 2015

Erdogan Holding On To Power, Elections On Nov. 1

UPDATE: Erdogan and the ruling AK Party will keep their grip on power when an interim government is formed next week to lead Turkey to a snap election, with the cabinet set to be dominated by loyalists.
If the AKP can win 276 seats and form a government, it may then seek alliances in parliament to amend the constitution in line with the would-be Sultan's wishes. President Erdogan is on a dangerous path. He knows no limits in breaching the constitution -- which it is his duty is to safeguard. He is wrong to claim that "whether one likes it or not, Turkey's administrative system has changed." It has not changed, although he is trying to change it. "When he [Erdogan] does go down, he will bring down many with him. We must make sure it is not the whole country." — Fuad Kavur, Turkish-British film and opera director and producer.

Aug. 18, 2015

Erdogan Plan On Schedule For New Elections

The ruling AK party today confirmed the PM has given up trying to form a coalition. Ahmet Davutoglu has formally handed back the mandate to President Erdogan, who could now try to form an interim power-sharing government ahead of snap elections in the autumn. The result is not expected to be very different from what it was in June. Erdogan and his AK Party hope to benefit from a surge in nationalism whipped up by 'counter terrorism' actions against the Kurdish minority and ISIS. The economy is in the tank. The instability has sent the Turkish currency plumetting to record lows. The AK party lost its parliamentary majority in June's elections. (Source)

Aug. 9, 2015


The Turkish state is waging war on a culturally different part of the population. It's called state terrorism. 

This time for electorial reasons the Turkish state is waging a war on the Kurdish population. This is the ugly face of ethnic nationalism. Welcome to the postmodern version of Empire.

July 28, 2015


Erdogan's plan consists of the following road map. First, conflating the Kurdish forces -- the PKK in Iraq and its affiliate in Syria, the YPG -- with ISIS. In the eyes of the Turkish state, there is no moral difference between the groups, which are all "terrorist" in nature. That all depends on your definition of terrorism. The UN, with its huge Islamic bloc, could not decide on a definition.

Islam does not have a separation of powers and doesn't differentiate between civilians and the military. War is by definition waged against unbelievers and civilians are therefore a legitimate target. The Western approach is different. Terrorism is warfare against civilians by the state of by other civilians. If by state, it's referred to as state terrorism. In Natural Law resistance against an oppressive state is legitimate and even a duty. As such the Kurdish struggle doesn't qualify as terrorism.

Step two is to get the "international community" behind this conflation. Turkey called a meeting of NATO today and the assembled Ambassadors complied. Not even the moronic media (tweet above) are falling for this trick, at least not all of them. But our political leaders are so demoralized and confused that they have. The purpose of the meeting was political strong-arming and NATO was used for this purpose. This is where we are at present. (Presser)

The third step is to disqualify and declare the Kurdish rival party -- the HDP that lost Erdogan the absolute majority -- illegal on the grounds of their alignment to an terrorist organization. That will open the way for new elections in which Erdogan is to play the nationalist card, saving Turkey from the onslaught terrorism. At which point Erogan will be back on track for the Islamization program.

If this is true, Turkey and Erdogan are benefiting from chaos and an uptick in terrorism. This is pure speculation, but who knows what plans he has with ISIS; there's strong evidence of collaboration for a very long time. (Source) And there's more trouble brewing on the terrorist front. More on that later.

June 7, 2015

Elections in Turkey: Kurdish HDP Meets Election Threshold 

Muslim Brother Erdogan's desecularization program and Islamic authority may be halted in a historic general election held tomorrow in Turkey. Intimidations of opponents and state sponsored terrorism are a normal feature in Erdogan's Islamic Democracy.

UPDATE: The Left wing Kurdish party HDP met the election threshold, a monkey wrench in the AK Party's plans. 

June 7, 2015

Just 1% Fraud Could Tip The Result

We are keeping you posted on the evidence uncovered so far in Erdogan's general elections scam. Here are the first results. The polls have closed at 17:00 hrs Istanbul time. The first results are expected around midnight.

June 6, 2015

Turkish Elections Held Amidst Intimidation and State Terrorism

Freedom of the press is non existent in Erdogan's Turkey. Journalists that expose the cover ups are threatened and intimidated. In the meantime long held suspicions that the secret police has been shipping arms to ISIS seem to be well founded.

Jan. 14, 2015

Cumhuriyet Raided For Publishing Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

Dedicated live blog to the Battle of Kobane. Live blog on the Caliphate Conspiracy. Live blog on the War on IS

Jan. 12, 2015

The Uludere Incident

Turkey is still whining about the provoced incident of the Navi Marmara, but fails to bring up the bombing by the Turkish Air Force of a group of mostly teenage villagers from Uludere (Roboski in Kurdish). Mistaking them for pro-independence Kurdish terrorists, they killed 34 civilians. December 28, 2014 was the third anniversary of what the Turkish collective memory bitterly recalls as the "Uludere incident."

Jan. 13, 2015

OMG! Erdogan's becoming an embarrassment

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