Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pomo Lingo: How To Manipulate Perception

Pomo lingo is closely associated with the particular 'concept' that postmodernism has of language itself: nominalism. But there are two ulterior motives behind viewing language as 'sticking labels'. For the purpose of control you have to separate words from reality. But there's more!

Feb 11, 2015 Todd Reinhardt explains pomo lingo: how postmodernists change the definition of words and concepts until the meaning is sometimes completely reversed. 

This is about an upside down word, why it's inverted and who did it. Liberalism is the opposite to what it used to mean. This is a fascinating discussion about the greatest political thrust of our civilization. It is closely related to Orwell's Newspeak. (Wiki) More here. Newspeak Dictionary. Article.

But the root motive goes even further than the manipulation of reality and our 'perception' of it. The Slave Masters are driving a new form of physical determinism, related to another form of pseudo science: that the brain determines our thoughts instead of the other way around. In this version it is language that determines thought, not thought that precedes language.

The entire idea is to undercut the notion that man is a moral creature of free will. So, if we are not in control of our own actions, some other agent must be. Which force controls who we are, doesn't really matter: God, zombies, the state or society, our ancestors, traditions, our race or something other in our physical make up, it doesn't really matter, and long as man is not a free agent in his own mind, but a slave.