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It is an Enlightenment value to separate the Church from the State. It means the freedom of religion. Every human being is free to think and act according to his findings. And it means the Government can't make him act against his morality. But there's a context here. 

As a consequence of the separation of Church and State some have come to believe that the public square must be morally neutral and cleansed of all expressions of religion. That's French style laïcité. We have also come to believe that it doesn't matter what a person thinks or believes, what his view is on the universe and man's place in it; what consequently is good or evil and how man gathers knowledge, if any. After all, we're all equal, aren't we?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sky News: Rotherham Child Abuse Still Going On

What happened in the Labour stronghold of Rotherham is a situation that cannot ever be repeated anywhere. In the style of the German Democratic Republic, ideology trumped morality, the course of justice and, well ... everything else. You'd almost think this story is about politically correct progressives with utter contempt for the people they rule over. It's not. It's about Sexual jihad. (Source)

Sep 3, 2014: What is their common purpose? 1400 cases of “appalling” sexual exploitation revealed in UK report. H/t @AncetreIV

UPDATE: A Sky News investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham learns that hundreds of new cases continue to emerge. Rotherham victim says abusers are 'untouchable'. Hundreds of new cases continue to emerge. "It's still going on if not worse, because now they're having to hide it more". In the meantime: Denis MacShane: "I was too much of a 'liberal leftie' and should have done more to investigate child abuse".  (Source)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Al Jazeera Bans Islamically Incorrect Words

Qatar - Muslim Brotherhood Central - is one of the world's main terror masters. Qatar's broadcaster, Al Jazeera is acting as the Brotherhood's PR arm. Qatar has a hand in every revolution and war in the Middle and Near East, to wit Syria, Egypt, Mali and Libya to name but few. 


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bowe Bergdahl To Be Charged With Desertion

Astonishingly Obama thought trading a deserter for five top GITMO enemy combatants would be a PR coup. Obama said that he had “absolutely no apologies” to make. What does Obama's pattern of promoting terrorist goals tell us about his ideology and mindset?

May 31, 2014 Obama delivers a statement about the recovery of the deserter Bowe Bergdahl. He is flanked by Bowe's parents, Jani and @BobBergdahl


Monday, January 26, 2015

Putin: "Ukraine Army is a NATO Legion"

Russia isn't entitled to any 'buffer states'. Ukraine has the right to control its own destiny. Russia has annexed the Crimea. The eastern part of Ukraine is being destabilized by separatists led by professional Russian subversists in what is known as 'Special War', a hybrid of espionage, terrorism and subversion.

UPDATE: One wonders if Putin is pershaps insinuating that Ukraine is attacking its own cities just to be able to blame Russia? His psy-ops no longer make sense. But Putin is getting away with this farce since the present crop of politicians are mindless Nihilists.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Archive Terrorism in Israel: Nov. 5, 2014 - 21 Jan. 2015

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21 Jan. 2015

'Lone Wolf' Self Ignites in Tel Aviv: 9 Wounded

The vehicular attack is a new trend in terrorism. The family car or a household implement coupled to valuing death over life is sufficient for a number of deaths in 'lone wolf' attacks. Attacks have also been reported in Canada, New York, Israel (scroll down), Sydney and France. 

A suspected terrorist stabbed at least nine people on the 40 bus line in Tel Aviv near the Maariv junction on Wednesday morning. Two of the victims were seriously injured and several others suffered moderate injuries. Others at the scene were treated for shock. (...) The attacker fled on foot but was shot and neutralized by police and is being questioned. The assailant is a 23-year-old man from the West Bank city of Tulkarm, illegally residing in Israel, police said.

Jan. 19, 2015

'Lone Wolf' Terror Attacks Are A Myth

As we now know most Muslims -- the most developed excluded -- are controlled by external forces. (Source) That is certainly true for those that engage in Jihad. This means that theories about 'lone wolves' and self igniters are very unlikely. It is myth created by those who refuse to connect Islam to terrorism, who want to create the impression that Islamic attacks are unrelated 'incidents'.

