Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The International Philosophy Match: Germany Versus Greece

Man-made events are the result of the thought processes of their creators. The implosion of Greece is the first crack in the artificial world of the European Union, the brain child of the make-belief school of thought rooted in the German philosophical tradition. 


This hilarious Monty Python sketch is more apt than most people, or even the creators themselves, will realize. The Greek philosophers were not monolithically objective in their analysis of reality. But Aristotle can be credited with the best school of analytical thought that humanity has ever produced. 

We thank the Muslim Golden Age and the scholastic, Thomas of Aquinas for the European Renaissance and the Enlightenment that followed Aquinas' efforts to reintroduce the Aristotelian school. The result is the culture of reason and Liberty that is the root of Western civilization today.

On  the other hand it is also true that all German philosophers mentioned in the sketch were entirely the product of Kant's subjectivist school of thought. The very opposite of the Aristotelian tradition of reason. 

While objective reality exists (Is) independent from the human mind (as testified by the sun rising every morning despite the number of deaths occurring overnight), followers of Kant maintain that reality is a personal experience, and therefore the product of our own making (reality is not Is, but what Ought To Be). 

Artificial creations like the European Union are thus the product of the subjectivist mind. Since what we wish or believe is very often contrary to the natural laws of reality, adjustments, like the collapse of a single currency for a number of economically totally divergent economies, should come as no surprise at all.