Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jailed Chair of Dutch Libertarian Party Loses Appeal

The former chairman of the Dutch Libertarian Party, Toine Manders has been kidnapped in Cyprus by the FIOD (the Dutch IRS) and is currently locked away in complete isolation, in an undisclosed location

Toine Manders is being held for an extended 90-day period, the charges for which are unknown. 

UPDATE: Toine Manders now gets to see his family. His partner is allowed to visit once a week and he has held his new born son for the first time. He has lost the appeal. On what grounds is not known. The Dutch Libertarian Party has opened a postbox in his name. You can write to Manders, preferably cards or letters in an open envelop. The party will screen all letters before they are sent on. The address: P.O. Box 411, NL-2700 AK Zoetermeer, Netherlands (Source)

Pat Condell: A Society of Cowards

Here's the psychology: if you're too afraid to take on Evil because, well, it is so Evil, you turn against the next best thing, the innocent messenger. But if the media abdicates it's duty in the process, this is the end of a free a society

We're getting what we deserve.