Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why We Need Heroes

Man needs heroes. As examples how to act morally and to have faith in the triumph of Good over Evil; but also that it is necessary to accept great challenges and not to despair during the darkest hours

Epic Heroes Tribute - Máximus, Leonidas & Achilles

What trials unite not only Achilles, King Leonidas, Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins but many of literature's most interesting heroes? And what do ordinary people have in common with these literary heroes? 

Heroes are not perfect. They are the sons and daughters of men, not the unreachable stuff of the gods. They succeed after enormous trials which they overcome at great odds. 

Heroes teach us that the individual, though partly the product of fate and sometimes fickle coincidence, ultimately has power over himself and that his efforts may save the day.

Matthew Winkler takes us step-by-step through the crucial events that make or break a hero.

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