Sunday, April 8, 2018


The EU is limping from crisis to crisis. A currency and an economy under fire, an expensive migration crisis that puts pressure on open borders policy, the rights of women violated by Islamic rape culture and terror attacks. Core of the globalist open border ideology is the 1951 Cold War UN Convention on Refugees that grants asylum on principle, unless the host country can prove return to country of origin is safe.


April 5, 2018


After hearing that President Trump has decided to send the National Guard to help protect the border, the caravan of People Without Borders who wanted to enter the US illegally, decided not to go through with their plan. How different is this from the EU! In terms of a conduit of illegal immigration, Turkey is Europe's Mexico. The EU is bribing Turkey to stop the flow of migrants, making itself a target for blackmail in the process. Mexico on the other hand is threatened with an embarrassing row at the border and endangering NAFTA negotiations. After initially going down, the numbers of illegal crossings at the US border are up markedly. The "caravan" debacle gave President Trump great leverage, stationing the National Guard at the border until Congress approves the full $20billion he needs for building the wall.

April 3, 2018


April 3, 2018 President Trump: Mexico Broke Up The Caravan of People & Amazon.

Donald Trump can claim another victory after Mexican authorities agreed to disband the illegal alien caravans working their way through Mexico towards America. “Mexican immigration authorities said they plan on disbanding the Central American caravan by Wednesday in Oaxaca. The most vulnerable will get humanitarian visas,” tweeted BuzzFeed reporter Adolfo Flores. “Everyone else in the caravan, which has traveled through Mexico for days from Chiapas, will have to petition the Mexican government for permission to stay in the country or will have to leave,” he added. Mexican authorities followed up with a statement that said, “Under no circumstances does the government of Mexico promote irregular migration.” Around 400 individuals have already been removed from the country. Mexico denied that they were taking the move as a result of Trump speaking out about the caravans, although it would be naive to think it didn’t have an influence. (...) Gina Garibo, an organizer with Pueblos Sin Fronteras, said the group would continue marching towards the U.S. anyway. (More)

April 2, 2018


Apr 2, 2018 Open borders politicians and activists fueling fake refugees storming the borders. 

For political reasons President Trump is corrolating a Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders based in San Diego) "caravan" of some 1,100 (mostly) Hondurans and Guatemalans presently making their way across Mexico to the US border, with DACA and "dreamers" (minors taken illegally to the US by their parents). But the actual loop hole being exploited here is the 1951 UN treaty on refugees that forces signatory countries to accept all asylum seekers, putting the burden of proof (of a negative) on the host country. Sorting out legal niceties can take years! Applicants simply disappear. Or they get integrated in society (with of without the assistance of anchor babies) until it has become morally impossible to deny them amnesty. It's a racket! Europe has been dealing with this problem for years. Until we recognize that this piece of "international law" is grossly outdated, receiving countries will remain defenseless against exploitation by the open borders crowd. The "caravan" phenomenon is not on its own! Border defenses are already being tested.

Dec. 4, 2017


The United States has withdrawn from a United Nations pact to improve the handling of migrant and refugee situations, deeming it "inconsistent" with its policies. "The US Mission to the United Nations informed the UN Secretary-General that the United States is ending its participation in the Global Compact on Migration," the US said in its statement on Saturday. (More)

Nov. 25, 2017


Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs: EU admits we were right.

Poland’s conservative government has released a hard-hitting video on the impact of the migrant crisis on Europe, and the EU’s role in fostering it. The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration video opens on scenes of migrants streaming across the European countryside, tearing at border fences, and crowding smuggler boats. “Over the past four years, waves of the largest mass migration sweep across Europe,” observes an unseen narrator. The video shows various newspaper headlines featuring EU leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, and President of the European Council Donald Tusk, and highlighting their determination to see migrants redistributed across the continent through a compulsory quota system — something Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party opposes. (More)


Four days prior to the Dutch general elections a serious diplomatic spat broke out between the Netherlands and Turkey over the demand by Turkey to campaign in the Netherlands for yet another Erdogan power grab. After the Governments were unable to negotiate terms and Erdogan called the Dutch Government 'Nazi remnants' the Dutch liberal PM decided to take a stand. (More
Once more the Erdogan regime is threatening to use the one year old refugee deal as leverage to do the Turkish bidding. Moreover the news broke last week that a year ago, as part of the EU deal with Turkey, the Dutch PM Rutte as chairman of the European Council, the German chancellor Merkel and then Turkish PM Davutoglu made a secret arrangement: Germany and the Netherlands would take 150-250,000 refugees off Turkey's hands. 
The idea was that Merkel and Rutte would persuade other member states to accept 'their fair share' of this contingent of refugees. For good reasons, this never happened. The Germans and the Dutch are still on the books to absorb these 150-250,000 migrants...a year! The Turks are so angry, they are now threatening to blow up the entire deal. Moreover, the Turks say the EU never forked over the 6 billion euros it would pay for the upkeep of refugees in Turkey. 
BREAKING: Turkey says migrant deal with the EU has ended, as the other side did not keep its promises
— The Spectator Index (@spectatorindex) March 13, 2017@ianbremmer EU haven't kept its promises.Only €700 million of €6 billion paid to Turkey.It is already the biggest reason to resign the deal
— Bir Acayip Adam (@hakirifakir) March 13, 2017 

Dec 3, 2016 For two months, using, Gefira monitored movements of ships owned by NGOs. More information.