Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Western politicians led by Barack Obama have a false idea about what moves Islamic terrorists and the Islamic State. The present policy is useless. Last weekend a very important article was posted that explains the integrated IS ideology.

Feb 9, 2015 Charles Krauthammer: Obama thinks a strategy to defeat Islamic State is not necessary. 

The American conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer gets it. Separating Islam from the Islamic State has consequences. It not just absolves Islam of the crimes committed by the Islamic State in the name of the religion of peace. The problem becomes intractable, because nothing is done to get to the root. But there are also consequences how to combat the Islamic State. Because of the false identification (random crime, instead of systematic warfare) we are going haphazardly after unrelated incidents. Western Governments vow to combat terrorists; but they are sent through the revolving door of the penal justice system and come out free men at the other end, because the standards are civil, rather than military. (A Dutch Court yesterday found two men not guilty of preparing to carry out terrorist attacks by joining radical Islamic groups in Syria: source.) These people are walking time bombs waiting to explode. What we need is an institute like GITMO to take these asymmetic killers off the battle field.

Muslims and Leftist thinkers share the idea that man's actions are determined by outside forces. More here about the interesting conceptual framework of the internal and the external Locus of Control. (Source) Obama believes we are dealing with unrelated, random crimes, rooted in Western imperialism. These crimes are justified afterwards, he believes, by a random ideology which in this case happens to be Islam. 

Fortunately there are also other voices. This weekend a very important article was posted on the British Leftist media flagship, The Guardian, of all places.  It was written by Hasan Hasan, analyst at the Delma Institute, an Abu Dhabi thinktank. Hasan is the co-athor of 'Isis: Inside the Army of Terror', that will be published later this month in New York. (Source: read it in detail.)

Hasan posits that IS has a concept of Jihad of its own based on an integrated ideology. They base themselves on the earliest stories in Islamic history, but also on modern texts. Hasan discovered that IS commanders and fighters justify their actions by citing early Islamic sources. Not just the religiously permissible, but the recommended by God and Muhammad, even if seen as against Islamic Scripture.

The usual, theoretical way in which Jihad is usually taught, is apparently hard to understand by wannabe Jihadists, IS ideologues believe. IS teaches tashreed, a word that can be understood as deterrence. According to IS random acts of violence are not enough in this context. Brutality has to be ever more savage, creative and shocking.

So if the immolation of the pilot is more savage than previous murders, Isis will undoubtedly be searching for an even more savage method to carry out its violent punishments. The genius of Isis is that it makes people compare between its acts and those of early Muslims, rather than between its practices and the jihad 'on paper'.  

These insights make it impossible to maintain that Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism or the Islamic State. The fallacy is dangerous, because it leads to the wrong policies. Because of it, Western leaders have become incapable of fulfilling their first duty, the protection of the people within their jurisdiction.