Monday, January 20, 2014

Kicking the Left's Ass on Martin Luther King Day

Alfonzo Rachel celebrates Martin Luther King Day with a few painful truths, some of which covered up for decades. To mention some: reverse racism is still racism, and not all rights are equal

Zo doesn't buy the Left's so called reverence for MLK. 

Left leaning people are funny. They claim to love Martin Luther King Jr., and try to own his legacy, yet call people 'sell outs' and 'traitors to their race' when people blacks and whites fall in love.  So Zo doesn't believe their so called reverence for MLK. And just as they get angry about people living out his dream, they get angry about the idea of him being a Republican, and insist that he couldn't have possibly been one. Considering the contradictory nature of leftists, Zo doesn't see much reason to believe them on that either. 
Another important point: state's rights don't come before individual (natural, human) rights! 
Be sure to check out Zo's audio book.