Friday, December 19, 2014

State Dept. Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

Officials and their lapdog media are burying the fact that the terrorist who took the Café Lindt in Sydney hostage yesterday, was not just demanding an IS flag. He was also claiming to speak on behalf of IS.

Video relaying demands of the Islamic terrorist claims "this is an attack on Australia by the Islamic State". 

UPDATE: The State Dept. has just issued a worldwide travel alert for US citizens. The explanation for the attack in Sydney is going the usual way, although Robert Spencer has an angle involving a curious story about the halal certifications chief and his wife.

Interview With Survivor of the Peshawar School Massacre

Pakistan has been dancing with the devil for a long time. How dangerous that strategy is, has now become apparent: 141 dead and 120 wounded (pre)cadets, children of Pakistan Army personnel. Murdering innocent kids in cold blood in revenge, is the work of an evil death cult. 
Ahmar @Mustikhan on the Examiner has the full story. (Source)