The attacks in Paris and the radical Islamist cell dismantled in Brussels have challenged the idea of the "lone wolf" terrorist who works alone, without the help of a jihadist organisation, analysts say. Every terrorist that has attempted or carried out attacks in the West in recent years -- down to the Kouachi brothers who struck the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris this month -- has had some level of ties to extremist groups engaged in global jihad, according to experts. For Jean-Pierre Filiu, of Sciences Po university in Paris, the events in France and Belgium had shown "once again" that the idea of radicals acting in isolation was "an inane myth". (Source)

Dec. 23, 2014

French Prosecutor: "Allah Akhbar" Nothing To Do With Islam

It just makes you wonder, when will our Governments start protecting the people? The spin on these attacks is so disingenuous, it's amounting to organized insanity. First we had unattached incidents, which morphed into lone wolf attacks; these are now being denied and terrorism is denied altogether. A terrorist requires an Al Qaeda membership card to qualify. The war cry of "Allah Akhbar" has nothing to do with Islam, and is just a random expletive. If five attacks are recorded and two of them have no relation to Islam, then none has. It's some sort of cognitive self sabotage! Update Dec. 29: another one on a Christmas market in Brussels over the weekend. Just another 'accident'. Perp has been apprehended.

Nov. 20, 2014

Media Blank Out On Israel Terror Attacks

Nov 10, 2014 Palestinian song glorifies vehicular Bulletin, Video

UPDATE: The media who hate bigotry and judgement are quick to judge the counter measures announced by PM Netanyahu. They will "just cause more violence". These vile appeasers of evil have no problem with rewarding bloody murder.

Nov. 18, 2014

Gazans Celebrate Deaths in Synagogue Attack

After the vehicular attack, the old meat cleaver is back. Read on this respect 'The Management of Savagery'.

Nov. 11, 2014

Palestinian Song Glorifies Vehicular Terror Attacks

Arab Media Encouraging Vehicular Attacks in Israel

The recent attacks have now been claimed by the Shia terror organization, Islamic Jihad. The Palestinians have made hatred the reason of their existence for so long, they would psychologically collapse the minute they'd abandon it; this makes peace impossible. We are still able - up to a point - to condemn the Islamic State for pursuing negative values. Why can't we see the Palestinians in the same light? There's no moral difference. A man can't cultivate hatred all of his life, and grow up as a sane human being. The Palestinians is a collective held together by insanity.

Nov. 8, 2014

Hamas Raises Popular Army to Liberate Al Aqsa

Nov. 6, 2014

Hamas Calls For 3rd Intifada After Jerusalem Attacks

“Israel Radio reported that police chased the rioters into the al-Aqsa Mosque. Police took the rare measure of entering several meters into the mosque, where they saw a stash of stones, bottles, and Molotov cocktails that the demonstrators had prepared.” Stones, bottles, and Molotov cocktails inside the al-Aqsa Mosque? One would almost think that the “Palestinians” misunderstand Islam as having something to do with violence. “Hamas takes responsibility for Jerusalem van attack. H/t JihadWatch (More)

(Video) 3 Deaths in 2nd Vehicular Attack in Jerusalem

One day later another vehicle kills three people. This use of household items as weapons in lone wolf attacks opens a new chapter in the history of terrorism. If even this moral threshold is crossed, basically anything goes. This is why this development is so very, very dangerous. The hatchet job in New York City was in the same category. (Source) The BBC has more. Hamas claims responsibility for this one. Jordan in the meantime is working up to something. (Source)

Nov. 5, 2014

Nov 5, 2014 Footage of this evening terror attack at the Gush Etzion junction.

A New Trend in Terrorism: the Vehicular Attack

Facebook page on the attack.

The vehicle attack is only just now emerging as a pattern, specifically in Israel. There has been the case of three-month-old baby Chaya Zissel Braun killed after being struck by a car (source) but there are even earlier cases. Honest Reporting about the moral equivalence in the case.  The hatchet job in New York City belongs in the same category. (Source)


Former MI6 Chief Blames the Victims For Islamic Terror Attacks

Europe has turned into a war zone with a waive of arrests across the continent, two of which are related to the thwarted attack on Belgium. In all a total of over 25 persons have been arrested in counter Islamist terrorism operations.

