Sunday, December 21, 2014


Since they never took the trouble to study what Islam actually is, multiculturalists will be shocked to learn that their protégés of the Islamic State have begun executing foreign ISIS volunteers, because they "just want to go home".

Islam apologists are ideologues and racists (by their own definition). Multiculturalism has taken the individualist concept of inherent equality at birth (tabula rasa), and projected it on to various collectives as cultures, religions or ideologies. This shows that this notion is not just demonstrably false, but that it's a corruption. From that perspective, Islam - or any faith that involves human sacrifice or cannibalism for that matter - is just as valid as any other faith. That implies a second corruption: that religion is by definition, good. This is eternal truth, according to postmodernists. Hence, it is not even necessary to study the details of  religions and ideologies: they are equal and good and those who criticise are bigots, and evil racists.