Thursday, June 20, 2019

All Muslims Share the Same Islam

We are continuously lectured by the apologists of Islam that lumping moderate Muslims and Islamic radicals together is evil. Dr Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam explains why the distinction is a mistake. 

May 26, 2015 All Muslims share the same Islam. The establishment is always telling us that there are good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two different kinds have nothing in common with each other.

Postmodernists never cease to tell us that individual Muslims should never be lumped together with Islamic terrorists and radicals. That's evil! They do that on the basis of the belief, that universals can't exist, because every individual is unique. But then they continue to reason from two contradictions.
1. Lumping all moderates together on the one hand and all radicals together on the other, is in itself also a generalization. Both can't be valid at the same time.
2. The other assumption is that the entire body of Islamic doctrine is good. The radicals are deviants and criminals. Bill Warner debunks that premise. 
Point 1. invalidates the argument of individualism that forbids lumping. Point 2 shows that what we are dealing with here, is not just inconsistency, but also rationalization, i.e. a lack of common sense. 

The fact is that Islam is rooted in Arabian medieval tribal law. Many Muslims still live in these environments. Tribal laws are centered on the survival of the group. Any individual development or self assertion is bad for the cohesion of the group and can't be tolerated. What is good or bad, is dictated top down by the group's collective authority, in this case Islamic doctrine.

The Danish therapist, Nicolai Sennels worked with young criminal Muslims and discovered that almost all were exclusively moved by external moral controls (locus of control), as can be expected from a person that grew up under tribal law. (Source) Many educated Muslims are going through the painful process of developing personal values, which must indeed be encouraged whenever possible.

Individualization is a long, hard process in which they are hampered by their own extended families at home that continue asserting group pressure. Hard enough as that is, from the outside they're frustrated at every turn by Western apologists who never cease to tell them that nothing is wrong with Islam and conforming to it is indeed what's expected of them.

Multiculturalism holds that, since all cultures are morally equal, there's no good reason for anyone to drop out of his or hers native, cultural environment. The result isn't melting pot, but tribal enclaves in constant competition for the bigger share of the government's re-distributive pie.

Multiculturalists continue to make excuses for the worst practices and violations of fundamental human rights. They frustrate the painful process of individualization and never cease to lecture us on the evils of lumping, while their own rationalization is based on group determinism that is racist to boot.