Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Isla Vista Monster Was Made, Not Born

The Left are in the same mode as this sad young man. Therefore they are clueless as to what actually moved him. He was made this way. He wasn't born a monster

Elliot Rodger 'Retribution Confession' instagram video before shooting rampage in Santa Barbara leaving  seven people dead.

What a lousy actor with his false grin. Wouldn't be surprised if it turns out spoof. But for what it is worth, let's analyze his message.
- I am a victim.
- You are the guilty.
- You made me do it.
- My actions are a revenge, a reaction.
- I had a right to company, acceptance and fulfilled desires.
- How did women dare being not attracted to me, while giving their affection to others.
- I have a right, not to be a virgin at 22.
- I had the right to sex while in college, because this is what's supposed to happen.
- It's not fair, because I am a superior man, the true Alpha male, a god. You are animals.
- All women/men are accountable, because a few women rejected me. They didn't have the right.
- I deserve adoration. Withholding it is a capital crime.
- Humanity is an evil species that deserves annihilation.
- I suffered all my life. I've planned this a long time ago.