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Archive Terrorism in Israel: Nov. 5, 2014 - 21 Jan. 2015

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21 Jan. 2015

'Lone Wolf' Self Ignites in Tel Aviv: 9 Wounded

The vehicular attack is a new trend in terrorism. The family car or a household implement coupled to valuing death over life is sufficient for a number of deaths in 'lone wolf' attacks. Attacks have also been reported in Canada, New York, Israel (scroll down), Sydney and France. 

A suspected terrorist stabbed at least nine people on the 40 bus line in Tel Aviv near the Maariv junction on Wednesday morning. Two of the victims were seriously injured and several others suffered moderate injuries. Others at the scene were treated for shock. (...) The attacker fled on foot but was shot and neutralized by police and is being questioned. The assailant is a 23-year-old man from the West Bank city of Tulkarm, illegally residing in Israel, police said.

Jan. 19, 2015

'Lone Wolf' Terror Attacks Are A Myth

As we now know most Muslims -- the most developed excluded -- are controlled by external forces. (Source) That is certainly true for those that engage in Jihad. This means that theories about 'lone wolves' and self igniters are very unlikely. It is myth created by those who refuse to connect Islam to terrorism, who want to create the impression that Islamic attacks are unrelated 'incidents'.

The attacks in Paris and the radical Islamist cell dismantled in Brussels have challenged the idea of the "lone wolf" terrorist who works alone, without the help of a jihadist organisation, analysts say. Every terrorist that has attempted or carried out attacks in the West in recent years -- down to the Kouachi brothers who struck the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris this month -- has had some level of ties to extremist groups engaged in global jihad, according to experts. For Jean-Pierre Filiu, of Sciences Po university in Paris, the events in France and Belgium had shown "once again" that the idea of radicals acting in isolation was "an inane myth". (Source)

Dec. 23, 2014

French Prosecutor: "Allah Akhbar" Nothing To Do With Islam

It just makes you wonder, when will our Governments start protecting the people? The spin on these attacks is so disingenuous, it's amounting to organized insanity. First we had unattached incidents, which morphed into lone wolf attacks; these are now being denied and terrorism is denied altogether. A terrorist requires an Al Qaeda membership card to qualify. The war cry of "Allah Akhbar" has nothing to do with Islam, and is just a random expletive. If five attacks are recorded and two of them have no relation to Islam, then none has. It's some sort of cognitive self sabotage! Update Dec. 29: another one on a Christmas market in Brussels over the weekend. Just another 'accident'. Perp has been apprehended.

Nov. 20, 2014

Media Blank Out On Israel Terror Attacks

Nov 10, 2014 Palestinian song glorifies vehicular Bulletin, Video

UPDATE: The media who hate bigotry and judgement are quick to judge the counter measures announced by PM Netanyahu. They will "just cause more violence". These vile appeasers of evil have no problem with rewarding bloody murder.

Nov. 18, 2014

Gazans Celebrate Deaths in Synagogue Attack

After the vehicular attack, the old meat cleaver is back. Read on this respect 'The Management of Savagery'.

Nov. 11, 2014

Palestinian Song Glorifies Vehicular Terror Attacks

Arab Media Encouraging Vehicular Attacks in Israel

The recent attacks have now been claimed by the Shia terror organization, Islamic Jihad. The Palestinians have made hatred the reason of their existence for so long, they would psychologically collapse the minute they'd abandon it; this makes peace impossible. We are still able - up to a point - to condemn the Islamic State for pursuing negative values. Why can't we see the Palestinians in the same light? There's no moral difference. A man can't cultivate hatred all of his life, and grow up as a sane human being. The Palestinians is a collective held together by insanity.

Nov. 8, 2014

Hamas Raises Popular Army to Liberate Al Aqsa

Nov. 6, 2014

Hamas Calls For 3rd Intifada After Jerusalem Attacks

“Israel Radio reported that police chased the rioters into the al-Aqsa Mosque. Police took the rare measure of entering several meters into the mosque, where they saw a stash of stones, bottles, and Molotov cocktails that the demonstrators had prepared.” Stones, bottles, and Molotov cocktails inside the al-Aqsa Mosque? One would almost think that the “Palestinians” misunderstand Islam as having something to do with violence. “Hamas takes responsibility for Jerusalem van attack. H/t JihadWatch (More)

(Video) 3 Deaths in 2nd Vehicular Attack in Jerusalem

One day later another vehicle kills three people. This use of household items as weapons in lone wolf attacks opens a new chapter in the history of terrorism. If even this moral threshold is crossed, basically anything goes. This is why this development is so very, very dangerous. The hatchet job in New York City was in the same category. (Source) The BBC has more. Hamas claims responsibility for this one. Jordan in the meantime is working up to something. (Source)

Nov. 5, 2014

Nov 5, 2014 Footage of this evening terror attack at the Gush Etzion junction.

A New Trend in Terrorism: the Vehicular Attack

Facebook page on the attack.

The vehicle attack is only just now emerging as a pattern, specifically in Israel. There has been the case of three-month-old baby Chaya Zissel Braun killed after being struck by a car (source) but there are even earlier cases. Honest Reporting about the moral equivalence in the case.  The hatchet job in New York City belongs in the same category. (Source)