Saturday, June 6, 2015

Blair: 'Present GDP At Level Prior To World Wars'

Dan Hannan was a guest last week on the Dutch state TV "flagship" political talkshow "Buitenhof". Among other great truths and wonderful statements Dannan pointed out that we are in this recession (in Europe) because its leaders "won't admit they got it wrong on the single currency" (the euro).

That the euro would fail, was predictable and common sense. A economic union of unequals means inevitably that high performers are being held back to the benefit of low performers. A fast runner can run slower, but you can't make a slow runner run faster.

Before the program is lauded as "years ahead of the BBC", note the last question put to Hannan. It is suggested that the fact that the British people are generally less Europe minded than those on the continent may be ascribed to some inherent perversion in the British people. It's preposterous and racist to boot (a collectivist will be a collectivist!). And it is fairly typical of the Uber Leftist Dutch state TV.

But back to the more rational side of European economics. Tony Blair of all people this week let the cat out of the bag in an interview here:

Here's the main quote and the shocker from this interview: 
There have been three periods in the past hundred years when the annual GDP growth in Europe went below 1 per cent: first in 1913, just before the First World War, second in 1938, just before the Second World War, and third in 2014.
Now let that sink in for a moment. And consider the line politicians are generally taking and the lies they are proliferating through the media. This is how bad things actually are!