Saturday, July 4, 2015


Today, the 4th of July, we celebrate US Independence Day. It marks a sharp contrast with its postmodern rival, the European Union. With tomorrow's referendum in Greece, the difference between the two Unions couldn't be more evident.

America is celebrating today its 239th birthday. People knew better back then how to organize a free country. Case in point, the European Union. Europeans are taught to believe that Liberty is some vague abstraction that allows you to wear whatever you want. Democrats often confuse the ballot box with Liberty. The logic follows, that the EU couldn be fixed with more democracy, an elected Commission, or whatever. This will do nothing for freedom. The essence of Liberty is not a Government chosen by a majority, but a Government that protects our inherent rights and is subordinated to the people. In Europe this concept of Liberty does not exist; it never has.

Contrary to the American Revolution, the French Revolution replaced the Absolute Monarchy with the Absolute State. The EU today is the legacy of failing European philosophers like Rousseau and the followers of Kant who were working from a collectivist premise. The Angelo-Saxon philosophers on the other hand were reasoning from Enlightenment principles, placing the individual instead of the state at the center of the Universe. 

Failing the concept of the free state, the best Europeans can hope for now is the fragmentation of powers resulting in weak enough states to prevent them from doing more harm. The last thing Europeans need is a false "American" style union that is destined to become an imperial sized tyranny! 

Like to Sovjet Union, the EU is a moral end in itself. If you disagree with the eurocrats like @ATsipras does, you are considered inherently evil and lined up for regime change! (Source) Tyranny is stalking Europe.

Happy 4th of July, America!