Saturday, July 11, 2015


Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the Liberal voting bloc in the European Parliament is one of the worst offenders against Liberty and democratic principles in the organization. Today he scolded the elected Prime Minister of Greece as if he is a school boy.

Jul 8, 2015 Guy Verhofstadt assaulting Alexis Tsipras in the European Parliament.

UPDATE: The Left is accusing the eurocrats of nepotism. The Right is hurling charges of 'clientelism'. At the root is the corruption that is the result of mixing government with the private interests. The EU is the essence of this idea. When the Government is in the business of regulation, lobbyists are sprouting up to win favors, failed banks are being bailed out and politicians, like Verhofstadt get on the board of super conglomerates like parasites on a rotting carcass.

July 8, 2015


On the surface one would applaud @GuyVerhofstadt's fiery speech. Who wouldn't want reform in Greece, so that the country can take out an expensive credit card to pay off its unsustainable loans? But Greece's debt is not the issue here. It's only on second thought that Verhofstadt's errors become apparent. Mr Verhofstadt isn't angry with the Greek Governments that got us in this mess; Or with the bailouts that rewarded the banks' bad business decisions; Or with the EU itself for enslaving once free nations to each other; Nor is the ALDE leader incensed about the many immoralities perpetrated by the European Union. No, Mr Verhofstadt is furious, because Greece is slowly but surely heading for the exit! And like the mafia and Islam, no one in the European cult is allowed to leave the family of believers in peace through mutual slavery.

Let's leave aside here the question where Verhofstadt found the arrogance to scold a democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation as if he were a ten year old school boy to the point of micro managing how he should do his work detailing road maps and end dates. One of the main problems in Brussels is that eurocrats want to set the standards of morality for everyone else. This is the hall mark of the true tyrant. And the aim justifies the means. Eurocrats like Mr Verhofstadt may not even be aware, but for years we have been sleepwalking towards tyranny with this state-centered institution.

Remarkable in Mr Verhofstadt's list of reforms, is that none -- except the shrinking of the Government -- actually leads to a better functioning economy. While the transformation of public banks to private banks would certainly help, it does nothing to make the colossal debt more sustainable. But these requirements are nevertheless demanded from Greece as a precondition for financial and monetary aid. In other words, these conditions are actually cover for meddling in Greece's national affairs and an attempt to transform Greece into any other European country for which Brussels wants to set the standard.

Mr Verhofstadt is talking about the Greek culture of clientelism without understanding the political system or culture in Greece. Quid pro quo is hardly typical of Greece. Some define the political profession as the art of deal making. It happens all the time! The type of Government in which civil servants are replaced along with the Government is called an administration. It is the norm in the United States, as it has been in Greece. This isn't corruption, but a perfectly legitimate system of running a Government.

What is presented by Verhofstadt as an attack on bad governance and corruption is actually the foisting of the Brussels style practices on a nominally sovereign nation that happens to have a different political culture. Postmodernists have a name for this: cultural imperialism.

Verhofstadt's attack on privileges is sheer hypocrisy: the social classes in Greek society of shipowners, military and clerics has been replaced in many north-western countries by groups of political cronies in NGOs, corporations and other ostensibly 'privatized' organizations that are in actual fact arms and front groups of political parties and also indirectly funded by the tax payer. The entire EU is made up of said privileged political classes! 

While just 61,3% of Greeks voted last Sunday in the referendum against the financial aid package offered by the troika, Verhofstadt has the chutzpah to claim that 80 percent of Greeks want to stay in the euro. A reliable poll showed that over fifty percent of the No vote thought they were voting against staying in the euro.

Once again Verhofstadt has shown his true colors. Only true believers can display this much scary fanaticism in their pursuit of the one true faith in the almighty god of Eurocentrism.