Nigel Farage says mass immigration has led to Muslim ghettos in Britain run under Sharia Law.  

UPDATE: Mass immigration has led to the growth of Muslim ‘ghettos’ in Britain which are run under Sharia Law, Nigel Farage declared last night. In an interview with US news channel Fox News, Mr Farage said the authorities had turned a ‘blind eye’ to the growth of ghettos where ‘the police and all the normal agents of the law have withdrawn and that is where Sharia law has come in.’ Communities Secretary Eric Pickles accused Mr Farage of ‘pandering to peoples’ worst fears’ and branded his comments ‘irresponsible and wrong’.

Monday, January 19, 2015

68,5% Of Terrorist Deaths in Europa Are Islamic

A syndicated posting on The Daily Beast wants us to believe just 2% of all terrorist attacks in Europe are Islamist in nature. A major Dutch liberal politician who tweeted the same faulty figures was lampooned for days for posting the obvious propaganda.

Counterfire false graphic on terror attacks in Europe.

Dean Obeidallah (source) is a former lawyer turned political comedian (no, seriously!). In a posting entitled "Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close" on The Daily Beast he is presenting us with figures that are so obviously cooked, only the low information crowd will believe them.

OIC accuses Prague of "Islamophobia"

About 600 people rallied against Islam in Prague on Friday Jan. 16. In a counter demo about 20 people demonstrated for the rights of Muslims and other religious groups.

We Do Not Islam in the Czech Republic group demonstrating outside Prague Castle, the seat of the Czech heads of state.

UPDATE: Following last week's demo in Prague against Islamization, the nefarious OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) has sprung into action, issuing a joint statement to accuse the country in effect of "racism". The OIC is the driving force behind the legal adoption of blasphemy and the non-concept, Islamophobia. Read it all!
A group of 20 Muslim countries with embassies in the Czech capital Prague have accused the Central European country of rising Islamophobia, according to a joint statement sent to journalists on Monday. The so-called Prague group of countries, member-states of the world's biggest Muslim organization, the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), said they were "concerned that Islam has been increasingly mixed up with terrorism" and pointed to a spike in "Islamophobia" in the post-Charlie Czech Republic. (Source)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

ICC Proves International Law Is A Political Tool

The decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the state of Israel is wrong on many levels. False moral equivalence and the postmodern lunacy of reversing cause and effect is making the ICC an accomplice in the crimes it seeks to prevent. Not that this is a surprise, given the ideology of the "international community". 

Jan 17, 2015 Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding decision by ICC Prosecutor.

Canada's top diplomat denounced Sunday the International Criminal Court for opening a preliminary probe into possible war crimes by Israel, which counts on his country as one of its staunchest allies. In a brief statement to reporters, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said the ICC's decision was "deeply regretable" and would feature in his meetings with Israeli officials. (...) The ICC said on Friday it was opening "a preliminary examination" into Israel's actions, which will cover a period including last summer's war in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the move as "scandalous" and Washington said it was a "tragic irony" that the Jewish state, which had been hit by "thousands of terrorist rockets... is now being scrutinised by the ICC".

Thursday, January 15, 2015


After the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris there's new momentum for a Counter Jihad movement in Europe. As we have seen with Pegida, the political culture of Europe is almost entirely collectivist. Therefore Europeans easily fall into the trap of ethnic nationalism. Here are some suggestions to put Counter Jihadism on an individualist footing.

  • It must become a middle-class, mainstream movement. 
  • It must challenge the evil in Islam intellectually. 
  • It must not confuse Islam with the ordinary Muslims. 
  • It must challenge Muslim Apologists and the Liberal Left that beds the Islamists and defends them.
  • It must look at itself as the true liberal - liberals that defend freedom against Islamism.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Multiculturalism and Diversity At The Paris March

Diversity for the sake of diversity is a nihilistic, irrational hatred of values and standards. On Sunday democratically elected leaders of the free world were standing shoulder to shoulder with tirants, some of which are of the worst oppressors of the press and the free word.

