Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama's 3 Day Int'l Seminar on Islam Apologetics

This week Obama is holding a three day seminar on Islam apologetics. The false concepts, equivocations and plain lies coming out of that forum defy description. But it is obviously what Western leaders choose to believe. The rest of us will have to deal with that as well as with the reality of Jihadism.

As far as a keen observer might be able to make out, the goal of Obama international conference on global fundamental extremism (or extreme fundamentalism) may be to separate religion in general, and Islam in particular from terrorism and the Islamic State. A few very destructive misunderstandings can't be repeated often enough.

Obama's hypocrisy is pointed out in above self explanatory cartoon. To which we might add Obama's eagerness to attach Christianity to the Crusades (which by the way were defensive, and unlike Islamic terrorism, not a clear and present danger at this time).

The idea that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism is contradicted in great detail in this primer on the Caliphate. (Source) Please read it all. It's all you ever needed to know and more than that. Even if, repeat, even if, the motivation and justification to commit mass murder and mayhem is not in Islamic Scripture, which it is.. the fact that Jihadists cite Islamic Scripture as their source of inspiration, contradicts the point.

They may be wrong, which they are not, but the mere fact that Jihadists make this claim, means it must be publicly repudiated. Let those who disagree make their case in the market square of ideas and let the best man win. Here's the first rebuttal for your consideration. (Source)

What Obama does is manipulation. He wants us to stop thinking about this subject and accept what he says as a point of dogma, like "the consensus is closed". This isn't debate, but dictate.

Then there's the false notion that religion (like ethics) is per definition, the Good. Just like there are bad and good ethics, there are good and bad religions (or idea systems, rather).

First of all, what is the definition of religion? There's a humanistic concept floating around that holds that religion is supposed to give meaning to our lives. Or religion as an ethical system, the aim of which is to make us better human beings. All that is patently untrue. 

The aim of religion is to serve one of more gods. Whether the religion is benevolent or not, all depends on the nature of the god or gods involved and how he or she wants to be served. To translate God 101 with Allah is a total misapprehension of both concepts.

And last but not least Obama's most dangerous of lie, brought about by his zeal to absolve Islam: that not religion, but men commit murder. This idea is evil in itself! Because this implies there is no relation between man's actions and his ideas, that there's such a thing as an inherently evil man. If anything leads to genocide, this is it!

And this is precisely the point where Obama and thinkers like him go wrong. Man's actions are determined by the values he chooses to keep. That's why ideas matter! Whether they are philosophies, religions or an unchosen set of unrelated floating concepts, they determine whether we act for good or evil.

Any which way Obama wishes to frame his elevator pitch for Islam, he's wrong on every count.

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