Thursday, December 4, 2014

Appeal From a Russian Libertarian

Libertarians have fallen hook, line and sinker for Russia's President, Vladimir Putin for having the balls to stand up to the NWO establishment, the Obama police state and the EU. But that doesn't make Putin a better man, just more dangerous. He's hardly the champion of Liberty, individual rights and free enterprise.

It's a contradiction, but premodernist Vladimir Putin's politics are attractive to Libertarian postmodernists. 

Russia has never had an Enlightenment. Mentally the country is still in the premodern state. Putin's mystical, collectivist-altruist, ethno-nationalistic direction does nothing to improve the situation. The following is a heart-felt appeal to Libertarians in the West. What upsets the author most, is that western Libertarians are defending lesser freedom. He hopes this post will allow fellow Libertarians to see through Russian propaganda a little better.