Sunday, January 18, 2015

ICC Proves International Law Is A Political Tool

The decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the state of Israel is wrong on many levels. False moral equivalence and the postmodern lunacy of reversing cause and effect is making the ICC an accomplice in the crimes it seeks to prevent. Not that this is a surprise, given the ideology of the "international community". 

Jan 17, 2015 Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding decision by ICC Prosecutor.

Canada's top diplomat denounced Sunday the International Criminal Court for opening a preliminary probe into possible war crimes by Israel, which counts on his country as one of its staunchest allies. In a brief statement to reporters, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said the ICC's decision was "deeply regretable" and would feature in his meetings with Israeli officials. (...) The ICC said on Friday it was opening "a preliminary examination" into Israel's actions, which will cover a period including last summer's war in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the move as "scandalous" and Washington said it was a "tragic irony" that the Jewish state, which had been hit by "thousands of terrorist rockets... is now being scrutinised by the ICC".

Canada played a central role in establishing the ICC and is a key supporter of the court -- a fact which was not lost on Israel. (...) "We think it is completely unacceptable that a terrorist organisation like Hamas will be able to file a lawsuit against Israel," Lieberman said, standing at Baird's side. "It's making a mockery of international law and the opposition of one of the founders of the ICC is very important, maybe crucial," he said. (Source)