Monday, September 15, 2014

Islam At the Crossroads: War or Peace?

Islam stands at a crossroads. The Islamic State presents Muslims with an opportunity to put Islam on a peaceful footing, denounce Jihad, establishing the long awaited Reformation. The trend however is going the other way. Silent consent. They have no choice.

Sep 2, 2014: Brother Rachid addresses President Obama about the Islamic State and Islam; he explains how IS is imitating the prophet Muhammed in every detail. The Islamic State represents Islam.

Amidst all the carnage caused by Al Qaeda and Islamic State related terrorist groups, Muslims actually have the unique opportunity to cleanse their religion of all the connotations and associations with violence and cruelty. All they have to do is denounce the Islamic State and forsake the legitimacy of Jihad as a path to further the causes of the world Caliphate. The shoe however appears to be on the other foot.