Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekend Quiz: Guess the Obama ME Foreign Policy

Those who listen to Obama don't understand the nature of his Postmodern world view: reality is not an independent external truth, but is in the eye of the beholder. The description of such a reality makes words fluid, meaning one thing one moment, something other the next. So instead we should look at what his actions tell us. Riddle me this:

Couple that to the latest developments in Libya and Egypt. Some member(s) of the Security Council is throwing salt in the machinery to fight Islamic terrorism. 

Egypt is mediating efforts to supply the Libyan army with Russian weapons to fight the Islamic State, a move that might lead to a end to UN Resolution 1973, which bans the provision of arms to Libya. (...) Since the Egyptian airstrike that targeted IS strongholds in the Libyan city of Derna at dawn on Feb. 16, following the slaughter of 21 Egyptian Copts on the Tripoli coast, the Egyptian government began a wide-ranging international effort to end the ban on arming the Libyan army and spur a rapid international response to end the Libyan crisis.  
Sisi commissioned his foreign minister to convey those demands to the UN General Assembly in New York. Military and security expert Khaled Akasheh told Al-Monitor, “The problem now is not confined to who will supply the Libyan army with weapons, for everyone knows that the Russians are ready and willing to do so and expeditiously enter into military contracts. The problem now lies in breaching the UN resolution banning the armament of the Libyan army. This is the main issue not yet discussed in the Geneva talks that UN special envoy Bernardino Leon undertook with Libyan factions.”  
Despite the arms embargo on Libya, a well-informed Libyan military source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “We have confirmed information about large quantities of weapons being illegally smuggled to armed militias backed by countries such as Sudan. We are prepared to submit documented information to all concerned international parties, particularly to Security Council member countries.” 
Despite the political and military thrust, as well as the Cairo-led international efforts concerning the Libyan dossier, questions remain about the extent to which the international community is amenable to Egyptian-Libyan demands around fighting terrorism and forming a new international coalition to fight IS in Libya.  (Source)

Riddle me this riddle!