Friday, December 12, 2014

Lumping All Sunnis Together With Terrorists

All Sunnis are terrorists. All Asians are rapists. All blacks are looters. The Left is rightly rejecting generalizations, smearing and lumping -- except when they are the ones doing it. And the intention behind their moral rejection is quite nefarious. 

Media lapdog, Newsweek has posted an article that follows the Obama narrative to the letter. Not Obama's premature withdrawal of US troops out of Iraq is responsible for the Islamic State crisis, but the Iraqi Government of Nouri Al Maliki. That's because it 'disenfranchised' the Sunnis which led the tribes to join IS en masse. A few things can be said about this narrative. First of all that there's a kernel of truth to this logic; but that's merely coincidence. The aim of the assertion is to make reality conform to their political expediency. Which makes the narrative fallacious as well as evil. Yes, Sunnis have been flocking to IS, but many more have not.