Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Meta Data Stored by EU Providers Unreliable

An investigation by the Dutch online news outlet NU.NL has concluded that meta data stored by telecom providers is unrealiable. Lawyers fear intelligence and law enforcement agencies will be misled

Cartoon by Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant (Source)

Telecom providers are obliged to store the delivery data of who is calling/texting/mailing who, but it's very simple to manipulate the address of the sender. There are various commercial services available - for example Spoofcard - that enables calls or text messages from a fake number. This information also ends up in the provider's data storage. Because of the regulation to store this meta data, the false information is also ending up with the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

British Preparing For Exit Out Of the EU

The European Conservatives and Reformers in the European Parliament are preparing the British for an exit out of the European Union 


A very informative video worth watching. 
h/t @hlelowrold

IMF figures just out prove other EZ countries would be wise taking the same strategy...

International growth projections: the Euro Zone @ the bottom.
Great! China, development countries in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the US and the UK, all catching up with the dark hole the Euro Zone has become.