Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Papua Activists Hoist Flag Over Border Post

Following the opening of offices in Oxford (UK) and The Hague, countries round the world are now supporting the cause of autonomy for West Papua from Indonesia

Full version of the critically acclaimed undercover documentary, 'Forgotten Bird of Paradise'. The film provides a rare and moving insight into the ongoing struggle for freedom being fought by the West Papua people against Indonesian colonial rule. For over 45 years the people of West Papua have suffered in silence. Slowly their voice is starting to be heard. Documentary produced by Dancing Turtle Films.

UPDATE: Gunmen believed to be from a separatist group attacked a border post between Indonesian Papua and Papua New Guinea on Thursday, taking down the Indonesian flag and hoisting a banned separatist flag in its place. Reports said that the gunmen, suspected to be members of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) fired on the post in the Gunung Pawa area from under the cover of the thick jungle. No one was hit in the gunfire, but the border officials fled, allowing the gunmen to run down to the post, tear down the Indonesian flag and put up the Bintang Kejora (Morning Star) flag — a banned symbol of the area’s decades-long separatist struggle. The gunmen also set fire to a number of kiosks around the border post. A joint police-military patrol arrived at the post soon after, but by then the gunmen had fled back into the cover of the forest. (Source)

Statement by Benny Wenda (Source)

Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch

When a government is no longer on the side of the people, and the people have the inalienable right to freedom, this is what you get, folks! Hashtag #BundyRanch

Infowars reveal that Senator Harry Reid and his son are involved in a deal with a Chinese state energy company to build a solar farm on the same land to which ranchers have common law grazing rights.

UPDATE: While Senator Harry Reid professes that he is running the Bundy cattle off of public land because it’s the right thing to do, evidence indicates that Dirty Harry might have a personal interest in seeing that the Bundy’s join the other 52 ranchers they’ve run out of business. Parcels held by an entity, Reid Bunkerville, LLC, which is partially owned by the Nevada Senator are in close proximity to the Bundy ranch. The parcels appear to be in the path of future development, which may even involve a freeway interchange and loop, all west of Bunkerville in the same general area as those “trespass cattle.” (...) (Source)