'Diverse' leaders marching for the freedom of expression and against terrorism. Guest list.

By any rational analysis, racism and individualism entail opposite philosophies. The former evaluates people by the collective attribute of race; the latter, according to each person’s own characteristics. Why, then, would multiculturalism equate the two? Because they both evaluate - i.e., they differentiate some people from others based on some standard. The fact that racism rests on an irrational standard, while individualism rests on a rational one, is meaningless to the multiculturalist. To him, the very use of standards is anathema.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Peikoff Compares Whiplash To The Fountainhead

A promising young drummer enrolls at a cutthroat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student's potential. A truly great movie in many respects. 

Trailer of Whiplash.

Whiplash is a 2014 American drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle. The film stars Miles Teller as a young jazz drummer who attends one of the best music schools in the country under the tutelage of the school’s fearsome maestro of jazz (J.K. Simmons). It also stars Paul Reiser, Melissa Benoist, Austin Stowell, Jayson Blair, and Kavita Patil.

Leonard Peikoff (podcasts) is so impressed by the movie, he made his first film review and draws a comparison with the hero of The Fountainhead. 


Terror at the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Two brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi now killed, 26 yod hostage freed from a print shop near Charles de Gaulle airport. At a Jewish grocery in the east of Paris, 4 hostages as well as terrorist Amedy Coulibaly have been killed. Some confusion over the whereabouts of Hayat Boumediene.

Depiction of the West committing suicide because it has a blindspot for the enemy, who it thinks of as an equal. 


The lunatics are running the asylum. Truly. The Left are totally obsessed with a bunch of NIMBY petty bourgeois in Germany and an admittedly more formidable anti EU and anti Islam movement in France. So much so, they have become blind to the true enemy of our Enlightenment civilization who are killing people by the thousands! But that's OK, because they are a minority and "not us". We live in truly remarkable times.


Muslim Brother Erdogan is completely out of control, but the "international community" is looking the other way. Because it is "unthinkable" the civilized world would ever let go of its bridgehead into Asia, Turkey. Here's what our correspondent just brought to our attention. As we said earlier, the stench of hypocrisy is almost unbearable.


Posted on Live Leak yesterday in France. Given the time and place it is probably inspired by the cluster of terrorism in the country: a FEMEN style Koran burning! Go Girls! The posting on YouTube has been removed for "fraud and copyright" related issues (or something).

A French speaking women burns the Quran in Femen style. Wait for the topless part or skip to minute 02:08.


The world is wallowing in hypocrisy. The stench is overwhelming. And it is going to be worse tomorrow! A few people close to Charlie Hebdo can't take it any more. Among them, a Dutch cartoonist working for CH who hates editorial meetings, and Jeannette Bougrab the wife of Charlie Hebdo’s editor-in-chief Stéphane 'Charb' Charbonnier. Bougrab, a junior minister in the previous government and a member of the center-right UMP party, said she was speaking as "a French woman of Arab origin" when she said there was no such thing as moderate Islam.
"The same people who are now yelling "Je Suis Charlie" called my husband an Islamophobe and a racist only a few weeks back!"
A prominent Dutch cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo heaped scorn on the French satirical weekly’s “new friends” since the massacre at its Paris offices on Wednesday. “We have a lot of new friends, like the pope, Queen Elizabeth and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. It really makes me laugh,” Bernard Holtrop, whose pen name is Willem, told the Dutch centre-left daily Volkskrant in an interview published today. France’s far-right National Front leader “Marine Le Pen is delighted when the Islamists start shooting all over the place,” said Willem, 73, a long-time Paris resident who also draws for the French leftist daily Liberation. He added: “We vomit on all these people who suddenly say they are our friends.” (Source)



Islamist supporters tweeting support for missing terrorist Hayat Boumeddiene and the Charlie Hebdo killers. H/t @GatewayPundit



A look at the present terror situation at this stage of development.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch talks to Sean Hannity.



