Monday, September 22, 2014

Retired Generals: Obama's War Plan Like Vietnam

ISIS has joint its conquered territories in Syria and Iraq together (maps) in a new Caliphate simply named the Islamic State, or IS. IS is demanding that all Sunnis pledge allegiance to the Caliph, al Baghdadi. After the genocides on Christians and Yazidi Kurds, and three hostages were publicly beheaded, the world is ready to strike back at Mordor. 

Aug, 29, 2014: IS lessons for making bubonic plague bombs and weapons of mass destruction, by @JenanMoussa and @HaraldDoornbos. Read English, Dutch. UPDATE: Part II: ISIS LAPTOP OF DOOM - HOW TO MAKE RICIN, SEMTEX, BANANA MOUSSE (SOURCE)

UPDATE: There's better news from Syrian Kurdistan. Obama's top brass have shredded his war plan against the Islamic State; Obama is about to tell the UN he wants a global travel ban for Jihadists, assuring radicals will turn against their home countries; Islamic State has got Lebanon and Egypt in the crosshairs. And cries about dying babies has already started. Let's hope people are able to withstand sentimental anti war propaganda that hands a moral victory to the enemy - the Islamic State - as if that was possible in a rational world!