Saturday, October 18, 2014

Erdogan of Turkey and the Politics of Deception

Turkey, the loyal NATO member and future non Christian star of the European Union, is slowly but surely moving towards a totalitarian, theocratic state under Islam. And it is happening largely under the radar. 

Anthology of contradiction: Erdogan has made hundreds of hypocritical speeches in over 40 years in politics and is still producing them.

Historically Turkey has been a valued member of NATO as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The country had an important role during the Cold War as a buffer against Communism. To the ideologues in the EU, membership of Turkey would prove their imperial project is not a 'Christian club', but a multicultural empire in which not just everyone, but also every religion and every culture, is fully equal... except Western culture and Christianity, that are uniquely evil and must be destroyed - for its own good, of course. Turkey would grow the EU by 81,6 million Europeans (source) which is slightly more than the largest EU country, Germany (source) that has a population of just 80,6 million. The power of Turkey would be such, that memberhip would change the overall character of the Union. Which is no problem, given that every country is equal.