Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shirley Temple and Bill Bojangles Dancing the Stairs

Shirley Temple Black, child prodigee turned diplomat, who starred in a series of films that lifted the spirits of millions during the hard days of the Depression, has died at 85

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson dances the stairs with Shirley Temple from "The Little Colonel" (1935).

"Mrs. Black," as we knew her here in Northern California, used to attend the odd Hoover Institution dinner, where she seemed a quiet, dignified, and very gracious old lady — hard to square with the adorable little girl we're all hearing about in the tributes today. Yet long, long ago, in a different America, she was just that: the happy, talented child who cheered millions up at a time when it cost a dime to see a movie — and, with the Depression on, lots of people had to count those ten cents carefully.