To the Left everything is politics! They are hijacking #CharlieHebdo and turn it into a crusade against the Right wing party, Front National who currently represent some 30% of the vote. That's the Leftist approach to democracy and 'unity' for you. But of course FN are fascist racist haters, so that's OK. One particularly vicious message is a plea to Muslims not to engage in any more terror attacks, because this "might bring the Right to power". Muslims are also doing their part to whip up the hatred, mostly their own.

A minute of silence in the schools. Many Muslim children refuse to participate.

Jan. 9, 2015

Jihad is war, not crime

The situation in Paris shows the futility of "curing" Islamic terrorists with prison sentences. Jihadism isn't crime, it's war. It proves how right the Bush administration was to just remove terrorists from the battle field, interning them in Guantanamo Bay. Enemy combatants must be removed from the battle field. So you don't jail them for 2 years, then release them on to the public, as was clearly the case with one of the Kouachi brothers. The brothers have been on the radar of the authorities for years! This is taking unnecessary risks. This is not unethical. POW are taken in every war, for the duration of the war! It's unethical to take unnecessary risks with the lives of innocent civilians if it is your duty to protect them.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Archive: ISIS Hostages: Sep. 2, 2014 - Jan. 4, 2015

Continued on the Live Blog

Jan. 4, 2015

Cantlie, Your Guide To Mosul Under IS Rule

Cantlie is not so much suffering of Stockholm syndrome; he probably already was in the can of Islamists, even before he was abducted.

Jan 4, 2015 Britain hostage John Cantlie new report video for ISIS Propaganda from Mosul, Iraq.

UPDATE: How very pleasant! Abducted British journo John Cantlie is our sarcastic guide to the religiously pure city of Mosul, cleansed of devil worshippers, Christians and Shia Muslims. The morality offered to justify IS rule is staggering in its Nihilism. Cantlie finds exactly the right sarcastic tone for the presentation. 

Nov. 22, 2014

Islamic State Release 7th Cantlie Hostage Video

Nov 22, 2014 ISIS | British Hostage John Cantlie Says He Will Likely Be Executed In New ISIS Video

UPDATE: Cantlie, on behalf of the Islamic State taking Western Governments to task about not negotiating with them. The mindset is breathtaking. The logic is like the mob on steroids. It's like kidnappers blaming parents unwilling to pay up for an abducted child for its impending death.
John Cantlie has been a prisoner of the Islamic State for over two years, in what is now his second period of incarceration with the Islamist group, having freely returned to the country after his initial capture and release. The extent to which his statements made in these videos are forced or genuine, often addressed to Western leaders like U.S. President Obama or British Prime Minister Cameron, is hotly contested. While it is broadly accepted in the mainstream media that Cantlie makes these videos under the threat of death or torture, his own sister has claimed that even when living at home he expressed the same opinions. She told journalists last month: “He believes at least two-thirds of what he is saying, he’s a very principled man… We understand that he feels ignored and deserted and abandoned, we understand, we understand it”. An article in ISIS recruiting magazine Dabiq claimed last month that Cantlie had full access to the internet to research the scripts for the films, which he wrote freely himself and were then vetted by his handlers, a claim that cannot be corroborated. It also claimed they had at the time already filmed eight Cantlie films, meaning at the very least there is one more to be released by the Islamist terror group, if Cantlie has already been murdered by his captors. (Source)

Nov. 17, 2014

Who is Who In the IS Beheadings Squad?

Fox News: "Murdered by madmen". 

The comments to the mass beheadings are in.
Now the last guy wasn't in the beheadings vid, but is somewhere hanging out in Kobane. The point being, that the media has been painting him as a 'freedom fighter' against Assad, whereas in fact he's a IS terrorist who wants to kill our Kurdish allies. That would be people like this:

Nov. 16, 2014

Stop Calling Islamic State, Sick, Mad or Insane! 

IS are not sick, insane, mad or otherwise. They just play it by the book. Not taking them seriously is very arrogant (and according to some definitions even racist). Read also: From the Mouths of Babes: Islamic State is Right. (Source)
And Col. Ralph Peters, no, there aren't two versions of Islam. There may be a few different branches, but in the end they're branches on one tree, with common roots. 

