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Anne Frank and Japanese Divine Race Theory

Abe's visit must convince the West that Japan is not the same Japan of the 20th Century. But Abe's vague comments used the passive voice, avoiding to name nations that violated human rights and the names of their victims

A day before the Nuclear Summit in The Hague, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visited the Anne Frank Museum. 

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Last week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the Hague Summit, in part to confer with the U.S. on how to deal with Russia's "passé 19th Century" geopolitical predations upon Ukraine. The day before, he visited the Anne Frank Museum with no reason made for this stop. While there, he stated, “When we look back at the 20th century, it is fair to say that it was the century characterized by the violation of basic human rights,... and looking ahead to the many years of the 21st century, I would like to ensure that we will never see the same things happening, and I share the responsibility of realizing this goal."

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July 26, 2014

Russian UN Ambassador Admits It Downed MH17

Total chaos in Ukraine has the Dutch off balance. They can't work this way! 7 forensic experts have been turned away by units of the People's Republic of Donetsk. The 40 unarmed military police that departed for the crash site yesterday can't help them because there's no government in Ukraine to give them the formal go ahead. While forensics from Malaysia and Australia are at work, the Dutch can't cut through the red tape. Body parts are still littering the fields. By the way, the Russian Ambassador to the UN has implicitly admitted guilt.

July 25, 2014

40 Dutch Unarmed MPs Depart for MH17 Crash Site

This morning a parliamentary Q&A was held in The Hague over the aftermath of the downing of flight MH17. The 40 unarmed military police have left Eindhoven Airforce Base tonight at 9 P.M. During the weekend the UN Security Council should reach consensus to provide military cover. A brigade of the Australian Defence Force is standby in England, as is a Dutch rapid, light infantry unit. A newspaper outlet this morning reported that special forces currentlty deployed in the African country of Mali will eventually join them in Donetsk. But this information is probably unreliable. Since Russia and China are permanent members of the UNSC the outcome of this exercise is in doubt. But the Government is willing to take that risk. The Dutch are still trying to cope with a national trauma due to a similar situation in Bosnia, where an unarmed brigade was defenseless when it was overrun by the Serbs following nightly raids of Bosnian Muslims from the territory of the safe haven. Stop Press Breaking News...
Front page of the Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta apologizing for the assault.
Maria Poetina's a lovely girl, by the way. Remarkable that this lynch mob was led by @PieterBroertjes, a former lefty newspaper editor, presently mayor of the town of Hilversum.

July 24, 2014

40 Dutch Unarmed MPs To Guard MH17 Crash Site

The matter of the unshared information is really immaterial. The information was freely available in open sources and was even partly posted on this blog if the source was reliable. The airlines should have read the news feeds. In the meantime...

This is criminal dereliction of duty. The consequences are squarely on the conscience of this government.

July 23, 2014

The Dutch government declared a day of national mourning as the country prepared for the arrival of the first bodies in the afternoon by two military transport planes, one Dutch and one Australian.

Risks of Flying over Donetsk Known Before MH17

Nico Voorbach, the chairman of the European Association of Pilots ECA has told a Dutch news outlet that the US, the UK, France, Australia and Canada were aware of the risks of flying over eastern Ukraine before July 17, when MH17 was downed. But they didn't share the information. Of course 5 Ukrainian fighters  had been shot down by then, obviously by a Russian equivalent of the SA-17 Grizzly. Stingers don't reach such altitudes. Somebody has been sleeping on the job.