Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Doctrine to Combat the Islamic State IS

The Islamic State IS is raping, pillaging, slaving, crucifying and beheading its way through the Middle East. The savagery seems to attract countless young Muslims from East as well as West. What went wrong? 

Shiraz Maher, an expert in radicalization explains IS and its attraction for Muslims in the West. 

Ghaffar Hussain, Managing Director at the secular Quilliam Foundation (bio) brings up an excellent point in a piece on the Telegraph without actually answering the question he poses:
It's no surprise that James Foley's murderer had an English accent. We need to counter and undermine the narrative which makes the ideology of the Islamic State attractive to some young men in Britain. (Source)
Let's break this down into two basic questions: what makes them reject the most successful philosophy in human history - Liberty - in terms of freedom, prosperity and self realization for the individual? And secondly, how come they look for an answer at the most backward, oppressive and irrational collectivist system presently known to man - the Islamic State under Sharia Law?