The Media Are Wrong In Censoring Islamic State Videos

Please use utmost discretion in watching videos released by the Islamic State. Update: We shall be reposting a working video, as soon as we're able to find one that escapes the eyes of the censors. 

UPDATE: The demoralised West has adopted the policy not to show the brutality of Islamic moral law in practice. All video material is constantly being removed by the editors. For the last 25 years the West has adopted the doctrine, that if we deny that terrorism is rooted in Islam, we can stop radicalization. If that was true, one would assume that after 25 years of this policy, there wouldn't have been a terrorist left! IS alone has 30,000 of them. The censors are using the false argument that we shouldn't help "IS propaganda". But that implies that IS have a point! In short, we are losing the war on Jihad because we are demoralized. How can IS have a point and what possibly justifies brutality? These methods are the law of Islam: know thy enemy. Beheadings are not abstract 'propaganda'. They cost human lives. 

VIDEO Of Islamic State Beheading Peter Kassig, Other Captives

The footage shows the beheading of about eight Syrian pilots and officers. Kassig, 26, was a former US Army soldier who served in Iraq then returned to the Middle East to found a relief organization and converted to Islam. He is the fifth western hostage to be executed by IS. Kassig was interviewed by Western media in 2012 before his disappearance and said that having left the army he felt compelled to return to the Middle East and find ways to help the war injured. In October, his parents released a statement calling on IS to release him. (Scroll down for footage to Oct. 5)

Meanwhile, the British government said it was investigating reports that "Jihadi John" had been injured in a US air strike. The Foreign Office could not confirm reports published in the Mail on Sunday that the masked executioner, who has appeared in a series of grisly videos posted online, had been wounded while attending a meeting of IS leaders in an Iraqi town close to the Syrian border last week. According to the paper, he was taken to hospital following the US-led attack on a bunker in Al Qaim, western Iraq, on November 8 that killed around 10 IS commanders and wounded 40 more.

Peter Kassig, former US soldier, aid worker and convert to Islam.

The Mail reported that it was the same attack that injured elusive IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, sparking initial rumors that he had been killed. "Jihadi John", named after Beatle John Lennon due to his British background, is believed to be responsible for the murders of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid workers David Haines and Allan Henning. British Prime Minister David Cameron, asked about the reports while at the G20 summit in Brisbane, said: "We should be in no doubt that I want 'Jihadi John' to face justice for the appalling acts that have been carried out in Syria, but I wouldn't make any comment on individual issues or strikes and the like, you wouldn't expect me to. "I think the point though is clear, if people travel to Syria or Iraq in order to conduct terror operations against British people, British citizens, or people back here in Britain, then they are putting themselves in harm's way, they shouldn't be in any doubt about that." (Source)

Oct. 28, 2014

Islamic State Hostage John Cantlie In Kobane?

Oct 27, 2014 "Inside Kobane 'Ayn al Islam". 

UPDATE: Another PR coup and a victory by the orcs of the Islamic State? Well, no. Not exactly. Fraud or moderate artwork, is more like it. In anticipation of the supposed conquest of the town IS have renamed Kobane (Arabic name Ayn al Arab), Ayn al Islam. Here's an interesting piece about the etymology: Ayn al Arab actually means... Arab Spring! (Source

Oct. 14, 2014

Islamic State Executes Kurdish Journalist in Iraq

Islamic State (IS) militants on Monday evening executed an Iraqi-Kurdish journalist in north-west Iraq. Muhannad Akidi was shot in the head and killed by IS militants in Alghazlani camp, south of Mosul, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said in a statement. Akidi was kidnapped two months ago by IS in Mosul. He worked as a reporter for a local news agency and presented programs on domestic television. Medical staff in Mosul on Monday night were said to be preparing his body to be returned to his family, according to the Abu Dhabi based Erem News. (Source)

Oct. 5, 2014

Beheading By IS of Hostages Proves Appeasement Doesn't Work

Oct 3, 2014 Islamic State Beheads BRITISH HOSTAGE ALAN HENNING - Promises to Behead American hostage, Peter Kassig next.

