Sunday, April 27, 2014

Zoophiles, the Next 'Sexual Rights' Movement

A British woman married her dog in a romantic ceremony in Croatia. Sounds like fun, right? Not. Once the threshold of mutual consent has been crossed, basically anything goes

While Amanda Rodgers @shebarodgers can be sure she won't find the toilet seat up... there is the chance she might get fleas.

UPDATE: (...) Being a "zoophile" in modern American society, Beck says, is "like being gay in the 1950s. You feel like you have to hide, that if you say it out loud, people will look at you like a freak." Now Beck believes he and other members of this minority sexual orientation, who often call themselves "zoos," can follow the same path as the gay rights movement. Most researchers believe 2 to 8 percent of the population harbors forbidden desires toward animals, and Beck hopes this minority group can begin appealing to the open-minded for acceptance. But if those like Beck are to make the same gains as gays, it's apparent they will have to do so without the help of gay rights groups, which so far want nothing to do with a zoophile movement. What's more, they will have to wage battle with well-funded and politically connected animal-protection activists. And the most difficult task will be to take possession of their public image. In an internet age, zoophiles are more exposed than ever. Bestiality-themed websites are a Google search away. Hometown newspapers have learned that police reports of sex with animals become the best-read stories on their websites. State lawmakers across the country have taken their cues by proposing anti-bestiality laws. (...) (Source)