Friday, August 22, 2014

Dutch Artist Recreates Removed Art Against IS(IS)

In the face of intimidation and appalling violence, moral courage has become a rare commodity. But a Frisian artist in the north of the Netherlands decided to make a statement against the fascism of terror group IS(IS) 

19 aug. 2014 - GPTV: Grafitti art by L.J. van Tuinen as a protest against IS(IS)

UPDATE: On Aug. 20 the municipality of Leeuwarden removed the art work. The possibility exists that some clerk took it upon himself to remove the grafitti in order to avert controversy, but it appears to have been an honest mistake. The city council has apologized and offered to pay Mr Van Tuinen to redo the art work. He has accepted. (Bron)

How To Deconstruct the Caliphate Within?

The Islamic State is located in the border area of Syria and Iraq, but the Caliphate also lives in the hearts and minds of Muslims in the West. The BBC had a look at a Muslim enclave in the Dutch city of The Hague

Aug 10, 2014: The Battle of the Schilderswijk according to Free Aseer. Read also: "Wilders visits Muslim Enclave The Hague". 

In the video above we are presented with the narrative according to radical Muslims, who see themselves as victims of a racist society. They are in fact so marginalized, two separate Muslim parties are represented in the city council. They are openly or covertly supporting the cause of ISIS (Live Blog Political Islam (Dutch)). Politicians are struggling with the issue, because they are reasoning from the wrong mental frame. It is mind boggling, but even the extreme violence and cruelty of IS hasn't woken them up to the fact that these people are not our fellow citizens, but on the contrary, the enemy within.