UPDATE: While we realize the sensitivity of this subject a few things must be pointed out. First of all that these hostages were grade A apologists for Islam and therefore of the practices of the Islamic State, even though they are in denial of that fact. For further evidence read today's item  "From the Mouth of Babes: Islamic State is Right".  (Source)

Secondly this shows that bowing to evil does not work: these hostages were perfect appeasers of Islam and this is what it has brought them. Paula Kassig (the mother of the next hostage on IS death row) is sad, but a grown women groveling in a head scarf before barbarians quite frankly is embarrassing and predictably useless. To the fascists this will merely serve as an encouragement. (Source)

Giving in to terrorism is a spectable we also witnessed in the Netherlands this week. (Source) Wow, have we dummed down since Margaret Thatcher explained why you can't negotiate with scum!

The excuses why Islamic State would have nothing to do with Islam are piling up. The Lefty British newspaper The Independent comes up with a prime peace of bullshit! IS is chopping off heads for... (sit down for this one)... propaganda purposes!  (Source) According to postmodernist Naomi Klein these beheadings are in fact not happening at all! (Source)

Oct. 4, 2014

White House Confirms IS Capture of Peter Kassig, Ex Army Ranger

Islamic State Beheads Aid Worker Alan Henning

A video released by the Islamic State group on Friday appears to show the beheading of British aid worker Alan Henning. In the clip, the militants threaten to kill another hostage they identify as American Peter Kassig. Alan Henning, a 47-year-old taxi driver from Eccles, was kidnapped in December after crossing into Syria with an aid convoy. Henning's wife, Barbara, had pleaded with the militants not to kill her husband. "He went to Syria to help his Muslim friends deliver much needed aid," she said in a statement released on Sept. 23.

Sep. 30, 2014

Islamic State Reacts To Charges of Atrocities

Sep 29, 2014 The Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) has released a new video of British hostage John Cantlie. This is episode 2 of a series that ISIS is producing to influence public opinion in the West.

UPDATE: Through their hostage and mouthpiece John Cantlie the Islamic State is reacting to Obama's speech and his charges that IS is not Islamic at all, their victims have been largely Muslims and IS is killing Christian women and children. The video offers quite an interesting insight into the moral world of IS. They offer no excuse whatsoever for raping and enslaving women and children and their mass murder of Shia, who they consider apostates. Judge for yourself. Astoundingly the propagandists are genuinely bewildered why Obama would consider himself 'good' but them evil, evil! From their viewpoint they're perfectly ethical.

Sep. 28, 2014

Hostage John Cantlie Delivers 2nd Message From IS

IS release second video of British hostage John Cantlie.

Sep. 24, 2014

RAW VIDEO: French hostage Herve Gourdel Beheaded By IS Algeria

Sep 24, 2014 French hostage Herve Gourdel Executed By ISIS Algeria | beheaded in Algeria RAW


Sep. 19. 2014

Islamic State Wants To Divide the West

Cantlie, a former war photographer and reporter for a number of UK publications, addresses the camera from behind a table in a dark room.

UPDATE: It quiet clear! The address of John Cantlie is meant to drive a wedge between the US and UK Governments and the public. France launches airstrikes on ISIS: Attack on depot kills dozens of militants in Iraq amid claims new hostage video shows group fears a U.S. assault 
  • Video of British hostage John Cantlie is more measured than previous ones 
  •  He calls on Western powers to negotiate with rather than attack terror cell
  • Change of tone has convinced experts that ISIS fears it is becoming isolated
  • Professor: They were so brutal. Now they're saying 'we're reasonable'
  • Compared to the way Al Qaeda softened its portrayal of Osama bin Laden
  • French confirm they targeted logistics depot in Iraq with air strikes
  • Letter from Muslims begging ISIS to release hostage is translated into Arabic 

Sep. 18, 2014


The Islamic State is trying to drive a wedge between the US and UK Governments and the public. This propaganda may resonate with the Left. The moral relativism that the Islamic State may actually have a point that justifies beheading men and raping women and children, is just something they may buy into. (Source)

