Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Imagine a Jump" (Lennon and Van Halen Touch in Nihilism)

Lennon's "Imagine" mashed up with a song of Van Halen, meets its philosophical and intellectual equal

"Imagine a Jump". 

Mashup artist Mighty Mike mashed-up two rock classics that, on the surface, have nothing in common. John Lennon’s instrumental version of "Imagine" is combined with David Lee Roth’s a cappella vocals from Van Halen’s acoustic recording of "Jump," and the result is a surprisingly seamless fusion of seemingly polar opposites, yet touching each other ultimately in nihilism. It is fittingly titled "Imagine a Jump".  

H/t @MelissaTweets

Dutch Pedocracy: Court Orders Prosecution of Former Justice Top Brass

Wall Street Journal: Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) expresses grave concern that the International Court of Justice remains located in The Hague 

Questions remain unanswered about pedophilia accusations against former high-ranking Dutch Justice Ministry Official George Demmink

UPDATE:  The Court of Arnhem has ordered the Prosecution to finally investigate George Demmink, the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, for the sexual abuse of two minors. A spokesman for the Court told the media yesterday the available material is sufficient to warrant an investigation into the alleged rape of two young Turkish boys. One victim appears to have died some time ago. The two Turkish victims have lodged complaints against Demmink on two occasions. The Prosecution has always doubted their reliability. From earlier probes no criminal acts transpired. But the Court in Arnhem has now finally concluded otherwise. A spokeswoman for the Prosecution Service told the press that she had hoped for "another outcome". (...) (Source, Dutch)

Update: the Secretary of Justice told Parlement today his office will no longer cover Demmink's legal costs. (Source, Dutch)

Meta Data Stored by EU Providers Unreliable

An investigation by the Dutch online news outlet NU.NL has concluded that meta data stored by telecom providers is unrealiable. Lawyers fear intelligence and law enforcement agencies will be misled

Cartoon by Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant (Source)

Telecom providers are obliged to store the delivery data of who is calling/texting/mailing who, but it's very simple to manipulate the address of the sender. There are various commercial services available - for example Spoofcard - that enables calls or text messages from a fake number. This information also ends up in the provider's data storage. Because of the regulation to store this meta data, the false information is also ending up with the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.