Monday, January 12, 2015

Multiculturalism and Diversity At The Paris March

Diversity for the sake of diversity is a nihilistic, irrational hatred of values and standards. On Sunday democratically elected leaders of the free world were standing shoulder to shoulder with tirants, some of which are of the worst oppressors of the press and the free word.

'Diverse' leaders marching for the freedom of expression and against terrorism. Guest list.

By any rational analysis, racism and individualism entail opposite philosophies. The former evaluates people by the collective attribute of race; the latter, according to each person’s own characteristics. Why, then, would multiculturalism equate the two? Because they both evaluate - i.e., they differentiate some people from others based on some standard. The fact that racism rests on an irrational standard, while individualism rests on a rational one, is meaningless to the multiculturalist. To him, the very use of standards is anathema.

An egalitarian leveler does not raise a drug-besotted bum into a moral ideal. He has no moral ideal. His defense of the non-ambitious and non-productive is mere window-dressing for his real motive: the desire to squash the productive and the ambitious—a desire he pursues by insisting that we not discriminate between the productive and the non- productive, and that a bum and a Bill Gates should therefore enjoy equal comforts in life.

The egalitarian is far worse than, say, the devout religionist who condemns the rich. For the latter is upholding an alternate set of values, albeit an irrational one. He calls for the forswearing of wealth because he believes in the supreme value of a non-material, supernatural dimension.

Egalitarianism, however, is a lower species of irrationalism. It is stark nihilism. It reveres no values—it seeks only the destruction of values. It promotes a leveling for the sake of leveling, an eradication of value as an end in itself, or—as Ayn Rand puts it—"a hatred of the good for being the good."

This is the philosophic mantle multiculturalism has donned. Multiculturalists uphold the primitive not because they believe it to be a superior value—but because it is inferior, because it is a non-value. They want to annihilate what they regard, not as evil—but as good. They do not embrace a standard of value according to which ugliness and disability are esteemed. The multiculturalist esteems nothing. (...)

For decades the liberals fought to have race ignored. "Color-blindness" was their professed ideal. They denounced those who judged any member of a minority not by his objectively important characteristics, but by the unimportant one of race. Yet now, while they aver that no race is superior to another, they are more obsessed with skin color than any redneck racist. Why?

The answer is: precisely because race is unimportant—i.e., because it is a non-value. (...)

From "The Return of the Primitive"
Original edition published as The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution (1971), by Ayn Rand
Additional articles by Peter Schwarz