Sep. 14, 2014



Who was British aid worker David Haines? (Source) (bio)

Islamic State has released a video showing the beheading of British hostage David Haines. It comes just hours after his family issued a public plea for his captors to contact them. The Foreign Office said it was "working urgently to verify" the video and offering Mr Haines's family support. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said: "The murder of David Haines is an act of pure evil. My heart goes out to his family who have shown extraordinary courage and fortitude." He added: "We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes." Mr Haines, 44, was kidnapped last year as he delivered humanitarian aid in Syria.


Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton commenting on the news. 

Part 2. 

Sep. 7 2014

State Dept. Strikes Back at the Caliphate

The Caliphate, ISIS, the Islamic State, or IS * alias ISIL released a video showing the beheading of a second American hostage, the journalist Steven Sotloff. There have been efforts to suppress this explicit material. A counter campaign by the US State Dept. is testimony how wrong such efforts are.  

Anti-ISIS propaganda Video: Show the cruel bastards for what they are.

UPDATE: Note the morality here which State is notably confirming: Muslims are confronted with crimes committed by IS against others Muslims. The infererence being that it would be OK against infidels. 
(...) Complete with crucifixions, Muslims being whipped, shot in the head at point-blank range and thrown into ditches, the grisly video is the latest State Department effort to push back against ISIS recruiting efforts by highlighting the group's barbaric nature. The video, which uses the group's own propaganda footage posted online, illustrates ISIS actions by advertising so-called "useful skills" ISIS sympathizers can learn if they join the group: blowing up mosques with Muslims inside, crucifying and executing Muslims and plundering public resources. Entitled "Welcome to the 'Islamic State' land," the video was posted on a dedicated YouTube channel. It was produced by the State Department's Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, which seeks to combat ISIS extremist narrative on social media. (...) (Source)

Sep. 3, 2014

Same executioner with the London accent that beheaded James Foley executing Steven Sotloff. 

You can watch the video here. Click NSFW on top. 

Islamic State Says It's 'Sorry!'

"This second video from Islamic State is significant, even though it was largely expected and dreaded. It shows that the recent US air strikes which have halted the lightning advance of IS across northern Iraq are causing the organisation real damage, upsetting its plans to extend by force its rule into Kurdistan. Unable to hit back militarily against America's jets, IS has responded with a form of information warfare that it knows will horrify most people in the West. Secondly, by threatening to murder a British hostage, IS shows it makes little or no distinction between the US and Britain as its enemy. This is despite Britain so far restricting itself to dropping aid to refugees and flying in supplies to the Kurdish military, leaving air strikes to the Americans."

Sep. 2, 2014


Who could have thought up the new media strategy of suppressing the truth so as "not to do ISIS propaganda" for them. The videos are replaced with a nice, clean picture of Sotloff. The truth should be told, however distasteful. But here's what's going on: the people who have implicitly or explicitly been supporting Islam for politically correct reasons do not want to be confronted with the consequences of their choices. So, don't buy this tactic! Expose the truth, however crude, graphic and 'disgusting'.

Sep. 2, 2014


At the end of the video a third captive appears. It's David Haines, a British aid worker.
What stands out in this message, is that IS present their case as a reaction to American actions. But everyone knows that Obama simply abandoned the war in Iraq and only took action once IS started mass-murdering minorities. This justification has always been very feable, but the Left chose to buy it. Clearly that moral cover doesn't work anymore. If anything, Obama has been aiding IS in Syria in the war against Assad. This contradiction is the reason a strategy to defeat IS is still not forthcoming. Both Assad and IS must be combated successfully.

The video was taken down by YouTube within minutes of appearance. This is a new policy. The reason: we should not act as IS PR organization.

An IS militant with a man purported to be US journalist Steven Sotloff, in a still from the group's video.

Steven Sotloff disappeared in Syria in 2013. 

Some claim the video is an elaborate hoax. It doesn't look like it.

The video has meanwhile been authenticated.