Monday, April 7, 2014

Igniting the Objectivist Student Movement

The Undercurrent was founded 9 years ago with the mission of spreading Ayn Rand's ideas on college campuses through a student newspaper

Where will tomorrow's Objectivist leaders come from? 

The Undercurrent is spearheading efforts to unite Objectivist students and foment campus activism. They've achieved some significant milestones this last year, but have even bigger ambitions for the year to come. Check out the new video and fundraiser which outlines The Undercurrent's plans to grow the Objectivist student movement. The focal project: host a major outreach conference in the fall of 2014. In order to make that happen, they need your help. With your support last year, The Undercurrent accomplished some major goals -- with your continued support, they can develop projects which will kick-start a true Objectivist youth movement. The Underrcurrent is seeking to raise $100k via this campaign to help fund development over the next year. (...) (Source)