Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Obama's Prayer Breakfast Speech Is Telling Us

Indications that the core of the Obama regime consists of committed Marxist postmodernists has been well known, far before he was ever elected President. For a long time the White House  have been able to mask its nature. But with the wrapping up of the Presidency, the ugly truth is becoming much more apparent.

Feb 7, 2015 Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement on Obama's telling Prayer Breakfast.


IS Has Nothing To Fear As Long As Obama Is In Power

Cartoon by Eric Allie perfectly shows Obama's postmodern word salad, which is deeply philosophical: truth being subjective to him, words in effect mean nothing. 

Eight months after President Obama ordered selective bombings against the Islamic State, a. k. a. ISIS, the terrorist group retains the initiative in both military and political terms. (...)  Part of the blame for what is little short of a failure for the anti-ISIS alliance rests with Obama’s inept or deliberately evasive leadership. He has kept bombing operations against ISIS to a homeopathic minimum, never attacking the “caliphate” in its heartland. Iraqi officials tell me that Obama has put so many constraints on the use of US airpower that by the time a demand for intervention is cleared in Washington, the chance to inflict defeat on Daesh has passed.

“We are on the battlefield and we call for American air support,” says an Iraqi officer. “But we are told that a number of caveats have to be ticked off first. By the time the green light comes, we are left with an empty desert.” Obama’s nominal participation in the campaign serves Daesh’s propaganda magnificently. At a small cost, the “caliph” claims he is fighting “the infidel superpower,” thus grabbing some legitimacy and a measure of popularity in a world where anti-Americanism is a common affliction.

Daesh can and must be defeated and destroyed, not “contained and degraded” as Obama asserts. Yet this requires a new strategy that would include the deployment of special forces from the US and other Western and Arab powers, sustained airstrikes against Daesh’s inner sanctum and the arming of anti-ISIS tribes in Iraq and anti-Assad fighters in Syria. Obama may dismiss all that as a tall order. If he does, he’ll merely confirm Daesh’s belief that as long as Obama is in charge, it has little to worry about. (Source)

Jan. 29, 2015

Obama Conspiring Against Egypt's President Sisi?

Ok. It's official. Obama is working for the enemy. (Source) While the President of Egypt is working for Islamic reform (source), Obama is conspiring with his enemies to defeat him.